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370Luvdisc.png This article is about shipping.
As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

Iris and Cilan

WishfulShipping (Japanese: デンアイ DenAi) is the belief that Iris and Cilan belong in a romantic relationship. This Ship can be considered akin to GymShipping, as there have been comparisons made between not only the characters, but with the relationship itself. The name was coined after the Japanese name of the series, Best Wishes, as well as hopeful intentions for the future. Currently, it is the main pairing of the Best Wishes series, along with NegaiShipping.

Anime evidence

Iris's hints

Iris enjoying one of Cilan's snacks
Iris was extremely pleased with what Cilan had to say about her and Axew as partners and thanked him.
Though unsure about it first, Iris appears to love Cilan's cooking after she tries some of it and compliments it. She also states, "If I can eat like this everyday, traveling together won't be so bad," and then giggles afterward.
Iris chooses to battle Cilan rather than Ash because she knew Ash would be too hasty and might hurt Axew. This shows that she felt much safer battling Cilan. She later says that he and Pansage adjust to her and Axew like "gentlemen."
Iris becomes frustrated when Cilan refuses to believe her hunch that a demon resided inside the Nacrene Museum. Later, Iris becomes concerned over Yamask's mask possessing Cilan, attempting to help remove it.
When Cilan gets hit by a Shadow Ball and nearly falls into the vortex created by Lampent and Litwick, Iris screams his name in concern with an obvious strain in her voice.
As the group watches a sleuth of Beartic from behind a bush, Iris is a bit nervous and keeps her hand on Cilan's shoulder.
Iris hiding behind Cilan
When the henchman's Vanillite uses Ice Beam to freeze the floor, Iris hides behind Cilan for protection due to her fear of Ice-types. She does this again later on when she thinks a Cryogonal is about to appear.

Cilan's hints

As a Pokémon Connoisseur, Cilan notices right away that Iris is a good match for her Axew stating that it was "the perfect Pokémon for a young lady that seems to be at one with nature."
When Cilan joins Ash on his journey, he asks Ash where Iris went. Cilan is visibly pleased when she reappears and is the first to suggest that they travel together as a group.
When Iris says, "Your cooking is delicious," he replies back, "Your compliment means a lot. Thank you."
Cilan battles Iris in order to help her Axew gain some battle experience, and he asks his Pansage to weaken his attacks to 20% of their original power so that Axew will have a fair chance at Iris's request. He later tells her that it is a pleasure to take orders from her. He also teases her about her Axew's Dragon Rage attack, calling it "Dragon Sneeze". However, he apologizes when Iris looks upset. He later gives her some reassuring words after he sees that she is worried about Excadrill obeying her and Axew's mastering Dragon Rage.
In the middle of the night, Cilan wakes up to see Dwebble watching over Pansage who is suffering from a fever. Cilan assures Dwebble that because of Iris's medicine, he would be fine by morning. This shows that Cilan has great confidence in Iris's abilities.
Cilan seems to enjoy teasing Iris with his skeptical attitude towards her apparent "sixth sense".
Cilan seemed bothered that Iris kept speaking about romance while eating. Fans interpret this as him wanting her to treat romantic situations with more respect for personal reasons. At the same time, Cilan smiled nervously at her rather than being truly offended.
Though Cilan shows no reaction when Ash and the Pokémon leave to help Purrloin "find its friends", he's visibly stunned when Iris decides to help Purrloin as well instead of staying behind with him.
Iris and Cilan holding hands

Other hints


  • Iris and Cilan were both revealed in silhouette on July 1st, 2010 during a preview for Best Wishes series after the airing of DP183 then were officially revealed to the public on August 1st, 2010 during Pokémon Sunday.
  • Both are known Gym Leaders in Pokémon White. In addition, they also share their gym with at least one other leader under different circumstances.
  • Both are shown to have a special skill that Ash's former traveling companion, Brock, also had. Cilan knows how to cook and Iris knows how to make medicine.
  • Both are shown to have some knowledge in treating Pokémon ailments.
  • Both have caught a dual-typed Electric Pokémon with no evolutionary relatives from Generation V. Iris has Emolga and Cilan has Stunfisk.

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