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ViridianShipping is the name primarily given to the pairing of Pokémon Adventures characters Silver and Yellow and the support or belief that they have, will have, or should have a romantic involvement. Whether it's considered a crack pairing or not is debatable, as some consider it to be crack while others don't. The pairing name comes from the fact that both are from Viridian City or Viridian Forest.


FireRed & LeafGreen chapter

  • Silver travels to Viridian in search of his family and origins where he meets Yellow (whom he vaguely recalls from the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter) and she offers to help him.
  • When Yellow discovers Giovanni is somehow involved with Silver's past, she is worried about him and when the forest alerts her to an oncoming danger she cautiously asks him what he'll do next and tries to discourage him from pursuing Giovanni.
  • When Silver attacks using Gyarados, Yellow seems worried about him, as he is now getting involved with Team Rocket's affairs. Although an opposer to the shipping could say she may have been worried about the forest, since Gyarados used Fire Blast.
  • Once Sird and Orm challenge Silver and Yellow to a double battle, Silver accepts, not giving Yellow a choice. This can be seen as analogous to Blue not giving Red a choice when she tried to capture Mew.
  • Yellow's mind is still on Silver when Orm attacks her. She cries Silver's name and in response, he puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her, "I'm here." This is considered one of their "shippiest" moments.
  • Yellow's spirit rises and her Pokémon's levels increase during the battle. Silver appears to be impressed by this.
  • When Silver is attacked, Yellow cries out in concern.
  • As Sird and Orm take Silver back to their ship, Yellow pursues them.
  • Yellow lies asleep, and Silver seems worried about her.
  • Supporters of the ship note that Yellow is showing an awful lot of concern for Silver, though most fans, supporters, opposers or otherwise point out that this is merely Yellow's nature.


  • ViridianShipping is an alternative name for FirstShipping (Ash and Mewtwo).

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