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As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

File:German Special Volume 3.jpg
Red saves Yellow from the wild Dratini; the cover of the German version of Pokémon Adventures third volume

SpecialShipping (Japanese: レイエ ReIe) is the name given to the pairing of Red and Yellow, two main characters from Pokémon Adventures, known as Pokémon Special in Japan.


Red, Green & Blue chapter

  • Red and Yellow first met in the third volume, when Red saved Yellow from a wild Dratini which was attacking her; he then helped her catch a Rattata, which she named "Ratty" (Japanese: Rat-chan). Later, after his battle with Giovanni, Red was nursed back to health by none other than Yellow.

Yellow chapter

  • In the fourth volume, taking place two years later, Yellow sets off on a journey to find Red—who is missing—by Green. The only actual Shippy hint in this arc takes place at the end, when Yellow finds that a piece of her Caterpie's String Shot is tied around both her and Red's pinky fingers, causing her to blush and freak out, as this is similar to the way lovers are often portrayed in some cultures as having red threads tied around their pinkies. (Since the manga is in greyscale, there's no way to conclusively know the color of the string, but it was probably white, like most String Shots.) At this point, Red suggests that he and Yellow actually live together. However, he still doesn't know Yellow is actually a girl.
  • Important to the plot is the fact that Yellow is a girl, but disguised as a boy. By the end of the seventh volume, everybody has figured this out except for Red. However, she makes no attempt to tell him the truth for a whole year, being too embarrassed and shy. This doesn't stop Misty from getting jealous when she sees Red and Yellow talking over their computer phones, indicating that she, at least, thinks something may be going on between them.

Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter

  • When Yellow's true gender is revealed to Red at the end of the chapter, he is shocked speechless, but seems to get over it quite quickly because of the current conditions. At that point, Misty accidentally calls him, trying to reach Erika (since Erika lent her Pokégear to Red). Yellow is curious who to Red is talking to. To this, Green suggests in imitation of Red's earlier comment, "Why don't you all just live together?" This causes Red, Yellow, and Misty to all blush furiously.

FireRed & LeafGreen chapter

  • In the storyline, after Red and Yellow have been trapped on Team Rocket's airship by Team Rocket's Beast Warrior Trio, Orm and Sird wonder whether they should lock the two up in one room, and laugh that it would make a very touching reunion. In addition, as Yellow and Mewtwo are being transported off the aircraft by Deoxys, Yellow swings out her fishing line, which catches Red's finger in the same way as her Caterpie's String Shot in the end of the Yellow saga. As Yellow is found by Green, Silver and Blue, she, despite being fast asleep, still has her mind on Red. When the Pokédex holders were frozen into stone, an unconscious Yellow was being held in the arms of Red.
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