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Silver helping Crystal

SpecialJewelShipping is the belief of Pokémon Adventures characters Silver and Crystal in a romantic relationship. It is often considered as the rival ship of MangaQuestShipping.


Gold, Silver & Crystal Chapter

During the Final Battle
  • In the midst of the raging waters in the Whirl Islands, Silver goes to help Crystal in the boat. He reaches to Crystal first before Gold, much to the latter's dismay.
  • When Gold gets knocked overboard, Silver throws him a rope. Together with Crystal, he tries to pull Gold to safety.
  • As Crystal shows the PokéDex tracking system to Gold and Silver, they remain silent. Many believe that Silver doesn't want to look bad or ignorant in front of Crystal.
  • During the final battle at Ilex forest, Silver and Crystal discover that Gold is trapped in the shrine. Silver tries to reach for Gold, and Crystal tells him to be careful.
  • In the final battle, Gold reveals his reason for fighting and is glad to have met Crystal and Silver. He even hold their hands with the feathers of Ho-Oh and Lugia. When Gold sets off, Silver and Crystal are seen with their hands together holding the feathers.
  • Crystal defends Silver from Green for the theft he committed. Although a little relieved, Silver tells her that he's fine with it and he will not regret his actions no matter what kind punishment he receives.

Alternate names

  • SilverCrystallineShipping

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