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370Luvdisc.png This article is about shipping.
As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

RocketShipping (Japanese: コジムサ KojiMusa) is the theory, belief, or hope that Jessie and James of Team Rocket are or will become romantically involved in the Pokémon anime. It is also known as JAJL, or "Jessie and James Love."

History of RocketShipping

The term "Rocketshipping" was the first time the suffix "shipping" had been applied to any couple outside of the X-Files fandom. Maria Rocket and other fans on the message board of TRHQ applied the term to Jessie and James. Other names for the pairing, such as "Queershipping," were coined by others.

The RocketShipping fandom has seen some changes over the years. In the past, there was only one kind of RocketShipper- the one who thought that Jessie and James were attracted to each other and would eventually become a full-fledged couple. Many believed that a confession of love could come at any time. At the time, supporters claimed to have found a multitude of RocketShippy hints. The situation grew more intense when a member of TRHQ came across an untranslated graphic novel in a bookstore. Upon first glance, it appeared to be simply the last volume of Toshihiro Ono's Electric Tale of Pikachu manga, which was in the process of being released in the United States. However, inside the book was something that changed the face of the fandom. Inside the epilogue were two important scenes: one was James confessing his love to Jessie; the other was a full-page illustration in which Jessie and James were married and Jessie with child. Most importantly of all, this was all official and approved by Nintendo. The RocketShipping fan community went crazy. It finally had its "undeniable" proof. It was only a matter of time before something similar happened in the TV anime series.

Eventually, the famous manga was translated and released in the United States, and RocketShippers rejoiced now that they could hold the evidence in their own hands. Around the same time, a website named Pokemopolis was getting attention for rebutting the "evidence" found in the manga. They reasoned that the Pokémon manga and anime were two very different worlds, and events happening in one wouldn't necessarily happen in the other. This angered RocketShippers, and many flamed and attacked Pokemopolis for its statements.

Around the same time, something was happening on the Pokémon anime. RocketShippers were finding that there were fewer and fewer hints to support their beliefs. On the contrary, it became more and more apparent that the characters were changing. James was behaving like a stereotypically gay male. This confused many RocketShippers, and forced them to change their views. Most remained RocketShippers, but no longer believed in the fairytale "confession scene." There was controversy over whether or not James was portrayed as gay in the Japanese show as well as the English, but no one had a definite answer. As a result of all the confusion, the RocketShipping fan community split into several sects, each with different beliefs.

Sects of RocketShipping


General term for anyone who supports the idea of Jessie and James being a couple, whether past, present, or future. Also a term for a sect consisting of people who believe that Jessie and James are not attracted to each other at the moment, and acknowledge that they may never be attracted to each other, but still wish to see them together. They tend to take "evidence" with a grain of salt.

When it comes to hints, this group can vary. Some don't believe that there is any evidence thus far. Others think there are some clues. Many believe that the ending to Holy Matrimony! was a big hint, but others think that it was just a sign of friendship.


Old school RocketShipper; believes that Jessie and James are currently attracted to each other. Fervently denies that James is in any way homosexual or bisexual. They believe that Jessie and James are meant for each other and no one else. Some believe that they are already in a relationship, albeit a secret one. Lives for any sort of event that can be considered a hint, no matter how small. The infamous manga is their bible.

When it comes to hints, everything remotely shippy is fair game. For example:
-All hugs, whether initiated out of joy or fear.
-Any terms of endearment, even if they were only present in the English dub.
-Anything that involves Jessie and James paying special attention to each other.


Self-proclaimed "in-character RocketShipping." Supporters generally believe that James plays the role of a woman and Jessie plays the role of a man, and they are still going to end up together.

Like Rocketshipping, this one varies when it comes to hints. Many don't believe there is any evidence. Others support the more "traditional" hints.


Smaller sect which believes that Jessie and James are currently in a "friends with benefits"-type relationship. They don't necessarily believe that they are in love with each other, but do believe that they have some kind of secret physical relationship going on.

The hints taken in this sect also vary, and can be seen more jokingly than in the others. For example:
-Jessie and James emerge from some bushes, their hair in a mess.
-Jessie and James talking about "frolicking all night" before their entrance exam.
-Basically anything considered "dodgy."


Supporters deny any sort of romantic relationship between Jessie and James. They like to see them as best friends, but nothing more. In most cases, they believe that James is undeniably gay. Opinions on Jessie's sexuality vary.

AntiRocketShippers have a wide array of hints they profess. For example:
-James crossdressing, purportedly proving his homosexuality.
-Jessie fawning over other, more "manly" men, and James not appearing to care.
-Supposed lesbian overtones between Jessie and Cassidy.
-Like R*cketshippers, will often use dub-only quotes as evidence.