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* ''[[M08|Lucario and the Mystery of Mew]]''
* ''[[M08|Lucario and the Mystery of Mew]]''
: After the leukocytes get Jessie, James uses his {{TP|James|Cacnea}} to try and rescue her. In an uncommon show of seriousness, he dodges Cacnea when it tries to hug him. After he fails to rescue Jessie, she and James cry out to each other as she is dragged down. James stands there speechless, visibly heart broken, quickly releases his Pokémon, and gets engulfed as well.
: After the leukocytes get Jessie, James uses his {{TP|James|Cacnea}} to try and rescue her. In an uncommon show of seriousness, he dodges Cacnea when it tries to hug him. After he fails to rescue Jessie, she and James cry out to each other as she is dragged down. James stands there speechless, visibly heart broken, quickly releases his Pokémon, and gets engulfed as well.
* ''[[M013|Zoroark: Master of Illusions]]''
* ''[[M13|Zoroark: Master of Illusions]]''
: A {{p|Skiploom}} knocks Jessie out of Team Rocket's aircraft, so James grabs her, falling out himself.
: A {{p|Skiploom}} knocks Jessie out of Team Rocket's aircraft, so James grabs her, falling out himself.
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* ''[[M08|Lucario and the Mystery of Mew]]''
* ''[[M08|Lucario and the Mystery of Mew]]''
: Jessie and James are holding onto each other after they are freed from the leukocytes.
: Jessie and James are holding onto each other after they are freed from the leukocytes.
* ''[[M013|Zoroark: Master of Illusions]]''
* ''[[M13|Zoroark: Master of Illusions]]''
: At the end of the movie, Jessie, James, and Meowth are taking a quiet scenic route on their black rose boat. They determine that they no longer want to know future events because everything is perfect in that moment.
: At the end of the movie, Jessie, James, and Meowth are taking a quiet scenic route on their black rose boat. They determine that they no longer want to know future events because everything is perfect in that moment.

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370Luvdisc.png This article is about shipping.
As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

Jessie and James

RocketShipping (Japanese: コジムサ KojiMusa) is the belief that Jessie and James of Team Rocket belong in a romantic relationship. It is also known as JAJL, or Jessie and James Love.

History of RocketShipping

An image from the epilogue to Electric Tale of Pikachu

The term "RocketShipping" was the first time the suffix "Shipping" had been applied to any couple outside of the X-Files fandom where it originated. Maria Rocket and other fans on the message board of TRHQ applied the term to Jessie and James. Other names for the pairing were coined later.

The RocketShipping fandom has seen some changes over the years. In the beginning, there was only one kind of RocketShipper—the one who thought that Jessie and James were attracted to each other. Some fans hoped they would eventually become a full-fledged couple. The situation grew more intense when a member of TRHQ came across an untranslated graphic novel in a bookstore.

Upon first glance, it appeared to be simply the last volume of Toshihiro Ono's The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga, which was in the process of being released in the United States. However, inside the book was something that changed the face of the fandom. Inside the epilogue were two important scenes: one was James confessing his love to Jessie; the other was a full-page illustration in which Jessie and James were married and Jessie visibly pregnant. Most importantly of all, this was all official and approved by Nintendo.

The RocketShipping fan community went crazy. It finally had officially sanctioned proof that Jessie and James were a romantic couple. Some believed that it was only a matter of time before something similar happened in the TV anime series.

Eventually, the famous manga was translated and released in the United States, and RocketShippers rejoiced now that they could hold the evidence in their own hands. Around the same time, a website named Pokemopolis was getting attention for rebutting the "evidence" found in the manga. Pokemopolis became and has remained the most prominent anti-Rocketshipping site in the Pokémon fandom, as well as the main proponent of the theory that James is gay.

Around the same time, the number and frequency of the Rocketshippy hints on the anime decreased, along with other changes in characterization. As a result, the RocketShipping fan community split into several sects, each with different takes on RocketShipping.

Nowadays, thanks to the episode Noodles! Roamin' Off!, RocketShipping has had a resurgence in popularity, and RocketShippers feel more confident about their ship than ever.

Sects of RocketShipping

These sects were in use to differentiate between various "types" of RocketShipper who each had a different perception of the ship. It should be noted, however, that they have not actively been in use in the fandom since the Advanced Generation series of the anime started airing in America.

This is the general term for anyone who supports the idea of Jessie and James being a couple, whether past, present, or future. It is was also a term for a sect consisting of people who believe that Jessie and James are currently not in love but believed that they eventually would be.

This was a more extreme type of RocketShipper, who believed that Jessie and James are currently attracted to each other. They fervently denied that James is anything but heterosexual.

Self-proclaimed "in-character RocketShipping". Supporters generally believed that James plays the role of a woman and Jessie plays the role of a man, but that they would become a couple nevertheless.

Smaller sect which believed that Jessie and James are currently in a "friends with benefits" type relationship. They didn't necessarily believe that they are in love with each other, but did believe that they have some kind of secret physical relationship going on. They took a more relaxed and joking stance to the Ship.

Supporters denied any sort of romantic relationship between Jessie and James. They liked to see them as best friends, but nothing more. In most cases, they believed that James is undeniably gay, based on the more camp portrayal of James by Eric Stuart and James' cross-dressing. Opinions on Jessie's sexuality varied.


The following is a list of points that point to a potential relationship between James and Jessie.

Anime evidence

Jessie's hints

Jessie blushing after James accidentally falls on top of her in Training Daze!
Jessie and James argue over who should carry the bag. Jessie explains a real gentlemen always carries a bag for a lady. Her facial expression shows she maybe trying to flirt with him.
Jessie gives James a rose, much to his surprise.
Both James and Meowth blush when talking about Cassandra, so Jessie hits them with a fan.
Jessie gets furious at the guy who beats up James.
Cassidy claims that there is a rumor that Jessie is getting fired. James scrambles on all fours over to Cassidy, grabs her arm, and asks if she heard any rumors about him. Jessie angrily drags him back to the other side of the room.
When Hitmonchan hit James in the face Jessie quickly jumps to his defense, saying, "How dare you strike my friend." This implies that Jessie does care for James and she is willing to protect him.
Jessie blushes and looks at James adoringly when he is doing well in battle against Ash and company.
After James picks a lock with a paper clip, Jessie nudges James with her elbow and says, "Ooo, nice work James," in a flirtatious way.
Although Jessie seems enthusiastic about James marrying Temacu, her reason for getting them together is so that Team Rocket can steal the Pokémon Temacu's father's keeps for research. She assures the reluctant James that he will only have to stay with Temacu as long as it takes for them to get close enough to the Pokémon. When telling Temacu's father a false story of how Temacu and James came to be together, she adds that the meeting was "perfect, beautiful, like something someone with an overactive imagination would dream up in her unfulfilled fantasies!"
Jessie becomes alarmed when Kate is about to ask James to live with her.
When James asks Jessie and Meowth if maybe they could try living in the village to see if they'd like it, Jessie unenthusiastically agrees to it, rather than leaving James behind.
James starts to describe a memory and Jessie interrupts, saying that if it has to do with his past love life, she'd rather jump off a cliff than hear it. It turns out that he was simply describing why he always wanted a Chimecho.
James, disguised as Juan, flirts with three Juan fans, who swoon in return. He kisses the hand of the closest fan, who blushes and complements him on his way with words. Jessie looks either uncomfortable, disappointed, or saddened by this.
Later, Jessie gets angry when James laments having to leave Juan's mob of adoring fans, who all happen to be women.
James's housekeepers think Jessie's a nice catch and mistake her for Jessibelle.
Jessie looks annoyed when James freaks out at the idea of being married to her.
Throughout Team Rocket's stay, the housekeepers continue to enjoy Jessie's company and ask about her when she's not around. They even approve of her after a guilt-ridden James explains that they're both in Team Rocket.
When blasting off, James says that no matter how many times this happens, he's fine as long as he's with with his Mime Jr. This causes Jessie to turn and look at him, very annoyed. Normally she and Meowth are the objects of James's attention.
After Jessie, James, and Meowth decide to split up, Cassidy convinces James to join her. Jessie sees her drag him away and kicks a fire extinguisher in anger.
Later, Jessie and James try to steal Pokéballs to impress each other, and apologize for having argued.
Jessie wraps her arm around James's neck and pulls him to her shoulder. She refers to him as her training partner and friend.
James comments, "That haughty Hunter J. Try as we might, she manages to maintain her one-upmanship." Jessie yells back, "When it comes down to bushels of unbridled beauty, try using those eyes connected to that pea brain of yours and see who rules! I do!"
This episode is one of several examples where Jessie feels the need to compete with Hunter J in reaction to James's observations about J's skills. Here James complains with: "First we get pre-empted by a pack of Pokémon Hunter henchmen, then we get upstaged by a Pokémon Ranger." Not wanting to acknowledge that J and her henchmen were quicker on the draw, Jessie says, "That Hunter hussy. Hunter J is going to pay. I'll turn the tables on her so fast, her head will spin." In disbelief, James says, "Bold, but this is Hunter J you're putting away." Jessie responds with, "The 'j' stands for 'jerk.'" Jessie's comment is directed at J, but can also be aimed at James for being impressed with J.
James tricks Ash's Staravia into falling for a fake Staravia and declares, "Truth is only love can break your heart." Jessie responds with, "I'm a big fan of your game."

James's hints

Throughout the Diamond & Pearl series, when James watches Jessie participate in events under an assumed name, he keeps forgetting to call her by her fake name and instead calls her Jessie before correcting himself. This appears to mean that he cares more about watching her participate than the current plan Team Rocket is up to. In Dawn of a Royal Day!, James cheers on Jessie using her real name and does not correct himself. In Settling a Not-So-Old Score!, James cheers her on, using the shortened name "Jess". In Opposites Interact!, James tries to get Jessie to let him watch her performances.

When it looks like Jessie and James are going to die, James says, "Jessica, whoever said beauty doesn't last, must have been thinking of us." Also they have a lot of "fear hugs" in this episode.
After Jessie is expelled from the test, James says in a determined voice that he'll do his best for her.
James and Meowth compliment Jessie on her ambition. She snickers and blushes.
After dodging bullets from Kaiser, James stands in front of Jessie to block her from any forthcoming bullets. Jessie wails and James tells her to relax and trust him. He grabs her by the waist and jumps off the roof with a parachute. After they land, their parachute falls on top of them and they scramble to get out of it. During this, Jessie says, "Where do you think you're touching?!" implying that James is doing more than simply trying to get out of the parachute, by accident or by design. Ash uncomfortably asks Team Rocket what they're doing under there.
Later, as revenge, Jessie and James point guns at Kaiser and demand to know where the local Dratini lives. When Jessie removes her gun, Kaiser stands up suddenly and yells at her with a clenched fist in the air, calling her a liar. This makes James very angry and he grabs onto Kaiser's arms. Kaiser breaks free and elbows James in the face, knocking James to the floor. Jessie gets angry and has her Arbok restrain Kaiser.
Jessie shows a Ditto a photo of a boyfriend that she had when she was little. James insists on seeing the picture and triumphantly rolls on the floor laughing when Ditto does a bad imitation of it.
When Dr. Proctor asks Jessie on a date, James cocks and eyebrow and looks unimpressed.
To get Dr. Proctor to defend her against Ash and company, Jessie puts her hand on Proctor's chest. James glares angrily at Jessie and clenches his fists.
Dr. Proctor asks Jessie to assist him, and she agrees, so James volunteers to assist as well.
Before the Princess Festival Contest, James tells Jessie that he hopes she will win, holds her hands, and cries with her. During this exchange the background is full of rose bushes, symbolizing love.
After Jessie loses to Misty, James dresses himself and their Pokémon as the Hina Matsuri dolls that were the grand prize.
Jessie frolics in a field of flowers and manages to get her head stuck inside of a Vileplume. She becomes extremely sick, and quite convinced of an imminent death, so James crossdresses to try to trick Misty into giving him Salveyo weed for Jessie's recovery.
James says that he's been buying less candy to save money so that Jessie will be proud of him.
When Jessie gets very excited about playing with Brad's Smoochum, James looks suspicious and either annoyed or jealous. James may have thought that who Jessie really wanted to see was Brad.
Disguised as geishas and getting ready to dance, James asks, "My dear Jessie, shall we show 'em?"
Jessie, James, and Meowth are dehydrated, so James faints. When he comes to, he tells them to go on without him, without returning, so that he won't be a burden. Jessie and Meowth cry, clench their fists, and refuse. James cries and tells them that he is going to miss them terribly because they're such good friends. Nearby, Jessie and Meowth find a Tamato Berry and James asks only for a sip of its juice. Jessie and Meowth bite into it, but find out it's extremely spicy. Wobbuffet finds a body of water for them.
Despite Jessie and Meowth's greediness, James asks them if they're all right.
While Jessie is drinking water, James seems to be checking her out.
After seeing a movie, Jessie cries. James assures her that "It will be OK," because they will have a more successful plan next time. However, it turns out that those are tears of joy because the movie had a happy ending.
During the motto, James seems to be checking out Jessie.
Jessie gets her hair tangled in Cacnea's spikes, so she has to get a haircut. James and Meowth attempt to steal Pokémon as gifts to cheer her up. They fail, but the attempt cheers Jessie up.
James says that he sold his bottlecaps so Jessie could buy the dress she wanted.
James is annoyed when Harley insults both Team Rocket and Jessie, holds Jessie's hands, and tells her that he is nevertheless a fan of her Contests. Jessie giggles and James looks at her with a disappointed or concerned expression, arms folded.
When Jessie and Harley hold hands again, James looks disappointed or concerned.
James tells Harley that he's being too hard on Jessie.
A Bulbasaur uses Solar Beam, causing Team Rocket to blast off. As they are soaring through the air, James has his arm around Jessie.
As Regirock and Registeel use Lock-On, James carries Jessie away to save her, and she holds onto him. James continues to have his arm around Jessie as they are blasting off.
Jessie, James, and Meowth are hanging out at one of James's homes. A housekeeper alerts James that his parents and Jessibelle will come see him in a day's time. Jessie and Meowth continue to enjoy their stay, but James decides that he can't take the risk. He declares that he must leave right away, but doesn't ask Jessie or Meowth to leave early. Nonetheless, Jessie and Meowth drop what they're doing and leave with him.
When Jessie wins a small town practice Contest, James and Meowth cry, and James says, "Our girl's gotten her first victory!"
James leaves, returns in their hot air balloon, and throws down a rope ladder. Jessie hangs onto it saying, "Listen, I think my ride is here." James pulls the ladder up as he says, "Your chariot calls for you loud and clear."
After landing on top of James, Jessie shouts, "Would you fall a bit lighter next time?!" He nods and agrees, smiling. She responds with, "Enough of the sweet talk!" to which he says, "Yes, dear."
After Jessie introduces herself as a mystic, James introduces himself as, "Her guy, Friday."
James asks Jessie if she thinks their aliases are too much of a stretch. Jessie retorts that she let him put on a disguise out of the goodness of her heart. James sarcastically remarks, "What a gal."
Jessie, under the alias Jessilina, tries seducing Wallace in hopes that he will go a bit easy on her at the Wallace Cup. When she strokes his chest, James becomes furious. James and Meowth drag her away.
James and Meowth are so proud of Jessie's accomplishments in the Pokémon Summer Academy, that they completely forget about stealing Pokémon. James also accidentally calls her Jessie, instead of her alias Ms. Jessalinda.
While Jessie, James, and Meowth are in disguise, James and Meowth refer to Jessie as, "My lady."
When Jessie leaves to pursue a career in Contests, James is visibly hurt and runs off, crying. That night, he is still crying and wonders how strong their bond really is.
The next day, Jessie saves him, so he gets on his knees and cries, thrilled she came back.
Up until this episode, James has never liked Jessie using his Pokémon in Contests, mostly due to her mistreatment of Chimecho. He now has no problem with it (most likely due to the fact Jessie has treated all his Pokémon very well since, and she is doing well in Contests) and even tells Mime Jr. that's he counting on it and that Jessie's third ribbon depends on it.
When a sick Jessie overexerts herself and begins to faint, James catches her, helps her stand up, and supports her weight as he walks her back to bed, all the while having a comforting smile on his face. When Meowth says Jessie should rest, James agrees, saying with a caring tone of voice that, "That would be best."
Later, James disguises himself as Jessalina and enters his first contest in her place. He is reluctant at first, but knows depression will make Jessie's sickness worse, so he puts on a performance that is met with the loudest cheers that Master of Ceremonies Marian has ever heard. He ends up winning the ribbon.
When James and Meowth get back to the cabin, Jessie hugs them and adorably nuzzles her ribbon. Meowth comments that, "THIS Jessie was worth the wait," and James shares the sentiment.
When a swarm of Beedrill are getting ready to chase Jessie and James, Jessie stands frozen in terror, having been attacked by Beedrill many times in the past. James puts his hands on her shoulders and guides her out of the way.

Shared hints

Jessie and James have a tendency to hug or hold onto each other when they are scared (dubbed "fearhugs" by RocketShippers) or happy. Jessie and James also don't have a problem with physical contact such as sleeping on parts of the other's body or holding each other in ways that people who were simply friends normally wouldn't.

James falls asleep on top of Jessie.
Upon hearing that the St. Anne has sunk, James flips out. Jessie yells at him to calm down, and then calmly assures him that she has an idea.
James wants the others to leave him behind, but Jessie tells him they'll go across together. James looks touched and hugs Jessie, begging her to not abandon him. She assures him that she won't.
Later, James is too scared to go any further, so Jessie slaps him to snap him out of it, which causes both Jessie and James to blush. In a caring tone she assures him that they will cross together and that she won't abandon him. James continues to blush, and cries in Jessie's arms. Ash interrupts, which annoys Jessie.
When nightfall hits, James sleeps on top of Jessie.
At the end of the episode, Jessie and James hug from fear of a swarm of Gyarados.
Although Jessie is angry with James for his obsession with the ghost, she holds onto his pants so that he won't jump into the water and swim to her shrine. Jessie becomes distracted and lets go. James doesn't notice and starts to lose his grip on the guardrails. Jessie grabs him, but falls down with him.
When the ghost is dragging James away and he cries that he doesn't want to go to the Ghost World, Jessie pulls out a bazooka and shoots the ghost. Jessie then shouts, "Hey girl, you can't take him! You haven't got a ghost of a chance!" James cries and exclaims, "Jessie, you really do care!", though Jessie attempts to hide the fact that she did it for his sake.
After Jessie attacks the Gastly, she grabs James' empty hand, lets go, and reminds him to send out his Pokémon.
James points out the fact that roses are the flowers of love and romance. Later, during the motto, they are both surrounded by red roses and James is holding one.
Jessie and James hug for warmth.
James cries and blushes happily when Jessie gets her doll back.
At the end of the episode, Jessie and James are sleeping next to each other.
When Meowth falls in love with Cassandra James tells him that he understands what he's going through. He goes on to say that, "Cupid's Arrow strikes when you least expect it." Immediately after he says that Jessie hits him with a paper fan. This is symbolic of James being "struck" by Cupid's arrow.
At the end of the episode, Jessie is upset that James might have left to marry his fiancee and inherit his money, but then he appears in their Meowth balloon and picks her up. James nervously goes on to tell her he'd rather have his freedom than money. They then smile and stare into each others eyes. They shake hands, making a heart-shape, and they don't let go. They also completely forget to pick up Meowth.
Jessie and James sleep next to each other.
James falls asleep on top of Jessie.
When their submarine is under attack, James holds onto Jessie, rather than his handlebars.
James falls asleep on top of Jessie a second time.
Jessie sleeps on top of James.
Jessie and James are headed toward a Team Rocket Headquarters, when suddenly it explodes. Alarmed, Jessie puts her hands on her chest, over her heart. James holds onto her arms to console her. Mewtwo is seen flying away. Jessie and James are shown watching Mewtwo, but are now pressed against each other, with Jessie's hands on James's chest. Jessie, James, and Meowth run to the ruins to rescue Giovanni. Seeing them tests Giovanni's nerves and he demands to know what they want. Jessie hides behind James and grabs onto his arm. This implies that Jessie feels safe with James protecting her. James is scared, but swallows hard and puts on a braver expression. Giovanni tells them to get back to their field work.
Later, a swarm of Beedrill corner Jessie, James, and Meowth. Jessie and James hold onto each other's arms, and have their arms wrapped around Meowth.
James tells Meowth that he will recognize Jessie no matter how she is disguised, because she thinks like him. While he is recalling their costumes, one of the images is of Jessie and James in their Salon Roquet outfits. Jessie is on bended knee with her hand slid underneath James's hand, as if asking him to marry her. They both have very serious facial expressions.
When trying to figure out what to do about grapefruit that are not intended to be eaten as fruit, James recalls having eaten their rinds candied. That gives Jessie the idea to sell the grapefruit, so she flirtatiously nudges him with her elbow and James blushes.
Jessie plans to steal two Nidoran who are in love to teach them that "The heart always leads one to heartache." James and Meowth become concerned and Jessie starts crying because she can't find love. James dejectedly agrees and says, "All in love's unfair."
The original plan does not work out, so Jessie and James crossdress as a married couple, hide their hot air balloon in a mock wedding cake, paint two hearts pierced by Cupid's arrow on their balloon basket, and tie honeymoon cans to the bottom of the balloon basket.
During the motto, there are two hearts pierced by Cupid's arrows in the background. James is holding a rose as well.
Jessie is sleeping on top of James.
Jessie, James, and Meowth cry at the thought of their poverty. Jessie cries a little harder than she can handle and has to sit down. She apologizes for crying so hard, so James holds her hands and stops his crying for her.
Later, Jessie and James hug happily.
Jessie wonders if James and Meowth worry about her when she's away.
Jealous of all of the food that Ash and company have, Jessie recalls an occasion where she, James, and Meowth were eating instant noodles and crying from joy. James complimented Jessie on the way she prepared the noodles. The compliment caused her to grin widely.
During the motto, James is holding a bouquet of flowers and is running after Jessie, as if trying to give them to her. He appears to have tossed some flower petals in her direction. Jessie is also holding a bouquet of flowers, and is running through a field of flowers.
Close to falling off a cliff, Jessie and James hug. Jessie tells everyone to calm down, but James panics and says, "If I never see you guys again, just know that I love you." Lily unobservantly runs up to them. Jessie and James nervously hold hands, while continuing to hug. James's lips appear to be pressed against their laced hands. Lily's weight causes the piece of cliff to fall off, so Jessie and James resume hugging.
Disguised as Professor Oak and DJ Mary, Jessie puts her arms around James's neck, rocks him back and forth, and complements him on his confidence.
Later, before James presents a haiku to compete with the real Professor Oak, Jessie says, "You don't know a thing about poems." James responds, "That's where you're wrong, dear Jessie." James goes on to recite a haiku that those present prefer over the real Oak's haiku. Jessie is especially impressed.
During the motto, James and Jessie are dressed as the king and queen of a playing card deck.
Jessie gives her food ration to Meowth and James, despite James having declined her offer.
Jessie's generosity does not go unnoticed, for James subsequently vows to always do his best so that she can always trust him to be there for her.
Despite having had twelve previous partners and managing to abandon them all without regret, Jessie becomes hysterical when James is injured and almost gives up on Team Rocket altogether. She refuses to let him become injured again later in the episode.
Jessie feels really bad for James when she is visiting him in the medical facility at Team Rocket Academy.
In spite of being severely injured, James comes back to participate in his team's mission, to Jessie's shock. He assures her that she never has to worry about being on her own when she's his partner. Jessie is touched and cries.
Later, James almost falls, but Jessie and Meowth do not let him. He reminds them that the police are already on their way and tries to convince them to go on without him to save time, but Jessie assures him that they are in it together. James concedes, visibly touched. When Jessie manages to pull James up, he falls on top of her. Jessie blushes, and the two stare into each other's eyes until Meowth interrupts.
When receiving Field Agent status, Jessie and James hold onto each other's arms and wrap their arms around Meowth.
Meowth remarks that the mine must be haunted, so Jessie tells him to stop scaring James.
A Taillow starts to mess up Jessie's hair, so she pulls out a bomb. In hopes of placating Jessie, James says, "But Jessie, sweetheart..." though she doesn't respond.
During the motto, there are hearts in the background followed by Jessie clinging to a giant heart that James is carrying.
When Oscar and Andi assume Jessie and James are a couple, James looks confused and Jessie just ignores it. Since they didn't get upset at it like Ash and May did, it could be interpreted that neither has a problem with the idea.
Later, James was teasing Jessie about being ugly in a joking way, and Jessie smiled and covered her ears and pretended not to hear it. Since Jessie is obsessed with her appearance, her lack of getting mad about it and the joking way James did it might be interpreted as flirting.
At the end of the episode when Jessie and James make up, they link arms and smile at each other.
While Jessie and James are fighting, a Shuppet hits them with Dream Eater to calm their nerves. Jessie observes, "Strange, I hated you both moments ago." James echoes, "Yes, I hated you too." Jessie tries to rationalize the situation by saying, "Well, maybe that had something to do with being such great friends." James agrees, explaining, "They say that you always hurt the ones you love!"
A group of Breloom are pursuing Jessie and James, so they hug out of fear. They end up having to choose between Breloom attacks or jumping off a cliff. Indecisive, they hug again and Jessie cries in James's arms.
Jessie and James hug out of fear before their mecha breaks.
After Team Rocket crashes into a tree, Jessie says in a dramatic tone, "You know James, I never felt this close to you before." Equally dramatically, James comments, "I feel the same about you…” In a displeased tone, James adds, “and Wobbuffet.”
Jessie motions that once she and James figure out where they are, they should go home and Meowth will eventually show up there. James attempts to figure out how she expresses emotion. He muses that her logic hides the fact that she doesn't care and her anger hides the fact that she does care.
Jessie and James are seen asleep on a bed with the covers partly over them. Jessie is sleeping on top of James.
The scale in the Rocket motto
James feels sorry for Jessie when she agrees to Harley's plan after Harley's coercion.
Harley asks Jessie to travel with him to Johto to be his training partner. James seems annoyed with Jessie during this. Jessie politely declines the invitation, pointing out that she has Team Rocket-related work elsewhere. This pleases James, but Harley throws a fit. The fallout marks the end of Jessie and Harley's friendship, even though, in New Plot, Odd Lot!, Harley had called Jessie his soul mate.
When Minnie is poised to battle Jessie, who is disguised as a Gym Leader, Brock tells Minnie that she will win because of her "ravishing beauty." Jessie takes her glove off and punches him with an uppercut, knocking him off his seat. Brock gets up and insists that Minnie is more beautiful, so Jessie yells at James-the Gym Referee-to make a ruling. James, having just seen how hard Jessie hits, declares Jessie the winner. Jessie happily spins around in circles. Brock yells at James for being a bad Referee.
Jessie ends up battling Minnie with a Croagunk. When the Croagunk faints, James draws out his ruling until Croagunk comes to. As a consequence, James once again gets insulted by Brock, and by Ash as well. James comments that Croagunk is unable to resist Jessie's voice.
While blasting off, James motions that they run a Gym together for real. Jessie replies, "When you act like a real man!"
After Jessie and James rescue Meowth from J, they hold onto each other's arms and have their arms wrapped around Meowth.
When Jessie, James, and Meowth are at risk of being blown out of J's plane, Jessie holds onto James's waist. When the risk decreased, Jessie and James hold onto each other's arms and wrap their arms around Meowth.
Jessie feels the need to jealously bring up her own attractiveness whenever James mentions Hunter J. First James says, "When it comes to slippery fingers, she rules," and Jessie chimes in with, "Unlike the looks department, where I rule." Next, James says, "Pokémon Hunters, the lowest of the low," and Jessie asks in an irritated tone, "What are you, the president of their fan club?" She adds, "Though it pains me to say it, looks aren't everything... I know I'm much prettier than her, but I will not be out-nastied." At the end of the episode, James says, "I may respect that wench, but I don't like her," causing Jessie to admit that, "I may be prettier than J, but when it comes of devilry, I have work to do."
Jessie can't remember what the 'B' in B-Button League stands for, so James pulls her aside and whispers in her ear, "Beautiful." In response, the B-Button League asks them what the C on their shirts stands for. Jessie flounders, so James comes up with "Crystal" and puts his hand on Jessie's shoulder as if to tell her to relax.
When the B-Button League are going to battle Jessie and James, they hug out of fear.
As Abigail's Raichu is pounding the mecha, Jessie and James speak in what is potentially sexual innuendo.
While Jessie's asleep, she says, "How sweet to be swept away by the special someone that I hold dear." She wakes up to find that she is literally being swept off her feet because James's battle sent them blasting off. James reminds her to be careful what she wishes for.
Gardenia insists that James give her his Cacnea and proves that Cacnea isn't realizing its full potential under James's tutelage. Jessie is very annoyed by this and watches James stare into space crestfallen. She clenches her fists and goes over to James, telling him to forget what Gardenia said. James looks back at her sympathetically and tries to assure her that he's fine.
To Ash and company, Jessie guiltily confesses that James didn't sulk until she asked if he was serious about giving up Cacnea. In actuality, James was sulking earlier than that.
When James tries to talk Cacnea into going with Gardenia, Jessie and Meowth try to stop him. Without turning to face them, James says that he isn't a good Trainer. He proceeds to give Cacnea's Pokéball to Gardenia and runs off, trying very hard not to cry. Jessie and Meowth are extremely worried and chase him.
James is still silent and depressed over losing Cacnea, so Jessie and Meowth try to cheer him up by giving him pineapple slices. James doesn't even want to look at the food, so they try to cheer him up by stealing Buizel and Aipom. The wrong Pokemon get stolen, but James is just as touched. Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet cry and hug.
Later, Jessie and James hold hands and cry again. Jessie sees James no longer being distant as a sign that they are a "true" team again.
While Jessie is unconscious, James is watching her sleep. When she wakes up, she explains that she wants to release her Dustox, despite the pain it will cause her. James assures her that he will do anything he can to help. Jessie replies, "That's sweet of you, James."
The narration at the episode's closing goes: "True friendship is forever, although life's pathways can twist and turn in unexpected directions; but the everlasting bond between Pokémon and Trainer makes love like this possible. Perhaps one day Jessie will find the love she's been searching for as well." During the "makes love like this possible" part, the visual is Jessie and James standing next to each other.
Due to James's overtly dark and villainous attitude, Jessie admiringly calls him "strong."
Jessie calls the mecha a hunk and James, holding a rose, brags that he modeled it after himself.
James says he will become "king of the Team Rocket hill" and Jessie says she will be the queen.
Later, they hug and say that together they will be "Lording over Sinnoh, East to West."
When Jessie tells James to catch a Lickilicky, James answers, "Yes dear."
After finishing her bowl of ramen, Jessie says, "Be a love, James, and pick up the tab."
When a Shiny Metagross is about to kill Jessie and James, James smiles sweetly at Jessie and says that life wasn't a waste because he spent it with good friends. Jessie agrees and says that if they end up in the same place in the afterlife, James should find her. James agrees to that, smiles, and no longer looks afraid.
During the motto, Jessie and James are on a set of scales with a pink heart on it. They are seemingly at balance, despite it swinging slightly.

Movie evidence

Jessie's hints

Jessie tells James and Meowth that they are going to be her dates for the ball. Meowth wanders off to eat immediately, so Jessie dances with James. When James mentions stealing Pokémon, Jessie explains that she just wants to dance all night.

James' hints

Jessie and James hold hands out of fear when they run into Iron-Masked Marauder.
While Jessie is kidnapped by Iron-Masked Marauder, James worries about her and feels bad that he is not able to rescue her.
When James does reach Jessie, he says, "Oh Jessie, thank goodness you're safe."
After the leukocytes get Jessie, James uses his Cacnea to try and rescue her. In an uncommon show of seriousness, he dodges Cacnea when it tries to hug him. After he fails to rescue Jessie, she and James cry out to each other as she is dragged down. James stands there speechless, visibly heart broken, quickly releases his Pokémon, and gets engulfed as well.
A Skiploom knocks Jessie out of Team Rocket's aircraft, so James grabs her, falling out himself.

Shared hints

Jessie and James are hugging each other throughout most of the movie.
Meowth says to Jessie and James "You guys act love-love all the time," causing Jessie and James to get upset and blush. A few minutes later they are seen hugging each other.
At the end of the movie, Jessie, James, and Meowth are hugging, then Jessie and James look into each other’s eyes and James holds her hands. Next, they put the palms of their hands and are cheek-to-cheek. All three proclaim that they don't need to make wishes because the only thing they've ever really wanted was the feeling they have when they are together.
Jessie and James are holding onto each other after they are freed from the leukocytes.
At the end of the movie, Jessie, James, and Meowth are taking a quiet scenic route on their black rose boat. They determine that they no longer want to know future events because everything is perfect in that moment.

Non anime evidence

At the end of the manga, Jessie and James end up married with a child on the way, and in the epilogue there is a panel in which we see a flashback to James confessing his love to Jessie. There is also some suggestive physical contact between the two throughout the manga.
When Jessie, James and Mondo are about to be attacked by a hoard of Beedrill, they recite the lines of a famous Kabuki scene when two lovers do a double suicide.
During stage four in Spa Service, they are dressed as a bridal couple, with the Bridal March as the theme.
During one of James' occasional Q&A sessions on Twitter, a follower asked him, "Jessie is cute! Since you are together all the time, haven't you fallen in love with her?" James answered, "Because (she's my) eternal partner!" (「永遠のパートナーだからな!」)


  • Jessie and James have both owned Poison-type Pokémon until the Advanced Generation series.
  • They both have a similar style of fashion and always coordinate their outfits. They have also donned various disguises pretending to be a couple, most notably as a couple getting married, as Volbeat and Illumise, and wearing outfits similar to the ones Oscar and Andi wore, which may be a reference to the the manga The Rose of Versailles.
  • Jessie's earrings are the same shade of green as James's eyes.
  • Jessie and James frequently use each other's Pokémon. Their Pokémon have rarely ever had a problem with this, and sometimes are happy about it.
  • James' Grass-type Pokémon have occasionally "attacked" Jessie the same way they do James. Since James' Pokémon do it out of affection, some RocketShippers use this, among other things, to show that Jessie and James have a close relationship.


Jessie and James' first fearhug in Showdown in Pewter City
  • Both James's mother and fiancée look very similar to Jessie.
  • Jessie and James' first fearhug was at the end of the episode Showdown in Pewter City.
  • In the anime, Jessie and James have a ramen shop named after them.
  • Jessie and James have had voice actors with prominent roles in the Slayers anime series. Jessie's seiyuu, Megumi Hayashibara, is also seiyuu to the main protagonist and heroine of Slayers, Lina Inverse, while James's most famous English voice actor, Eric Stuart, dubbed the voice for Lina's self-proclaimed guardian and constant traveling companion, Gourry Gabriev. Incidentally, the two characters fell in love with each other over time.
  • Due to a mistranslation before release of Celebi: Voice of the Forest, it was mistakenly thought for a time that the Iron-Masked Marauder was the future son of Jessie and James.

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