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This article represents a ship between a human and a Pokémon.

Misty and Suicune from Pokémon Adventures

RiverShipping is the belief in love between Misty and Suicune in Pokémon Adventures. This comes from the fact that Suicune chooses Misty, out of all the Gym Leaders in Kanto and Johto, as its first Trainer to fight against the Mask of Ice.


Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter

After being awakened along with Entei and Raikou, Suicune raced around Johto and Kanto to look for a worthy Trainer to battle against the Mask of Ice to free Ho-Oh. Suicune personally challenges Gym Leaders around the two regions. As it comes across Misty at the Tohjo Falls, Suicune challenges her to a battle.
Suicune and Misty, using her Template:Type2 Pokémon, fight a long, hard battle. Misty states that Suicune is the strongest Water Pokémon she has ever faced, but she confidently says that she's the best Trainer for Water Pokémon and knows all tactics regarding water. Suicune could see her amazing prowess as a Trainer and her selflessness, so he deems her worthy to be its Trainer.
During the final battle, Misty and Suicune fight well against the Mask of Ice.
When Misty becomes injured, Suicune looks worried for her. Misty then apologizes that she can no longer fight with him and tells it to find a new partner. She cries, knowing from the start that she will not be Suicune's last Trainer, and realizes her way as a Trainer. All of the Pokémon she passed to her friends, the ones she trained and fought with (Omanyte for Yellow and Gyarados for Red), grew stronger with them. Misty asks Crystal to take care of Suicune, showing how much she cares for it.

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