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[[Image:Dawncheer.jpg|thumb|right|Dawn in the cheerleading outfit she wore to cheer for Ash.]]
'''PearlShipping'''(Japanese: SatoHika) is the possible pairing between [[Ash Ketchum]] and the newest character [[Dawn (anime)|Dawn]] from the [[Pokémon anime]].
'''PearlShipping'''(Japanese: SatoHika) is the possible pairing between [[Ash Ketchum]] and the newest character [[Dawn (anime)|Dawn]] from the [[Pokémon anime]].

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As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.
Dawn in the cheerleading outfit she wore to cheer for Ash.

PearlShipping(Japanese: SatoHika) is the possible pairing between Ash Ketchum and the newest character Dawn from the Pokémon anime.


Dawn's hints

  • In O'er the Rampardos we Watched, Dawn donned on a cute cheerleading outfit and she and her Pokémon began cheering and dancing for Ash to win and thus giving him the confidence to earn his first gym badge. This is a first since neither Misty nor May ever went to such lengths in any of Ash's battles; they usually sat at the side lines discussing if he would win, though they would usually throw him a few cheers.
  • In one episode, Dawn was having a bad hair day and she refused to let Ash see her, it could be that she refused to let Ash see her for fear of having him judge her, or that she was simply being self-conscious.
  • In Dawn of a New Era, Dawn felt that Ash didn't respect or acknowledge her and both argued with each other through out most of the episode, so she challenged Nando to a battle hoping to make Ash realize how good she was as a trainer, and in the end after Nando managed to explain to them that there was no reason to argue both apologized to one another and exchanged a few very sentimental words thus strengthening their new friendship.
  • In Mounting a Coordinator Assault, Dawn commented on how awesome Ash looked when making his appeal in the Jubilife Contest.
  • In Setting the World on its Buneary Dawn had Piplup fix her hair. She then came out of the tent to show Ash and then said that it was his turn. It could be because Dawn wanted to see what Ash looked like with tidy hair.

Ash's hints

  • In Settling a Not-So-Old Score!, Ash calmed her nerves down after she had made what she thought was a bad appeal, and even used her frequent catchphrase("No need to worry") to console her.

Other hints


  • Just like Ash's Pikachu, Dawn's Piplup wasn´t ready to obey her when they first met. Eventually, they became fast friends.
  • Both Dawn and Ash saw a legendary Pokémon at the beginning of their journeys (Ash saw Ho-Oh and Dawn saw Mesprit), meaning she could possess an important connection to the legendary Pokémon of Sinnoh like Ash possesses an important connection to the Pokémon of Kanto and Johto.
  • Like Ash, Dawn is extremely confident, but unlike Ash she rarely looks back on her mistakes, and she is always looking to the future hoping that her dream of being a master coordinator comes true (just like Ash when he started out).
  • Dawn is the only main character in the series, aside from Ash, who owns an Electric Pokémon.
  • Like Ash is based on Red, the protagonist from Pokémon Red and Blue, Dawn is based on Dawn from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.
  • Neither the father of Ash nor the father of Dawn have ever been seen, as far as we know. They are also the only children with no siblings.
  • Ash and Dawn both come from the player's hometowns in their respective region.
  • They both have childhood rivals, Ash's is Gary Oak and Dawn's is Kenny.
  • Though Ash had previously participated in an unofficial Pokémon contest before, he first participated in an official contest at the same time as Dawn.
  • Both Ash and Dawn have owned a powerful Pokémon that refused to obey them (Ash's Charizard and Dawn's Buizel).
  • They are the only main characters who battle members of the Elite Four.
  • Both of their starters were able to defeat their evolved forms. Pikachu beat Raichu while Piplup beat Prinplup.
  • They both released the second Pokémon they caught: Ash released Pidgeot and Dawn released Pachirisu. However, Dawn recaptured Pachirisu and Ash said he would come back for Pidgeot (though he has yet to do so).
  • Their Pokemon protected them in the beginning (Ash and Pikachu defended themselves from a flock of Spearow, and for Dawn and Piplup, and bunch of Ariados).

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