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370Luvdisc.png This article is about shipping.
As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

Misty and Tracey holding hands

OrangeShipping (Japanese; ケンカス KenKasu) is the belief in a romantic relationship between Misty and Tracey.

Misty and Tracey first met in The Lost Lapras. Tracey is a vocal fan of Professor Oak, and after realizing that Ash knows him quite well, decides to join the group in the hopes of meeting his idol. At first, Misty didn't like the thought of a complete stranger simply inviting himself to their group, but soon they develop a great friendship while traveling the Orange Islands.

There are many who will contend that the Orange Islands (the only series at present in which Tracey was part of the main cast) was more suggestive to a romantic relationship between Ash and Misty, and will state that Tracey even hinted at the relationship itself. Other people believe differently. When Ash finishes the Orange League, the group returns to his house. Here, they reunite with Brock, and Tracey stays with Professor Oak as Ash, Misty and Brock travel the Johto League.

Misty and Tracey only meet again after the Johto League, when she receives word that she needs to return home to the Cerulean Gym. Though no longer traveling in the main cast, there are a series of side-episodes called Hosos which give details about Misty's activities as a Gym Leader. With Tracey and Misty now being allowed to interact with each other much more easily due to proximity, their friendship has been allowed to grow, and it is these episodes which many shippers will use to argue the plausibility of a romantic relationship developing between them.


Misty's hints

Misty looks to Tracey for protection
Misty seemed annoyed, even jealous, that Tracey was drawing pictures of the Mikan Island Gym leader, Cissy.
Misty comments how much Tracey knows about Pokémon and then tells Ash, "He knows a lot more than you do." In an almost jealous reaction, Ash confronts the Rhyhorn that Tracey was watching which makes it angry. Misty took shelter in Tracey's arms when the Rhyhorn threatened to charge them and Ash off a cliff.
Misty warns Tracey to be careful when he decides to alert Officer Jenny about the Lapras poachers.
Tracey announces that he is going to stay in Pallet Town and become Professor Oak's assistant. Misty is happy for him but also wished that he would come with her to the Johto region.
After Misty receives a letter from Georgio, she states she would like Tracey to come with her so she would feel more safe. However, Daisy stated that Misty couldn't go anywhere because she needed to do her chores. Misty then asks Tracey nicely if he could do her chores for her and that Casey would accompany her. Later on the episode, in the Japanese version, Misty turns down Georgio's request to be his girlfriend saying, "There's someone else..." However, other Shippers argue that it is a reference to Ash, Brock or another character.

Tracey's hints

Tracey touching Misty's shoulder.
For the first time ever, Tracey witnesses Misty battling against another trainer. Misty's battling skills leave a very good impression on Tracey.
Tracey uses Marill to help find Togepi.
Tracey expresses concern about Misty when she gets kidnapped by the so-called "sewer monster".
Misty is flattered by all the attention Rudy gives to her. When Rudy invites Misty to dinner, Tracey is somewhat disappointed that she would rather leave with Rudy than spend time with him and Ash.
Tracey offers Misty some cocoa after he notices how tired she was. This goes to show that he watches out for her.
Tracey doesn't want Misty to engage in a battle to put out the fire in the warehouse. Obviously, it's because he is afraid she would get hurt. Later on in the episode, a second fire starts and Misty offers to go and help fight it. Tracey then lends her his Scyther and Marill to help out.
The group is offered to stay in Luana's hotel until Ash is ready for his gym battle. Tracey then comments, "This works out perfectly. Ash can have his battle and we can have a good time." By "we" he could have meant himself and Misty.
Tracey expresses his sincere thanks to Misty for helping him and Ash recover from the Stun Spore.
Misty asks Tracey to do her chores for her so that she could confront the person who wrote the letter she received. Tracey, not being able to say no to her, agrees.
Misty's Azurill is introduced. Misty explains that Tracey gave it to her when it was an egg. This pertains to the fact that Tracey's Marill is the parent of Misty's Azurill.This hint remains the strongest one to this day.
When Misty tells Melody that Ash isn't her boyfriend before she runs ahead, Tracey runs up soon after, asking if Misty was talking about him.

Other hints

  • Tracey has spent more time with Misty then he did with Ash despite being categorized as one of his friends. Tracey is also the only one of Ash's friends to spend more time with another member of Ash's group than with Ash. The only other exception would be May and Max who are siblings.
  • A Way Off Day Off
Tracey's Marill and Misty's Togepi play together. They are first seen playing in the ocean. Later on, Marill lets Togepi play with its tail.
Sakura mistakes Tracey as Misty's boyfriend. In another episode, A Date With Delcatty, Casey makes the same mistake.
Daisy would like Tracey to play the prince in her water ballet. The prince is the object of affection for Misty's character, the mermaid. There is even a scene in Daisy's fantasy of Misty and Tracey as their characters holding hands with hearts dancing around them.
Tracey and Misty ready to battle.
Misty and Tracey are in almost every scene together. At the end of the episode, Misty and Tracey use Azurill and Marill (respectively), together to attack Team Rocket with Water Gun.



  • While Tracey seems to have a love for Template:Type2 Pokémon, as seen in Tracey Gets Bugged, Misty has a morbid fear of them.
  • In the dubbed version of Luvdisc is a Many Splendored Thing, the narrator notably shoots down the possibility of OrangeShipping. When mentioning that love was in the air, he states afterword, "No, it's not between Misty and Tracey." None of this was ever mentioned in the original version. Some fans see this as proof the of dub's preference for PokéShipping and that it may have considered OrangeShipping a threat.

Alternate names

  • OrangeIslandShipping - identical to its original name, but with Island added in.


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