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As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

A Nevermet Ship—while the specific term might be a lesser-used alternative for Brock and Tracey—in the general sense is a denotation of a couple who have not canonically met each other (interaction-wise, or even simply being on-scene together) in a specific medium, be it game, anime, or manga.

History and Recent Connotations

The very Ship it was originally named for was one of the best examples of a true nevermet Ship back in the day, when there had not been any main characters who had not met prior to the Orange Islands. However, by the end of the third season, the application of the term was nullified (Brock and Tracey did then meet), but never stopped being about how people could 'ship two people together if they had not been acquainted (in relation to people 'shipping Brock and Tracey, when there was little to go by). It is notable that this was early in the series by today's standards, when the likes of PokéShipping, PalletShipping, and RocketShipping were the three biggest Ships of the time, and even the lesser Ships that ultimately mattered (such as EgoShipping, LeagueShipping, and ElderShipping) were still based on something in the minds of its fans, and romantically pairing two people who had not had that chance likely seemed strange.

People 'ship nevermets for various reasons, and it mostly comes down to one excuse: "Because they would be cute together." Little else is seldom expanded upon past answering why, basing their decisions on looks or how personality might affect the other character they wish to involve. It is this mindset that does divide the fandom sometimes, with people who do not like nevermet Ships because of what they are and people who do not think of them as a problem.

There are isolated cases where nevermets are created solely to appease one or a small group of people's love for one character wishing to pair them with everyone (or simply as many people as possible). This can actually result in a major influx of pairings with names that only a few people enjoy, which others occasionally see as a waste toward a coined name that could be "better used" for an actual met pairing.

Nevertheless, there are also cases similar to ThirdWheelShipping, of Ships that eventually stop being nevermets in the long run, but these are predictably few. SapphirePearlShipping had a moderate fan-following before May's three-episode excursion in Sinnoh, where she finally meets Dawn and creates evidence of believed mutual attraction in one go.

Nevermet Ships that are crafted around related-version game characters with inevitable anime counterparts are not considered true nevermets, such as HoennShipping and FortuneShipping. This is because the characters interact on occasion through-out their game storyline, and serve as undistinguished terms for both the game and anime counterparts.

Ships involving members of the Pokémon League (Gym Leaders, Elites, and Brains) are also not majorly considered nevermets by the fandom as a whole, but if they are not shown to have met in the games, anime, or even the multitude of manga series (examples of Ships that are not are IgnitionShipping, GracefulShipping, and OriginShipping), they are technically so. Regardless, Ships involving League members are generally not called out on being nevermets, so they are not usually included within the bounds of what "purists" consider to be fangirl whim.

List of nevermetships

In general


(ジュンベル JunBel)
  • Both are a rival as well as a childhood friend of the player in their respective games.
  • Both share many similar personality traits, including being overly energetic and impatient.
  • Both have blond hair and have mainly orange, green, and white in their attire.
  • Both literally collide into Ash Ketchum upon meeting him in their anime debut. They also battle him and lose at the end of the same episode.
  • Also in the anime, both spent an entire episode trying to catch a Pokémon that ended up being captured by a main character. Barry tried to catch Gible which was caught by Ash and Bianca tried to catch Emolga which was caught by Iris.

Name origins

  • Hyper is derived from Barry and Bianca's hyperactive personality.


(コウハル KouHaru)
  • Red headgear branded with the Poké Ball logo (Lucas' cap, May's bandana).
  • Predominantly red tennis shoes (in DP only, for Lucas).
  • Other red items of clothing (though Lucas only wore a red scarf in DP).
  • Both use yellow packs to store their belongings.(RS/DP only)

Name origins

  • Ruby is derived from their debut color schemes of both Lucas and May's outfits, as both wear some amount of red in their first publicized game versions.



(ワタシロ WataShiro)
  • They are both the Champions in their respective regions.
  • They are also the only known adult Champions to have more than one known familial relationship.
  • Both aid the player character in taking down their region's adversarial group.
  • They have appeared in the anime assisting Ash and his friends more than once.
  • They both own:

Name origins

  • WikiError is derived from an incident on Wikipedia claiming that Lance and Cynthia were cousins.

In the games


(コトクリ KotoKuri)
Considered "selfcest" by some and a regular couple by others, this pairing separates itself from the rest of the fold by technically being impossible (but that has never stopped fandom before). With Lyra's insertion, Kris is seemingly removed from her canon place. However, speculation of her presence in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver is considered with a supposed Easter egg: where in past games that an untaken starter Poké Ball would remain untaken, the third Poké Ball in Professor Elm's lab disappears at some point in the game. The NPC shows no proof in being the one who took it, but neither does anyone else. The idea is it is a silent reference to the usurped player character, but the truth—if there is one—remains unknown.


  • They are both main characters in the Pokémon games focusing on Johto, directly opposite the character Ethan, and are the only pair of female protagonists to share a male counterpart.
  • Kris was the first female protagonist of the game series, and Lyra was the first replacement female protagonist.
  • Both have pigtails that "defy gravity".
  • Both debuted in the anime as focal characters, along with a love interest (or two)—Vincent and Jimmy to Marina, and Khoury to Lyra—and a primary, three-stage Water-type attacker that can potentially evolve once more.

Name origins

  • NewReplacement is derived from Kris' absence from HGSS and Lyra taking her place.


In the anime


(ヒロハル HiroHaru)
  • Both May and Ritchie own a Fire-type starter Pokémon: Blaziken and Charmeleon, respectively. However, it is still unknown if Ritchie actually started with Charmeleon. Also, they both own Bug/Flying Pokémon that happen to be based on butterflies: Beautifly and Butterfree, respectively.
  • Both traveled through time and changed the course of the future and for someone else by altering the past.
    • Interestingly, both met an elderly female character in the present time who had lost a male love interest in the past because of an accident that happened when they left the female characters. Both went back in time and saved the males' lives and they were able to live and have a relationship with the females they had left behind in the past. In a sense, they helped turn tragic love stories into happy endings.

Name origins

  • AdvanceClone is meant to be a play on AdvanceShipping. Clone is added because fans consider Ritchie to be a clone of Ash.


(ケンヒカ KenHika*)
  • Both are big fans of Professor Oak, albeit for different reasons.
  • They are the only ones of Ash's friends who are only children*.
  • They are the only ones of Ash's friends not to be, in some way, related to the Gym Leader position*.
  • Both have been shown to have artistic skills: Tracey draws Pokémon while Dawn designs clothes.
  • Both have used a Dodrio at one point.
*This is only an assumption as there is no information on Tracey's family.

Alternate names

  • OrangepearlShipping (unofficial)

Name origins

  • Beam is derived from Dawn's Japanese name and Tracey's personality. Hikari means light, relative to the term "beam of light," and Tracey is a positive person who smiles to the point that he often 'beams'.




  • Both have been a rival of May at some point.
  • Both have black as part of their clothing color scheme.
  • Both have used a Flying type in their final Grand Festival battle.


This ship is surprisingly popular among its followers, even though the two have never shown that they knew each other. Drew had never heard of Dawn, and Dawn only heard a mention of Drew from May when she came to Sinnoh to compete in the Wallace Cup. However, since both are somewhat flashy Coordinators, they are thought to be cute together.


(シゲハル ShigeHaru)


Alternate names

  • ShellShipping (unofficial; official name for Blastoise/Wartortle/Squirtle)

Name origins

  • Brunett is a misspelling of both 'brunet' and 'brunette', disallowed to be corrected to the latter when it was pointed out it wasn't spelled correctly, because BrunetteShipping was listed as Delia Ketchum and Jasmine prior, and the acknowledged misspelling went through.
  • Shell is the prefix used for the shipping of Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise. In connection but not relation, all three were shown in the on-screen ownership of both Gary and May as of DP077: Blastoise for Gary and Wartortle for May.


  • In the Japanese opening High Touch!, Gary and May are standing near each other.


  • Both appear to have an affinity for Psychic-type Pokémon: four of the Pokémon Max befriends are either Psychic-types themselves or are capable of Psychic attacks, and Mira not only owns the entire Abra line between the anime and games, but more than not, the Pokémon she uses in the games fall under the same specialties.
  • Both initially tricked Ash when he first met them: into thinking Max was the Petalburg City Gym Leader, and to helping Mira out for something that was essentially a fib.

Name origins

  • Cheeky is derived from both having a mischievous personality trait.


The following is heavy fanon context:
Most supporters choose to believe DiamondShipping is primarily a past-Ship, one that happened prior and likely still isn't continuing in the currently time line. Under this flag, a lot of supporters usually consider the possibility of Giovanni being Ash's father, a subject still spoken of—and occasionally debated upon—today; Giovanni still remains a candidate to some arguers (by DiamondShippers and non-supporters alike). How Delia and Giovanni would have gotten together is a mystery, although Delia alludes to Ash's father in an early episode when he starts his journey and arrives in Viridian City. He calls her on a videophone and she tells him that it took his father four days to reach Viridian. This is the only mention of Ash's father in the whole series.
Fans of the pairing point to how the writers have gone out of their way to avoid a meeting between Ash and Giovanni. Their semi-meeting in Mewtwo Returns is commonly ignored due to the two being so far apart in the scene in question.

Name origins

  • Diamond is derived from the idea that Giovanni appears to be a man who would buy diamonds (or other expensive goods) for the woman he likes; in the same vein, it also takes the Diamond Badge into consideration.


  • This Ship is past-canon in the stage-production Pokémon Live!, where Delia and Giovanni had a prior relationship, broken off before Ash was born (he is not Giovanni's son).


(ハリウラ HariUra)
  • Both are Coordinators and hold grudges against their rivals.
  • Both own a member of the Jigglypuff line.
  • Both used a traumatic event from their rival's past involving a Pokémon against them.
  • Both were defeated in their episode debut where their rival earned their fourth Ribbon in their home region. They were also both were defeated by their rivals' Pokémon that had stage fright in a previous Contest, as well as during the first Double Performance round of a Grand Festival.

Name origins

  • EgoCentric is derived from both being self-centered.


(マサアイ MasaAi)
  • Both become excited when meeting a Pokémon and often interact with it, even if the Pokémon isn't that friendly.
  • Both like to pick on Ash when he doesn't know about something that they do.
  • Both tend to act as if they are smarter and more capable than the others around them but also have their worries about being able to succeed.
  • Both have commanded a Pokémon that did not obey them. Max used Corphish and Iris has Excadrill.
  • Iris started her journey with Axew; a pure Dragon-type Pokémon with a three-stage evolution from her home region. Max plans to start with Ralts, which has the same characteristics as the former only it is of the Psychic-type.
  • Both have a close relationship with someone who is a Gym Leader.

Name origins

  • Kodomone is derived from 子供 kodomo, which means "children", referring to Max's age and Iris's child-like innocence. Iris often uses this word to describe people who she thinks are acting immaturely.


(カスアイ KasuAi)
This Ship is fairly new, but fans have already noticed similarities between the two.


  • Both are Gym Leaders in the games.
  • Both started to follow Ash without his permission. Misty because of her broken bike and Iris for unknown reasons.
    • They also were the first to accompany Ash on his journey through their respective regions and then were followed a male Gym Leader.
  • Both like to criticize Ash on his decisions and immaturity.
  • Both own a walking Pokémon who rarely, if ever, used moves and do not appear to have a Poké Ball. Togetic for Misty and Axew for Iris. Both are also part of a three stage evolutionary line.
  • Both have or have had a fully evolved Pokémon that refused to obey them. Gyarados for Misty and Excadrill for Iris.
  • Both have a similar goal to become a master of the type they specialize in.
  • Both have a a fear of a certain type. Misty is afraid of Bug-types and Iris is afraid of Ice-types.

Name origins


  • One of Misty's sisters' names is Ayame in the Japanese version of the anime. Ayame is Japanese for iris.


(シンカス ShinKasu)
A surprisingly popular nevermet of moderate following, NovelShipping appears to have the same charm as EgoShipping without the hints, or Gary's suave arrogance, when it comes to its support. Misty's temper in the face of stubborn obstacles is key to her character, and where Gary and Paul are the types that make Ash mad (demonstrating their affect on him), it's theorized by supporters that Paul is the unmovable type (unlike Gary, who has shown to be capable of setting aside hard feelings early on in the series) that would incite the same kind of reaction in Misty that Ash often times does to her. Triggering that sort of response is also part of the PokéShipping appeal as well, rather leaving a fine line between particulars with the interconnections.

Name origins

Novel comes from the belief of the coiner that the couple was, at the time, a "novel idea". Retroactively from the coiner, one can say the characterizations between Misty and Paul are some of the same types to be found in romance novels, and would take a similar plot to get them together.


(デンタケ DenTake)
This Ship is fairly new, but fans have already noticed similarities between the two.


  • Both are Gym Leaders of the first city in which the player can obtain a badge in their respective regions.
  • Besides being Gym Leaders, Brock and Cilan have other aspirations. Brock wanted to be a Pokémon Breeder (before deciding on becoming a Pokémon Doctor) and Cilan wants to be a Pokémon Connoisseur. In consequence, they both leave family members behind to tend the Gym.
  • Both were the second person to start traveling with Ash through their respective regions.
    • Also both joined Ash after he met a female companion that invited herself on his journey.
  • Both are good at cooking.
  • Both have at least two brothers.
  • Both keep potions on hand so that they can help injured Pokémon.

Name origins

Optic is derived from their unique eyes. Brock's eyes are always squinting and Cilan's eyes lack sclera.


(シンハル ShinHaru)
Another surprisingly popular nevermet, seemingly more so than NovelShipping, OutcryShipping is heavily seen in AMVs and artwork across the net. Otherwise, there is little basis aside from, "They're so cute together," or they're the "ideal couple" from supporters.

Alternate names

  • FarawayShipping (unofficial; the majority name)

Name origins

Faraway is likely derived from the two either coming from distant regions compared to Johto or Kanto, or it refers to the two characters being far away: Paul in Sinnoh and May in Johto. May's Japanese name, Haruka, can also mean "far away".


(カスヒカ KasuHika, ヒカカス HikaKasu)
  • In the beginning of the Diamond and Pearl series, two of Dawn's Pokémon were Water-type Pokémon. Also for a while, she was the only one in the group who owned Water-types. Misty's Pokémon are mostly Water-type and she was the first of the original group to have them.
  • Both have owned a member of the Togepi evolution family.


Name origins

Oyster is derived from the fact that, not only are oysters aquatic creatures, akin to the type Misty trains, but oysters produce pearls, a word that is related to Dawn throughout the Shipping fandom, instigated by the christening of PearlShipping.


(デンカス DenKasu)
  • Both are Gym Leaders.
  • Both have siblings of the same gender who they share their Gym Leader status with.
  • In addition, both have at least one sibling who specializes in the Water-type.
  • Both tend to be romantics and get themselves involved with Pokémon who fall in love.
  • Both enjoy fishing and have a special fishing lure that is modeled after themselves.

Name origins

SeaMonkey is derived from the animal of the same name. It refers to Cilan's Pansage and Misty's love for Water-types.


(ケンデン KenDen)
  • Both are considered Brock's "replacement" by fans.
  • Both have the ability to determine a Pokémon's strengths and abilities using their senses.
  • Both seemed to act almost like a tour guide when traveling with their groups, being able to describe in detail the places that they visit.
  • Both essentially invited themselves to travel with Ash.
  • Both seemed to take a particular interest in Ash's Pikachu upon first meeting him and even took him right off of Ash's shoulder.
  • The first capture they had made onscreen was a dual-typed Bug Pokémon that is part of a two-stage evolution; Scyther and Dwebble. Also, both wished to help them take back something that had been taken from them by a member of its own species. For Scyther, it was leadership and for Dwebble, it was its rock. Both Pokémon initially didn't want their help as well.
  • Both are the only male friends of Ash that don't have a confirmed age.
  • Both have been shown to idolize a particular Pokémon Professor. Tracey idolizes Professor Oak and Cilan idolizes Professor Icarus.
  • Their third obtained Pokémon (Scyther and Stunfisk) are voiced by Unshō Ishizuka in Japanese.



Alternate names

  • TeenagerocketShipping (derivative)
  • NeoNeoRocketShipping

Name origins

  • Teenrocket and Teenagerocket are from the original belief that both Domino and Mondo are in their teens.
  • NeoNeoRocket is the newer-newer version of RocketShipping, following NeoRocketShipping.


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