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As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

NegaiShipping is the belief that Ash Ketchum and Iris belong in a romantic relationship. The ship is relatively new and doesn't have much evidence to support it because of it.


Iris's hints

  • BW002 - Iris blushed slightly upon meeting Ash.
  • BW003 - Iris grabbed Ash's hand to save him from falling into the boiling water, similar to a PearlShipping scene from Movie 10.

Ash's hints

Other hints

Name origin

  • Negai is from the Japanese characters 願い (negai) to mean 'wish' (in terms of 'desire,' 'prayer,' or 'request'). It is used as an alternate name over WishShipping, after the series titles "Best Wishes."

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