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As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

Green thanking Red for fighting for her sake

LuckyShipping (Japanese: レブル ReBuru) is the belief that Red and Green belong in a romantic relationship. It is mostly seen as the rival Ship of SpecialShipping and MangaPokéShipping. In the Pokémon Adventures fandom, due to the fact that Green often makes flirtatious encounters with Red (leaving him nervous) more than any other character in the series; which leads to the conclusion they may like each other. It is often shown that Red seems to enjoy Green's presence by assisting her even when he acts annoyed.


Red, Green & Blue chapter

Green shows a flirtatious attitude towards Red in their early encounters. The first time they meet, Green compliments how she was "excited to see him battling." She also hugs him, winks at him, and blows him kisses and calls him things like "sweetie-pie" throughout. It should be noted that this continues even after there was no need to act in such a way around Red, she as well did things like this with Blue.
Green tricks Red into buying her items that would make his Pokémon stronger by acting like his admirer. Later, Red is talking to his Pokémon about it, commenting on how he could tell she liked him, and how she is his age. He also mentions that she must be 'mature' for her age because she is starting a business by herself. Showing a clear attraction at the time, he keeps his mind on her until a Pinsir interrupts.
Red heroically saves Green from a full-speeding Tauros. Because of this, Green seems to "fangirl" over him and call him "her hero."
Green says to Team Rocket that Red is actually her "sweetie" and exposes Red to Team Rocket by tearing off his uniform, without necessarily being aware of his outfit underneath.
Escaping Team Rocket, Green drags Red with her, despite not knowing his motives. She then points him as her partner, without giving Red a choice.
After Red and Green get away from Team Rocket, Red joins her in catching Mew, even though she had previously stolen his money and his badges. It is noticed by fans that even though Green did that to him, Red still continues to joins her, meaning that Red has an interest in Green.
Red warns Green that messing with Team Rocket was dangerous, and tells her to leave for her protection.
Once Mew escapes from Team Rocket, Green and Red go their separate ways. But Green slips him a note saying, "Thank you for everything, cutie!" along with his two beloved badges. Red is left thinking that Green wasn't so bad as he thought. The chapter ends with Red dazed at the note he received, and an image of Green in the back. To many supporters, it's taken to mean Red was happy to have met her, showing the image of her behind him.
When Blue and Red hear Green screaming, Red immediately rushes to find her. He continues to look for her, even going further up the floors than he should have.
Once Sabrina locates Green for the second time in the battle with Team Rocket, Red tells her to stay back, claiming it to be dangerous. This is something done often between love interests or with friends. Green swoons once more, agreeing to do so.
When Red sees Green scamming another Trainer for their Pokémon at the Pokémon League, it was shown that Red quickly noticed her. After the little 'scam', Green comes up to Red asking how he's been, but Red suspects another scam, and notices that she was back to her old tricks again. Green was shown with joy when she saw Red.
When Green tells Red that she's in the semifinals, Red was shown surprised by this (as always). She also tells Red that she's from Pallet Town as well and then leaves. Red was shown confused, and calling Green's name for more information. When Green said, "See you in the semifinals," to Red, it showed a little heart next to Red's name, showing that maybe, she would like to battle him.
In the semifinals of the Pokémon League, Red watches Green's match, and seems to have referred it if she were to win, as he kept giving Green advise, and was so interested in her battle.
After the battle with Dr. O, Green openly admits that she stole his Squirtle because she envied the fact that Red and Blue got to start a journey, so she stole Squirtle to join Red and Blue, but it was focused on Red when she said it. After Dr. O reveals himself as Professor Oak and hears the reason why Green stole the Squirtle, he gave her a Pokédex, which causes Green to get all emotional and cry. Red was seen smiling, as if he was happy for her.
In the Final Round, Green watches Red's match and seems to want him to win.

Yellow chapter

Green begs Bill on her knees to find Red because he was the one who would "save Kanto from evil." It shows Green has confidence in Red's abilities and that she might just feel safer or more comfortable if Red is involved.
It is shown in Green's flashback that she is the first to discover Red is missing and shows notable concern. Upon seeing Yellow's drawing of Red in her sketch book, she becomes anxious and curious, hoping that she knows his whereabouts. She is also the one who sent Yellow on a mission to find him because she believed that Yellow had the power to save him instead of herself. She orders Yellow to not reveal her real name, the person who sent her out on this mission, or about Green herself. She gave Yellow a hat to wear, to make it look like she was a boy, so that no one would learn her true identity, because that gives the enemy an advantage. Many believed that Green just sent Yellow to do it because she didn't want to get in a mess of trouble, and that she just wanted to see Red again. Though it should be noted that the Viridian powers were given special attention prior to Green actually meeting Yellow, therefore it can be assumed that Green considered Yellow's use of her powers to be the only true weapon against the Elite Four champion Lance, who possessed the same powers, and was concerned of the outcome in general as well as Red. And even with Yellow's assistance, she did her own, physical part in trying to find Red.
When Blue, Green, and Red meet up in PS090 while escaping from three different cave entrances, Green is more eager than Blue to see him, saying, "Good thing you're safe." Red seems to get a nervous look while saying, "Haha, I guess so."

Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter

When Blue notices their Pokedex are beeping, Red is the first one to yell out that Green is somewhere in Ilex Forest, with a panicked expression.
Green lends her Blastoise to Red when he meets her during a trip to Mt. Silver. Red questions this decision at first, since she uses her Blastoise for flight transportation, and Green tells him "not to worry about flying." When Blue notes what she meant by that, they both see Green on a Moltres being chased by a Ho-Oh. Red, again, yells out her name in shock.
During the final chapter, Red and Blue join Green in battle using the legendary birds. The interesting moment here is the fact that Red would yell out her name in concern whenever she was in deep trouble, like when she fell off her Moltres though any good friend would do this like how Gold called out Silver's name many times before.

FireRed & LeafGreen chapter

Green goes into shock upon witnessing her parents disappear (at the hands of Deoxys) and falls off the boat into the water. With Red and Blue shocked, Red panickingly sends his Poliwrath to rescue her and carries her from then on, until they reached a hospital. Red was shown with deep concern in this scene as much or more than the others.
At the hospital, Red is showing concern over when Green will wake up. After hearing that it was her parents that she wanted to see, it gives Red courage to fight whatever ruined Green's moment with her parents.
When Bill mentions that it would be too dangerous for them to train for the cause of Green's breakdown, Red, looking upset, says, "Green has been waiting for this day," and that, "having my best friend's heart shattered, I'm not going to stand for that." He was the only one who stood up for Green, and answered Bill's question. In this scene, many fans noticed that Red cared deeply for her.
When Red sees Green for the first time since the hospital incident, Red is seen with a smile when he says, "Oh, Green is here too!"
When Red's spirit is broken, saying to Blue, "Deoxys is too strong, and if they do go up against the foe, they would just be added to the other list of casualties." Green is the only one who chased after Red when he ran away saying that he "wasn't worthy of his Pokédex" and that is the reason why Professor Oak took his Pokédex from him.
When Green chases Red all the way to Five Island, she encounters him while he's apologizing to his Pokémon. When she came up to see him, he thought that Green was going to give him a piece of her mind, but she instead thanked him. Green thanked Red for "selflessly going up against a strong foe, all for her sake" and as well mentioned how he was the one who stood up and fought for her when she fainted, leaving Red with a smirk on his face. She also clears up the misunderstanding about the Pokédexes saying that they were actually getting upgraded to National Dexes. Green, the only one who comforted Red in his breakdown, was the one who gave Red back his perseverance, and somehow made him feel even stronger. This scene showed that they both very deeply care about each other.
When Green says she is going to fight, Red is shocked, but also worried that something might easily get Green hurt again since she just suffered the incident on the boat. He also still has a general fear of Deoxys after the fight, and doesn't want her going through the same experience.
Though Sird would eventually reveal the plan was to target Red's friends in general, thus targeting Green and Blue, the previous conversation reveals that whether or not Red did care more about Green, she at least perceives it this way and Red doesn't bother to correct her giving the implication that she's right.
After the deep conversation with Green, Red is shown alone walking while he thinks about what he's fighting for. He mentions that Bill and Blue were coming up with a plan. He also walks about how Green is teaching Blasty Hydro Cannon, and when he mentions that, he is shown with a worried look, and an ellipsis at the end of his sentence. It seemed as if Red cared more about Green, than to what Blue and Bill were doing.


  • LuckyShipping is an alternative name for FeelingShipping (Blue and Yellow), as well as the name for the Shipping of Robert and May.
  • A popular rumor in LuckyShipping is that Red's Espeon and Green's Ditto have or will mate and produce an egg. The only evidence of this is that the two Pokémon were seen together at the end of the Emerald saga.

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