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'''LuckyShipping''' (Japanese: '''レブル''' ''ReBuru'') is the name given to the pairing for {{adv|Red}} and {{adv|Green}} from [[Pokémon Adventures]].
'''LuckyShipping''' (Japanese: '''レブル''' ''ReBuru'') is the name given to the pairing for {{adv|Red}} and {{adv|Green}} from [[Pokémon Adventures]].

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LuckyShipping (Japanese: レブル ReBuru) is the name given to the pairing for Red and Green from Pokémon Adventures.


Red, Green & Blue chapter

  • Green shows a flirtatious attitude toward Red in their early encounters. The first time they meet, Green charms him into buying her wares. When battling Team Rocket in the first saga, Green refers to Red as her "sweetie pie". She also hugs him, winks at him, and blows him kisses. It should be noted that this continues even after there was no need to act in such a way around Red.
  • Green tricks Red into buying her items by acting like his admirer. Later Red is talking to his Pokémon about it, commenting on how he could tell she liked him, and how she is his age. Showing a clear attraction at the time, he keeps his mind on her until a Pinsir interrupts.
  • As Red tries to get his money back from Green, the girl fakes her tears in attempt to escape. Red, however, stops her and leaves her next to a tree after getting his money. Unfortunately, Green manages to steal his two badges, which forces Red to pursue her again. Then he learns that Team Rocket is looking for her, so he disguises himself as one of them to find her.
  • Red heroically saves Green from a full-speeding Tauros. Because of this, Green seems to "fangirl" over him and call him "her hero."
  • Green calls Red her "sweetie" and exposes him to Team Rocket by tearing off his uniform without necessarily being aware of his outfit underneath.
  • Escaping Team Rocket, Green drags Red with her, despite not knowing his motives. She then appoints him as her partner without giving him a choice.
  • After Red and Green get away from Team Rocket, Red joins her in catching Mew, even though he is more or less irritated with her motive for money. Once Team Rocket reappears, he helps her out again and protects her by keeping her out of the line of fire.
  • Once Mew had escaped from Team Rocket, Green and Red go their separate ways. But Green slips him a note, thanking him for everything. They then exchange one last glance at each other.
  • Once Sabrina locates Green for the second time in the battle with Team Rocket, this time with Red, he tells her to stay back, claiming it to be dangerous. This is something done often between love interests. Green swoons once more, agreeing to do so.
  • In the semifinals of the Pokémon League, Red watches Green's match, and seems to have preferred it if she were to win.
  • In the Final Round, Green watches Red's match and seems to want him to win.

Yellow chapter

  • Green is the first to discover and show notable concern when Red is missing. Upon seeing Yellow's drawing of Red in her sketch book, she becomes anxious, hoping that she knows his whereabouts. She is also the one who sent Yellow on a mission to find him.
  • At the end of the arc, Green decides not to tell Red about Yellow's true identity, saying it would be more fun to see him figure it out on his own. However, fans believe that Green simply stayed quiet because she didn't want competition.

Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter

  • Green lends her Blastoise to Red. Red questions this decision at first, since she uses her Blastoise for flight transportation, and Green tells him "not to worry about flying".
  • During the final chapter, Red and Blue join Green in battle using the legendary birds. The interesting point here is the fact that Red would yell out her name in concern whenever she was in deep trouble.
  • When Red is finally able to try and talk to Yellow about her true gender, Green yells saying it's a bad time to do so. Fans believe that she is either worried or jealous, although she doesn't seem to care at all when she notices Yellow worrying about Red talking to Misty.

FireRed & LeafGreen chapter

  • Green goes into shock upon witnessing her parents disappear (at the hands of Deoxys) and falls off the boat into the water. Red sends his Poliwrath to rescue her and he carries her from then afterward until they can find her a bed.
  • When Red's spirit is broken and he runs away, Green gives chase, and when she finds him, she comforts him and thanks him because "he did all of it for her sake." Although this, like his previous anger, is also later credited towards his friends in general. However, he seemed much angrier over Green than Blue (who was also victimized), granted that Green was in a worse condition at the time. However, whether or not Red did care more or mostly about Green, she perceives it this way. This shows that both of them care deeply for each other, although whether the feeling be romantic or platonic is never really addressed.


  • LuckyShipping is an alternative name for FeelingShipping (Blue and Yellow) as well as the name for the Shipping of Robert and May.
  • A popular rumor in LuckyShipping is that Red's Espeon and Green's Ditto have or will mate and produce an egg. The only evidence of this is that the two Pokémon were seen together at the end of the Emerald saga.
  • Another name for LuckyShipping is ChristmasShipping, which uses their English names "Red" and "Green." The name is taken from the idea that red and green are the two commonly used colors for Christmas decoration, or are "Christmas colors."
  • It is unknown exactly where the name "LuckyShipping" comes from, but the common story is the idea that Red gets "lucky" with Green, and Silver shoots him in response to his actions. Though it should be noted that this happens nowhere in the manga. Another theory is simply that Red and Green are lucky to have each other, or lucky to have met. It can also be presumed that since Green makes the most physical contact with Red and is more flirtatious towards him than anyone else shown in the manga, that Red is considered lucky in that sense. However, the exact origin of the ship's name is unclear.
  • Their names, "Red" and "Blue", Green's Japanese name, are two colors that are commonly put together and are found together in video game pairs. One could argue that this is foreshadowing to a future relationship.

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