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370Luvdisc.png This article is about shipping.
As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

LagomorphShipping is the belief in a romantic relationship between Ash's Pikachu and Dawn's Buneary. This is canon on the side of Buneary, whose crush on Pikachu is a running feature in the series; Pikachu has yet to reciprocate.



Buneary's really happy now!
  • In Setting the World on its Buneary, Buneary had developed a crush after seeing Pikachu save a potato.
  • She'll raise her fur and cover her face whenever she sees Pikachu.
  • She once grabbed Pikachu and started dancing with it causing Pikachu to yell and Buneary to cry.
  • When Dawn asked Buneary if she wants to come along with them Brock says "You can spend time with Pikachu" then Ash says "looks like she'll like that".
  • In the episode Wild in the Streets! after Pikachu, Aipom, and Turtwig finished practicing, Buneary hopped over and started petting Pikachu.
  • In the episode O'er The Rampardos We Watched after Pikachu beat Roark's Onix, Buneary looked over at it with affection.
  • In Settling A Not-So-Old Score, the pair are seen together cheering for Dawn at the contest in Floaroma Town.
  • In Steamboat Willies!, when Pikachu grabbed the ring that Piplup missed in a game of ring toss, it was able to rebound the ring on to the 100 points, after which Buneary happily showered it with adoration or as mentioned above, "goes gaga for it".
  • In A Stand-Up-Sit-Down!, Ash and Dawn have a double battle in contest style, with Pikachu and Aipom versus Buizel and Buneary. However, Buneary's first instinct is to flirt with Pikachu, striking a pose and winking at it, until Dawn stated "This is an appeal battle, not a date"
  • In A Maze-ing Race, Buneary was walking away from Happiny to try to go through the maze by herself. Pikachu ran up to her and grabbed her hand to try to get her to stop. This made Buneary really happy.
  • In the beginning of Throwing the Track Switch, Buneary was massaging Pikachu's stomach after it and Ash became bloated from over-eating.
  • In DP076, after the battle with Team Rocket, Buneary went up to Pikachu and started flirting with it. The flirting was so obvious that May even pointed out that Buneary seems to like Pikachu.
  • Almost every time Buneary sees Pikachu, she has hearts in her eyes.


  • When it yelled at Buneary for grabbing and dancing with it she started to cry. It then attempted to comfort her.
  • It gave itself up to Team Rocket after failing to save Buneary. It then helped her to escape after.
  • In Settling a Not-So-Old Score!, the pair are seen together cheering for Dawn at the contest in Floaroma Town.
  • In the aforementioned DP076, when Buneary came up to Pikachu to flirt with it, Pikachu began to blush. However this can be taken as a sign of embarrassment, because Pikachu looked uneasy and sheepish afterwards.


  • The name of this ship originates from Lagomorpha, the order that rabbits and pikas, Buneary and Pikachu's real-world counterparts, belong to.
  • In the games, Buneary and Pikachu are both in the Ground egg group, and therefore can breed.
  • Under the rules of egg moves, the offspring of such a pairing would be Buneary that know Thunderbolt & Iron Tail, as these are moves Pikachu knows that Buneary can learn via TM. They would also know the moves Quick Attack and Agility if Dawn's Buneary knew them, though she has not yet demonstrated this knowledge.
  • Some supporters of this shipping use it as a evidence of PearlShippingShipping (Ash and Dawn), in a similar fashion to how people use VineShippingShipping as evidence of AdvanceShippingShipping; Professor Oak once stated that the feelings of a trainer are reflected by their Pokémon. As such, if two Pokémon fall in love the trainers will too. However, if Dawn has a crush on Ash, she is to date being a lot more subtle about it than Buneary is about her feelings for Pikachu. Some will also point out that Buneary had a crush on Pikachu before Dawn caught her.

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