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As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.
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This article represents a ship between two Pokémon.

Buneary and Pikachu

LagomorphShipping (Japanese: ピカミミ PikaMimi) is the belief in a romantic relationship between Ash's Pikachu and Dawn's Buneary. It is a considered rival of KrazyShipping, The name originates from Lagomorpha, the order that rabbits and pikas, Buneary and Pikachu's real-world counterparts, belong to. This is one-sided canon on Buneary's side, whose crush on Pikachu was a running feature in the Diamond and Pearl series; Pikachu has yet to reciprocate.


Buneary's hints

  • Almost every time Buneary sees Pikachu, she has hearts in her eyes.
  • Early on, Buneary has a habit of raising her fur to cover her face with whenever she sees Pikachu.
  • Setting the World on its Buneary
Buneary develops a crush after seeing Pikachu save a potato. At one point, she grabs Pikachu and starts dancing with him, causing Pikachu to yell and Buneary to cry. When Dawn asks Buneary if she wants to come along with them, Brock says, "You can spend time with Pikachu." Ash finishes with saying, "Looks like she'll like that."
After Pikachu, Aipom, and Turtwig finish practicing, Buneary hops over and starts petting Pikachu.
After Pikachu beats Roark's Onix, Buneary looks over at him with affection.
Pikachu's impersonations of Ash, Brock and Dawn's Pokémon (Buneary included), resulted in a look of utter adulation from Buneary.
When Pikachu grabs the ring that Piplup missed in a game of ring toss, he is able to rebound the ring on to the 100 point peg, after which Buneary happily showered him with adoration.
Ash and Dawn have a double battle in Contest style, with Pikachu and Aipom versus Buizel and Buneary. However, Buneary's first instinct is to flirt with Pikachu, striking a pose and winking at him, until Dawn states, "This is an appeal battle, not a date."
Buneary is walking away from Happiny to try to go through the maze by herself. Pikachu runs up to her and grabs her hand to try to get her to stop. This makes Buneary really happy and the three proceed to walk together, all the while the two hold hands together and Happiny being piggy-backed by Pikachu with Buneary comforting Happiny while she is being lulled to sleep, giving them the impression of being a small family.
Buneary's affection towards Pikachu
When all the group's Pokémon are asleep, Buneary is seen with her arm around Pikachu.
Buneary is massaging Pikachu's stomach after he and Ash became bloated from over-eating.
Pikachu's positive response to Buneary's new vest causes her to blush.
After Ash's training is over Buneary blushes as she fawns and gushes over Pikachu.
After the battle with Team Rocket, Buneary goes up to Pikachu and starts flirting with him. The flirting is obvious enough that May even pointed out that Buneary seems to like Pikachu.
When Dawn and Buneary win the Hearthome Collection, Buneary hugs Pikachu.
When hiding in the elevator and looking outside for Rotom, Buneary hides with Ash and Pikachu on the left, despite Piplup and Dawn hiding on the right side of the elevator. Also, when telling Brock about Rotom, once again, Buneary hides behind Pikachu.
When Ash and Brock meet Dawn to congratulate her after her performance in the Daybreak Contest, Pikachu goes up to Buneary and congratulates her. She then hugs Pikachu.
When the gang gets soaked by Piplup's Whirlpool, Buneary is seen holding Pikachu's tail.

Pikachu's hints

Pikachu gave himself up to Team Rocket after failing to save Buneary. He then helped her to escape after.
When Buneary comes up to Pikachu to flirt with him, Pikachu begins to blush. However, this can be taken as a sign of embarrassment, because Pikachu looked uneasy and sheepish afterward.
  • When he yelled at Buneary for grabbing and dancing with him she started to cry. He then attempted to comfort her.

Other hints

The pair are seen together cheering for Dawn at the Contest in Floaroma Town.
A wild Phione became jealous of the relationship between Buneary and Pikachu.
After Ash and Pikachu were returned to the real world by Giratina, Pikachu and Buneary danced with each other, happy to see each other again.
When the rocket falls towards the land after the parachute burned out, they were seen holding hands with terror.


Notable LagomorphShippers

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