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Bianca winking at Ash

ImaginationShipping (Japanese: サトベル SatoBel) is the belief that Ash and Bianca belong in a romantic relationship. Bianca met up Ash while he was traveling to Nacrene City in order to give him a badge case. They have encountered each other a few times after that and have traveled together for a short period. Though they are rivals, they maintain a mostly friend-like non-competitive relationship which differs from Ash's relationships with his other rivals.


Bianca's hints

Even before meeting him, Bianca accepted the errand to deliver Ash's badge case to him for Professor Juniper. Fans can interpret that as her being interested in meeting the Trainer she was supposed to be giving it to rather than simply doing Juniper a favor. Bianca tries to give Ash his badge case but cannot find it in her cluttered bag and looks distressed by it. When she finally gives it to Ash, she is interested to see the one badge he has.
A bit later, a wild Minccino, makes off with Ash's badge case. Bianca tells him not to worry about it and volunteers to get it back for him. When she fails to do so, Ash calls out Pikachu who is interrupted by Oshawott who wanted to battle instead. Bianca seemed excited that Ash's Pokémon come out by themselves and even said they were "darling".
Also during this episode, Bianca winks at Ash on several different occasions, a classical sign of showing affection.
Bianca becomes very worried when Burgundy's Stoutland freezes Ash's Palpitoad with Ice Fang during the Club Battle tournament. The tone of voice she uses expresses her concern.
Bianca was visibly uncomfortable with the idea of Ash battling her father given that if he lost he'd have to return to Pallet Town. During the battle, she looked on extremely worried from the sidelines and kept whispering his name as her father held the upper-hand against him. Not able to take it anymore, Bianca interrupted the battle and pleaded with Ash to stop saying she didn't want him to have to return home on her account.

Ash's hints

Ash lending a helping hand to Bianca
After a Minccino escapes with his badge case, Ash decides he's going to get it back on his own. But Bianca begs him to let her help as she wanted to capture Minccino. He eventually agrees to it seeing how much she wanted it.
Ash and Cilan find Bianca on the ground trying to catch her breath after chasing a wild Emolga. Ash asks her if she is okay and then offers her a helping hand. He also wishes for her to stop chasing Emolga so she won't get hurt by its Discharge. This is unlike how he has acted in the past when his friends tried to catch a Pokémon where he encouraged them to do what ever it took to get it.
Ash defends Bianca's will to continue traveling, and even risks returning to Pallet Town for her.



  • There is a running gag in the anime were every time Bianca encounters Ash, she loses her footing while running towards him and ends up knocking him into a body of water. On every occasion, Ash removes some of his clothing in order to dry off. Fans often joked about it saying that Bianca knocks him into water purposefully in order to make him take off his clothes. Also, the impact animation when Bianca hits Ash in A Fishing Connoisseur in a Fishy Competition! shows a couple of hearts.

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