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370Luvdisc.png This article is about shipping.
As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

IkariShipping (Japanese: シンヒカ ShinHika) is the name given to the Dawn and Paul coupling supported by a number fans of the Pokémon anime. Since its conception, it has become one of the more popular Ships around the fandom, despite being any solid evidence for a romantic relationship between the two characters.

The name is derived from the name of the main character of another anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Shinji Ikari, since the two characters are named Shinji and Hikari. After the fact, the name can also be taken from the Japanese 怒り (ikari), meaning "rage" or "anger", much like the way HeiseiShipping was named.

Personality clash

The fact that Dawn is optimistic and upbeat while Paul is cold-hearted and apathetic makes most fans think this Ship is even less likely to actually happen. However, some IkariShippers believe that their polar opposite personalities make it more likely that Dawn and Paul will eventually get together; the fact being the popular saying: "Opposites attract."


The following list is a summary of points in the Pokémon Anime that the majority of IkariShippers and other people believe points to possible romantic feelings between Paul and Dawn. Unlike PokéShippingShipping or ContestShippingShipping, these points have not yet been debated extensively, and the following summaries can at this point only be considered to be showing how IkariShippers interpret events, not as being a conclusive interpretation agreed upon by all.

Dawn's hints

Most other Shippers don't agree that Dawn's feelings towards Paul are important. In fact, out of all main and secondary characters, she is the only one who really shows any interest in Paul, or even in his skills.

Dawn admired Paul when he easily captured an Ursaring, but he didn't return her sentiments.
When Paul stared at Dawn after she stopped the argument, she kindly asked what's wrong.
Dawn tried to stop the argument between Paul and Ash. However, she became very furious about the fact that Paul didn't remember her at all.
When Paul stands up to leave during Ash's battle Dawn's the first to notice it.
When Paul says Torterra is his first Pokémon, Dawn appears impressed.
When Paul leaves the town with Gliscor, she just slightly smiles after him.
As the episode closes, Dawn is seen standing separately from the rest of the group, gazing after Paul as he leaves; in some IkariShippers' opinions, this is a slightly infatuated look in her eyes.
Dawn comments several times on Paul's actions showing that she isn't indifferent to him. She also seems annoyed by his cold attitute towards her and her friends as she says "Man, what's his problem?" and "What's wrong with you Paul?" when he leaves ignoring them.
When Zoey points her finger menacingly at Paul, Dawn holds her back to stop the upcoming argument. As Paul leaves, Zoey says she hopes Candice will defeat him with Dawn having a very worried look on her face.

Paul's hints

Paul speaking patiently to Dawn in Tag! We're It!
Paul met Dawn when she was separated from her friends. He seemed annoyed when he saw her, as Ash and Brock were not far behind. He talked to her calmly as if he didn't very much mind she was there, though he seemed mad about Ash and Brock looking for Dawn and the others (some IkariShippers interpret the look as jealously).
In this episode, Paul and Ash argue a lot about Paul's Chimchar. When Dawn makes a point, Paul responds calmly.
He states, while looking intensely at Dawn; "When two people meet, something is born." This is likely a reference to the poem found at the bottom of the Solaceon Ruins, or, as some IkariShippers believe, a hint.
When Chimchar is too scared to attack Ursaring, Ash and his Pokémon are yelling to do its best. When Dawn does the same thing, Paul looks irritated; some IkariShippers again interpret the expression as jealousy.


Alternate names

Despite the fact that the most people call the relationship between Paul and Dawn IkariShipping, it's known by a variety of names. A few are detailed below.

  • ShinHika (alternatively SinHika) - The original (Japanese) term for the ship, using the standard Japanese naming method of combining parts from each characters name, starting with the dominant character.
  • PADL - Standing for Paul And Dawn Love.
  • Pawn - A combination of the English names Paul and Dawn.


  • Ironically, the name of the anime that this Shipping takes from (Neon Genesis Evangelion) is similar to that of the introductory TCG set for Generation II: Neo Genesis. Generation II's events are contemporaneous with Generation IV, the generation in which both Dawn and Paul were introduced.

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