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Conway creeping behind Dawn

HeatTagShipping (Japanese: コウヒカ KōHika) is the belief that Dawn and Conway belong in a romantic relationship. The name comes from its original coiner always missing the 'r' in Hearthome, coming out with the word 'Heat'. 'Tag' is short for tag team.

Dawn first met Conway in Hearthome City in Tag, We're It!. Both joined the tag battle competition and were partnered. The two met again in Camping It Up! when both enrolled as students in Professor Rowan's Pokémon Summer Academy.

Their relationship is mostly one-sided from Conway's point of view. He often sneaks behind Dawn and states important information or rumors. One sentence in the Pokémon Annual 2010 actually states that Conway has a crush on Dawn.


Dawn's hints

After Dawn and Conway make it through the first round, Dawn grabs Conway's hand and tells him what a great battler he is.
Dawn sees Conway wandering in the forest alone and decides to follow him. When she finds him on the ground unconscious with Dusknoir floating above him, she becomes deeply concerned for his welfare.
During the battle between Conway and Ash, Dawn comments that Conway is a strong Trainer.

Conway's hints

Dawn is impressed and Conway blushes
  • On many occasions, Conway creeps up on Dawn and gets really close to her before announcing his presence unexpectedly.
  • Tag, We're It!
When he first meets her, Conway mentions that his Slowking has taken a liking to her. In many instances during the anime, Pokémon are thought to reflect their Trainer's feelings.
After Dawn and Conway make it through the first round, Dawn grabs Conway's hand and tells him what a great battler he is. Conway blushes in reaction to this.
Conway specifically wants to "make a pair" with Dawn in a game of cards, even though there were lots of other people there, too.
Conway is seen swimming beneath Dawn, looking at her from afar. He also follows her up on shore, and, when the rain began to fall, promises to protect her. Later on in the episode, Dawn cheers on Conway as he fights Jessilinda. Conway also says he would fight alone, telling Dawn that he will do it for her. He starts to smile and blush afterwards.
Conway mentions that he will do his best in his battle with Ash, especially if Dawn cheers him on.
After stating that he had a secret strategy for defeating Ash in their upcoming battle, Conway offers to make a special exception and tell Dawn what his plans are. After moving in closer to her, he adds, "Don't be shy. Come, lend me your ear!" He appears to have a mild blush on his face while he says this.
Later, in the computer room, Conway specifically says good night to Dawn, and nobody else, even though Brock, Ash, and Barry are all present at the time.

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