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As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

GrantedShipping (Japanese: ワタイエ WataIe) is the belief that Lance and Yellow of Pokémon Adventures are involved in a romantic relationship. The name of this pairing stems from the fact that both characters were blessed with psychic powers of the Viridian Forest; however, as Lance wants to destroy the world and Yellow wants to save it, the chances of them ever getting together seem slim. Because of this (as well as the frowned-upon speculated age difference), not many people believe in this relationship ever happening, and commonly label it as a "crack ship".

However, it is obvious that the two Trainers' prowess at Pokémon battling are about the same—their battle on Cerise Island only ended when Yellow finally decided to use the power of her own home, combined with her own and Pikachu's powers to blast Lance and Lugia away.

Whilst Lance has disappeared from the series since a brief appearance in the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter, Yellow has made reappearances in the FireRed & LeafGreen chapter as well as the Emerald chapter with no mention of Lance. During Lance's short return to the manga in the HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter, he also did not mention Yellow. Despite this further disproving the Ship, GrantedShipping still has a small but nonetheless significant group of supporters waiting in hope of the two crossing paths once more in future chapters, but as allies instead of enemies.


Unlike PokéShipping and ContestShipping, the ship's canonicity has not been debated extensively, so the following list only shows how GrantedShippers interpret events, and not ironclad evidence agreed on by all.

Yellow chapter

After apparently defeating Lance, Yellow stares at the water for a while, musing about a Trainer who loves Pokémon and dreams about destroying mankind for their sake. Next to her, a darkened image of Lance is shown. She then pets Pika on the head and questions whether or not Pokémon would have better lives if humans were gone, implying that Lance's words have had an impact on her.
A short scene occurring on Cerise Island is shown, where Lance, Agatha and Lorelei lurk. Lance assures Yellow (who is not present) that they will meet again soon, and comments that her life will be her own, but only until "that day". Although it is a fact that Lance was planning to kill Yellow, GrantedShippers tend to regard that as less significant, and focus instead on the fact that Lance was thinking about Yellow.
Yellows empathizes with Lance, saying that she understands his anger at all the selfish things humans have done to indirectly harm Pokémon, but continues attempting to change his opinion. This is to no avail, as he instantly orders her to be silent; however, Yellow presses on, criticizing his decision to use his tremendous power for evil, then yelling while tearing slightly, "Aren't Pokémon your friends too?" This causes him to become flustered and even more enraged than before, even attempting to kill her.
Lance admits that Yellow is among his stronger opponents, going on to explain his Dragonair's powers and emphasizing on the fact that it's rare he has to use all four.
When Yellow and Lance clash for the last time before he is defeated, he scoffs, "How long can this battle of shields last?", and she retaliates by yelling that she won't stop until he finally sees the truth. This implies that she strongly cares about changing him for the better, though it is more likely that she is only concerned for the wellbeing of the world.
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