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As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

Trip smiling at Iris

FlavescentShipping (Japanese: シューアイ ShooAi) is the belief that Trip and Iris belong in a romantic relationship. Many fans have found this relationship to be similar to EgoShipping and IkariShipping.

The basis

Iris is portrayed as a wild girl with a feisty personality, while Trip is a Pokémon Trainer that is usually cold and distant. Their similarities, if any, are few as while Iris cares for her Pokémon, Trip only seems to care about driving them to become stronger, though from Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure! onwards, he begins to change his attitude due to his loss to Alder. In Familiarity Breeds Strategy!, Paul opens up slightly to Dawn, allowing her to see his point of view better and causing her uncertainty in terms of who to cheer on during his battle with Ash in the Lily of the Valley Conference. Thus, some FlavescentShippers believe that Iris could come to like Trip, given the opportunity to understand him better.


Iris's hints

Iris seems to really want to know who Trip is. When Ash and Cilan are talking about him, she says, "Will you two stop the private conversation and just tell me who Trip is?" While Ash talks to Trip through the Xtransceiver, Iris pops up next to Ash and starts talking to Trip with an enthusiasm that she did not exude previously upon meeting Ash or Cilan. Then she pushes Ash out of the way so she could talk to him more.

Trip's hints

Trip taking a picture of Iris
  • Every time Iris calls Trip a little kid, he feels compelled to prove her wrong by accepting Ash's battle requests. This could show that he strives to impress her, implying that he has feelings for her, though this behavior can be rationalized as not wanting to be belittled.
  • Ash and Trip's Third Battle!
Trip is about to leave Ash and Iris's company when Iris mentions the Dragon Village to Ash. Suddenly interested in the Dragon Village and people from there, Trip jumps in front of her and begins to take pictures of her and Axew.

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