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370Luvdisc.png This article is about shipping.
As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

"Crystal and Eusine"

CrystalShipping is the belief that Eusine and Crystal belong in a romantic relationship .

CrystalShipping has a smaller following compared to other major Pokémon Adventures Shippings, but remains relatively popular. The name is derived from the game shipping of the same name, which originated from the fact that both Eusine and Kris debuted in Pokémon Crystal, but were not in Pokémon Gold and Silver.


Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter

After Eusine first meets Crystal and flies off to continue his chase, he drops a card with an autographed photo of him that says "With love...♥ Eusine".
Later, Crystal confronts Eusine about tricking the couple at the Moo Moo Farm. Eusine tackles Crystal out of the way of an Ice Beam despite the fact they were arguing moments before.
After Crystal defeats the Ditto that trapped her and Eusine, Eusine thinks "What a girl! She's indeed a worthy rival!" (Chuang Yi version; in the VIZ version he thinks "What a resourceful combatant! A rival worthy of...ME!")
Later, while chasing after Suicune and Team Rocket, Eusine suggests they split up, and that he will take on Team Rocket and Crystal should go after Suicune. Crystal is concerned and asks him if he's okay with that, and Eusine affirms his decision.
As Crystal heads towards Ecruteak, she looks at the walkie-talkie-doll Eusine gave her and and worries about him. She tells herself that she has to focus on her own task and that she can't let him down.
Eusine arrives at the base of the Tin Tower to find Crystal unconscious on the ground. He immediately goes over to her to see if she is okay, then carries her up to the top floor of the Tin Tower. He is elated when Crystal awakens, but she is upset that she let Suicune get away, and Eusine comforts her.
When they part ways, Eusine kisses Crystal on the hand and tells her he enjoyed the time they spent together.
Crystal rushes over to see Eusine as he emerges from the Crystal Wall with Misty and Suicune. He smiles and winks at her, but before they can say anything, the remaining half of the Masked Man's body attacks them. Eusine puts up his arm in front of Crystal to block the attack, but Falkner drives it off before it can strike.

HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter

After re-encountering Silver and taking him along with her, Crystal tells Silver that while Eusine may be strange, he is a great and trustworthy person.

Also, Eusine took Crystal's place on the field trip watching over the children from the orphanage.

Name origin

Crystal refers to the game Crystal in which Eusine and Crystal's game counterpart Kris debuted in.