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Diamond admires Platinum

CommonerShipping (Japanese: ダイ嬢 DaiJō or ダイプラ DaiPura) is the belief that Diamond and Platinum belong in a romantic relationship. It is one of two main shippings for Diamond & Pearl chapter alongside HaughtyShipping and is considered its rival. Although it can be considered a one-sided canon from Diamond's side, his apparent crush on Platinum has not been stated outright. The name is derived from how Diamond is a commoner compared to the wealthy Platinum.

The basis

Diamond is one of the two main male protagonists of the Diamond and Pearl saga, and is usually shown with some type of food item; doughnuts, cookies, etc. He seems to have a very laid back and calm personality. He has shown great care for his Pokémon and enjoys sharing even his food with them. He enjoys the company of Platinum in much the same way, also tending to think kindly of her as a princess figure such as when he first met her.

Platinum, the female protagonist of the Diamond and Pearl saga, is a very well mannered and skilled young girl. She has her mind set on obtaining all the ribbons and Gym badges with the assistance of Diamond and Pearl, whom she originally believed to be her bodyguards. She seems to enjoy most of Diamond's antics and even giggles at most of his jokes, then denies having done so whenever Pearl accuses her of it. She also seems to be oblivious to the apparent crush Diamond has on her.


Diamond's hints

  • Diamond is fiercely determined when it comes to protecting Platinum. Fans believe he uses it as a way to show his affection for her.
When Diamond first meets Platinum, he appears dazzled by her appearance, even thinking of her as a "Princess", and blushes during their introduction.
Right after meeting Platinum, Pearl follows with a somewhat moody attitude whereas Diamond seems to stare at her in complete awe.
Diamond adapts the nickname "Lady/Missy" from Chatler to Platinum, then uses it full time upon hearing it used in reference to her for the first time.
Later, when Platinum is taken hostage by the Luxio, Diamond takes the initiative and orders his Pokémon Lax and Tru to distract the Luxio while he rescues her.
When Platinum falls once more while trying to learn how to ride a bike and mentions how she is scrapped up, Diamond quickly flies into a panic and asks where the band-aids are. After Pearl reprimands him and Platinum, Platinum leaves to practice alone; Diamond asks if it's okay to let her go alone, showing concern.
When Platinum participates in her first Contest, Diamond bakes poffins for her to use in the first round. Also, right before the third round, he gives her a pie he baked for her and gives her a pep talk, which gives her the spirit to continue with the Contest.
When Platinum trips, Diamond immediately grabs her shoulders to steady her, then jumps back, blushing slightly, and cautions her to be careful.
When Platinum finds her Pokedex missing, Diamond instantly volunteers to go find it, and instead of getting mad at hearing it's at the Game Corner, he runs off to find it.
When a Team Galactic Grunt tries to steal Platinum's Pokedex, Diamond insists he give it back as he is determined to give it back to her, saying "It's for a very important friend of mine!"
When Platinum's true bodyguards ask Diamond and Pearl if they are friend or foe, in which Diamond answers friend, and continues on with saying that "Anybody who protects Missy is, without a doubt, a friend of ours!"
Diamond tells Platinum about his encounter with Mesprit at Lake Verity, which is something that he didn't tell Pearl. When Platinum asks him why he told her but not Pearl, Diamond's facial expression suggests that he may have been called out. Later, when the two Galactic scientists say that they will not allow anyone inside Lake Verity, Diamond immediately shields Platinum and tells her to stand back.
As they are running from the two Galactic scientists chasing them, Diamond wonders why Platinum opted to have him ride her Ponyta and just run herself. When Platinum reveals that it's because he will be protecting her, Diamond smiles and agrees.
After Platinum fell in the water, Diamond tries to jump in and rescue her before being held back by Pearl. He then yells out "Little Miss!" when they thought that she had drowned. After Platinum won the battle, Diamond immediately cheers while Pearl and the others are still in shock.
Diamond tells them that the trio can't go inside the ruins, especially Little Miss as he doesn't want Cyrus to target and try to kidnap her.
Diamond readily lets Platinum use his Munchlax for the battle against Fantina, telling it to help her win, and then cheers for her.
Diamond worries for Platinum's condition after she has been in shock for eight hours because of their lying to her. He wishes to talk to her, but is stopped by Pearl. He also seems hesitant when they are about to go their separate ways. When Platinum announces in her letter that she still wants Diamond and Pearl to be her companions, Diamond can be seen slightly blushing.
Diamond is shown to be distressed at the idea of the Cloaked Grunt holding Platinum hostage.
Diamond is confident that Platinum will be able to find the key to stopping Dialga and Palkia's battle, stating, "This is Little Miss we're talking about here, she'll definitely find it!".
Diamond blushes when Platinum says that the words he said made her happy.
Diamond sighs in relief when Daisy Oak tells him that Platinum's Pachirisu, Cherrim, and Froslass are going to be in good condition. Before leaving the room, he wishes for the Pokemon to get well soon. Later on, while dressing up, Diamond muses while looking upwards that Platinum is probably doing her best right now, and becomes determined to do the same.

Platinum's hints

  • Platinum is often shown laughing or giggling at Diamond's jokes and puns.
  • Platinum gave Diamond a Mamoswine because it reminds her of him.
Platinum claims about Diamond that "the glutton" is actually a nice guy, and as Pearl explains about Diamond's personality, Platinum smiles gently.
When she gives her Prinplup a poffin that Diamond made for her, she simply says, "It's made by him," instead of elaborating on who is 'him'.
Platinum has Diamond ride on Ponyta while she runs on foot because he will still be the one protecting her.
Platinum silently thanks Diamond for letting her use his Munchlax.
Platinum gets a call from Pearl, and when he tells her that they are on their way to meet her at Sendoff Spring, she immediately asks about Diamond, and if he's coming with Pearl.

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