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[[Category:Anime ships|BetelgeuseShipping]]
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[[Category:Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum ships|BetelgeuseShipping]]
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[[Category:Ships with members of Team Galactic]]

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BetelgeuseShipping is the name of the relationship between Cyrus and Commander Mars of Team Galactic. It has a large Japanese fanbase and is named after a large, red star called Betelgeuse, on the assumption Cyrus' name is meant to imply he is the sun. The Ship is most commonly seen as one-sided from Mars.


In the games

  • After the events of the Spear Pillar in Platinum, at Stark Mountain, Mars is the commander to demand to know Cyrus’ location. She then doesn’t believe the player that he stayed in the Distortion World.
  • After her defeat at Stark Mountain, Mars expresses regret and anger she couldn’t win when she was fighting for Cyrus. She then vows to go find him in the Distortion World and neither are ever seen again in the course of the game.

In the anime

Mars is responsible for blowing up the ruins, she is the first one on scene to get the Lustrous Orb, and she is the first commander inside the ruin building to get the Lustrous Orb from Team Rocket. Cyrus trusts her enough to accomplish important tasks like these.

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