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Dawn and Zoey

AppealShipping (Japanese: ノゾヒカ NozoHika) is the belief that Dawn and Zoey belong in a romantic relationship. The name is derived from the Contest process itself: Coordinators must make appeals during the first round, and both Zoey and Dawn are Coordinators. Plus, the consensus of supporters admit they themselves are appealing.


Dawn's hints

Dawn blushes heavily at Zoey's minor compliment, and continues to compliment her back throughout Arrival of a Rival!.
Zoey hurts her ankle. When Dawn sees what condition Zoey was in, she searches through her backpack trying to find out what she could use to help Zoey out. Much to her dismay, Dawn only finds some candy and a can of soda.

Zoey's hints

Zoey finds Dawn's missing choker and returns it to her. Later in the episode, Dawn is having a hard time putting her hair up in a ponytail. Zoey comes to the rescue again and helps her with her hair problem.
Zoey continues to comment on Dawn being "sweet" and compliments her constantly.
Dawn holds an injured Zoey
Zoey coaches Dawn on how to do a double performance for the upcoming Contest. Jessie, seeing Dawn constantly failing to perform, appears and mocks her, making Zoey angry. Jessie proceeds to challenge Dawn, but Zoey takes her place instead, despite her pain on her leg.
After being shown watching the Solaceon Town Contest from a Pokémon Center somewhere out in the forest, Zoey visits Dawn after her loss. After pointing out Dawn's mistake, Zoey then starts to train Dawn to help her regain her confidence. It is unknown just how far out of her way she came just to do this.

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