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AgencyShipping (Japanese: ブラホワ BuraHowa) is the belief that Black and White belong in a romantic relationship. The name stems from the fact that Black works in White's BW Agency as an employee. This Ship is the Pokémon Adventures equivalent of ChessShipping.


Black and White first met when Black was practicing his normal routine, interrupting an Xtransceiver commercial shoot White was hiring Pokémon out to in Lights, Camera, Action. When a Galvantula attacked the shooting site, Black used his dream-eating technique to find it, but then destroyed the shooting equipment when he tried to catch the culprit. Since a misunderstanding had occurred in which she brought only one female Tepig for the Director, but he had requested a female and a male, White was loath to let Black go, since he had a male Tepig, Tep. White then hastily employed Black without his permission to keep him out of trouble, and since then he became a part of White's talent agency.


Black & White chapter

When White thanks Black for solving the Galvantula case and lending her Tep, there's a sparkly background that's often used for scenes in anime in which one person focuses romantically on the person with the sparkly background. She then begs Black to stay with her for a few more shoots, since the Tepig pair is so good. She talks about how raising the best Pokémon actors and being the best Pokémon talent agent is her dream, like Black's dream is to conquer the Unova League. Afterwards, Black is silent, then calls his Pokémon to sleep and says he'll think about White's offer. This is the first time he has called her "Boss", and he will do that continuously.
After White finishes calling back the Director, she starts thinking about Black and what she knows about him so far. As she gets up from a sitting position to follow him and stretches, she suddenly thinks, "How many times did I say his name just now?" and blushes, then sweatdrops, but she shakes it off and remarks that Black is handsome and has a nice, hotblooded personality.
After Black passes out on Route 4, White gets Brav to carry Black to Nimbassa City, meaning she wanted to be the only human to help Black. White told Elesa all about Black while he was asleep, including the fact that he is "pretty cute".
After defeating Lenora, Black is met in the museum by White, who is grinning. White grabs Black's hands and says "I'm so happy!" which caught Black by surprise. Black thinks White is happy for his victory and says "Oh! Aw, shucks. My victory isn't that big a deal..." Whilst Black is saying this, he blushes. When Black finds out that White is happy because Nimbassa City has chosen her project, Black looks peeved.
White gives Black a box of Castelia Cones although she waited for a long time to get them. When Black asks why, White explains that she has decided to support his dream and while she says this, the background is sparkly. Sparkly backgrounds in the anime usually used for romantic scenes. When Black realizes that he needs items like Potions and Poké Balls, White says that she is willing to pay those expenses for him. White wants Black to wear her company logo on his clothes in the Pokémon League. White then grabs Black's hands and says "I think we'll be a great team!" The sparkly background is there once more and Black blushes.
While Black is battling Burgh, White decides to stay and watch him when she could have been doing more important things. When Black wins, White says "you actually won?!" which catches Black by surprise. He stammers "B-boss!! What are you doing here?!" like he can't believe she is here when she has more important things to deal with than watch him battle.
After Black faints and regains consciousness, White seems extremely relieved and is glad that Black regained consciousness.
When Marshal approaches Black with an unconscious White slung over his shoulder, Black becomes extremely angry that his "boss" is slung over his shoulder. Black is also suspicious of the Servine that is following White and wants to protect White from it.
When the Mayor of Nimbassa City starts shouting at White, Black puts his arm between them and gets cross at the mayor for having a go at White after her shock.
Black still wants to work as White's employee after she has finished the Battle Subway, although it has been a pretty long time. Black also promises to wear the BW Agency logo to the Pokémon League. White looks pleased at this. Black gives White his Braviary, even though it's his Pokémon, to help White defeat the Battle Subway, although he admits that she needed three Pokémon to enter and that Brav didn't want to leave her.

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