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As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

Brianna blushing after Drew shook her hand

AdmirationShipping is the belief that Drew and Brianna are involved in a romantic relationship. The Ship is a one-sided canon from Brianna's side, acting as its own push for ContestShipping by being an obvious and somewhat aggressive force when she and May collide in Spontaneous Combusken!, where Brianna wants to know what May's feelings are for Drew. The name stems from the fact that Brianna greatly admires Drew and aspires to be as good a Coordinator as him, emphasized by how her Pokémon are both pre-evolved forms of Pokémon Drew owns.


Brianna's hints

  • Brianna has a very obvious crush on Drew.
  • Brianna fainted when Drew complimented her.
  • She is also extremely nervous whenever she is around Drew.
  • Brianna blushed when she shook Drew's hand.

Drew's hints

  • Drew was extremely nice to Brianna, even complimenting her and reassuring her that she will be able to face challenges, such as evolving her Vibrava. This is in sheer contrast to how he acted towards May when she was a rookie Coordinator.


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