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370Luvdisc.png This article is about shipping.
As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

Anabel blushing after shaking hands with Ash

AbilityShipping (Japanese: サトリラ SatoLila) is the belief that Ash and Anabel, the Salon Maiden of the Battle Tower, are romantically linked. Canonically, this Ship is one-sided on Anabel's part, with Ash oblivious to her feelings.

The first bit of evidence lies in Talking a Good Game! when Ash and Anabel first meet. Instead of talking like normal people who first meet do, Ash mistakes Anabel for a boy and the two smile and laugh about it. A little later on when a Gyarados tries to attack the two, Anabel stands up to try and protect Ash even though they just met.

More evidence to support this ship is in Second Time's the Charm! when, early on in the episode, Ash fails to think a command to Corphish, but Anabel comments that she likes him just the way he is.

When Ash is leaving the Battle Tower and the two say their good-byes, the two share what seems to be a normal handshake. However, according to Shippers, it is something more when Anabel blushes about it and she says to herself, "Guess you still can't sense feelings yet, Ash, or you would've sensed my feelings for you," when Ash and friends walk off.


Ash's hint

  • Ash relied on Anabel to get him out of trouble with a swarm of Beedrill.
  • Ash seemed really interested in Anabel's ability to tune herself into nature.
  • He seemed to badly want Anabel to change her clothes in front of him.

Anabel's hints

  • Anabel offered to help Ash clean up his Tauros and had fun playing with him in the lake.
  • Anabel tried to get Ash to sense what was in her heart and didn't feel discouraged by what he didn't find.
  • Anabel blushed when Ash shook her hand, saying that he couldn't sense feelings just yet or he would've sensed her feelings for him.

Other hints

  • Both Trainers get along very well and have fun together.

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