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A Shiny Leaf as seen in HeartGold and SoulSilver

The Shiny Leaf (Japanese: かがやくはっぱ Shining Leaf) is an item found in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. It is a rare item that can be found by the player's walking Pokémon. When it is found by a Pokémon, it will have no apparent presence other than on that Pokémon's status screen. When a Shiny Leaf is shown to the player's friend (Lyra or Ethan), he or she will explain about them and request for the player to bring four more. When the player shows a single Pokémon with five Shiny Leaves attached to it, a star will be awarded for the Trainer Card and a certificate that can be viewed when the player speaks to their childhood friend. He or she will then craft the Shiny Leaves into a Leaf Crown, which can be seen on that Pokémon's status screen in the same spot the Shiny Leaves were.

A Pokémon can find a Shiny Leaf while being in the grassy area of a route, but the specific route a certain Pokémon can find one depends on its nature. Due to its rarity, a Pokémon is not guaranteed to find a Shiny Leaf, even when the route and nature match. Whenever a Shiny Leaf is found, upon examination, the Pokémon will jump and have an exclamation mark above its head, do a dance swaying from right to left, then finish off with a green musical note above its head.

Each Pokémon can only find one Shiny Leaf per route. It is not necessary to walk around in the tall grass to find a Shiny Leaf; merely talking to the Pokémon repeatedly will eventually procure a Shiny Leaf, as long as the Pokémon itself is in the tall grass.

Despite the player's friend implying the opposite, the Pokémon's friendship has no effect on its ability to find Shiny Leaves.


Shiny Leaf Sprite.png
Leaf Crown Sprite.png

Following is a list of all the Shiny Leaves found in the games, as well as the routes where they are found. While Shiny Leaves are programmed into the game for every route, not every route has the opportunity for Pokémon to follow the Trainer and not every route has tall grass.

The letters accompanying each route denotes the position of that route's leaf on the Pokémon's summary screen. A represents the leaf furthest to the left, E the furthest to the right. Each Pokémon needs all five Leaves (A through E) to get the Leaf Crown.

Nature Route
Hasty A: Route 44
B: Route 39
C: Route 26
D: Route 18
E: Route 11
Calm A: Route 32
B: Route 35, Route 48
C: Route 2, Route 28
D: Route 4
E: Route 6
Impish A: Route 31
B: Route 34, Route 47*
C: Route 1
D: Route 3
E: Route 5, Route 12
Careful A: Route 33
B: Route 36
C: Route 45
D: Route 7
E: Route 8, Route 13, Route 14
Adamant A: Route 42
B: Route 37
C: Route 22, Route 46
D: Route 15
E: Route 9, Route 24
Bashful A: Route 43
B: Route 38
C: Route 27
D: Route 16
E: Route 10, Route 25


  • When talking to a Pokémon that had found a Shiny Leaf
<!> **Player's walking Pokémon dances round 2 times**
"<Pokémon> is holding some kind of strange Shiny Leaf..."
"<Player> found a Shiny Leaf!"
"<Player> put the Shiny Leaf on <Pokémon>!"

Lyra or Ethan
Note: the current walking Pokémon must have a Shiny Leaf.

  • For the first time after finding a Shiny Leaf:
"Hi, <player>. How are your Pokémon?"
"What's that? Your Pokémon is holding a leaf..."
"Could that be a Shiny Leaf?"
"Legend has it that only Pokémon that have formed a close bond with people can find such leaves..."
"People used to form the leaves into a beautiful crown when they managed to collect five of them."
"Wow! I knew you could obtain one, <player>!"
"Let me see it when you find another!"
  • From the second time onwards:
"Hi <player>. How is your Pokémon you're walking with?"
"You can talk to it as you walk from time to time to nurture your friendship!"
  • Before finding all five Shiny Leaves:
"Oh! You found a Shiny Leaf!"
"Let me see..."
"Ha! You've collected..."
"<number of Shiny Leaves>!"
"Way to go! Keep it up and collect <five minus number of Shiny Leaves> more!"
  • After collecting all five Shiny Leaves, before crafting into a crown:
"Ha! You have already collected five Shiny Leaves!"
"Let me make them into a crown!"
"And what's more... I will give you this, too!"
**shows certificate**
"Cherish your friendship for years to come!"
  • After crafting the five Shiny Leaves into a crown:
"... Oh? I get it."
"Are you here to check on your award with <Pokémon>?"
**shows certificate**
"Cherish your friendship for years to come!"

On the certificate

<Player> and <Pokémon>
"Fighting together, walking together. Forging a bond that cannot be broken and will go on continually into eternity. This bond is illuminated here."

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