Shining Pokémon (TCG)

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If you were looking for shining Pokémon found in the Pokémon games, see Shiny Pokémon.

Shining Pokémon are a type of Pokémon found in the Pokémon Trading Card Game that depict the alternate color variation of a Pokémon. All of them are Basic Pokémon.

First introduced in Neo Revelation, the Shining Pokémon created quite a stir in the TCG community, both for their rarity and use of multiple Energy-type attacks. They were also bound by a special rule that allowed only 1 Shining Pokémon in a deck.

Perhaps chosen because of their appearances in the Pokémon anime and Pokémon Gold and Silver, Magikarp and Gyarados were the first Shining Pokémon featured in the TCG, included in Neo Revelation as secret cards. When released in Japan, their prices skyrocketed overseas, with collectors paying $300+ for them each. The odds of finding them in a booster pack were stated as 300:1, reflecting the chances of encountering a Shining Pokémon in the games. Their prices came down with the release of the set in English, but the cards remained difficult to obtain.

Shining Pokémon appeared again in Neo Destiny and once again feature alternate-colored Pokémon. In addition, the character art was given a reflective foil treatment, making the Pokémon literally "shine" (the only exception to this is Shining Mew, which was released as a promotional card in Japan only and is holo with an additional glitter coating).

The Shining Pokémon in Neo Destiny were once again secret cards and featured a unique rarity symbol of 3 stars reminiscent of the ShinyIIStars.png used for alternate-colored Pokémon in the games. This has never been used again in the TCG.

The concept of Shining Pokémon was carried over to the e-Series in the form of Crystal Pokémon in the Aquapolis and Skyridge Expansions, although actual alternate color Pokémon would not be seen in the TCG again until EX Team Rocket Returns in the form of Pokémon Star.

List of Sets that contain Shining Pokémon

List of Shining Pokémon

Pokémon Type Card Expansion
Charizard Fire Shining Charizard Neo Destiny
Raichu Lightning Shining Raichu Neo Destiny
Magikarp Water Shining Magikarp Neo Revelation
Gyarados Water Shining Gyarados Neo Revelation
Kabutops Fighting Shining Kabutops Neo Destiny
Mewtwo Psychic Shining Mewtwo Neo Destiny
Mew Psychic Shining Mew Unnumbered Promotional cards
Noctowl Colorless Shining Noctowl Neo Destiny
Steelix Metal Shining Steelix Neo Destiny
Tyranitar Darkness Shining Tyranitar Neo Destiny
Celebi Grass Shining Celebi Neo Destiny