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シンゲン Shingen
Takeda Shingen.png
Artwork with Groudon
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Kingdom Terrera
Specialty Ground, Rock
Default Pokémon Rhyperior

Shingen (Japanese: シンゲン) is a Warlord in Pokémon Conquest.

In the games

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Warlord information

Rank I

Conquest Shingen I.png Power 96
Wisdom 84
Charisma 86
Total 266
Warrior Skill Rally
Capacity 7
Perfect Links
Rhyperior Rhyperior
Kenshin and Shingen with Pokémon in the kingdom of Illusio

Rank II

Shingen and other Warlords having a feast
Conquest Shingen II.png Power 92
Wisdom 100
Charisma 96
Total 288
Warrior Skill Fūrin Kazan
Capacity 8
Perfect Links
Rhyperior Rhyperior Groudon Groudon
  • Transforms to Rank II by reaching a 75% link with Rhyperior after having completed The Joy of Battle.


  • During battle:
"You know what, <Pokémon's name>... Win too convincingly, and you start to grow careless... Everything in moderation—that's my motto."
  • When ordering to attack:
"<Move>! Right now!"
  • When using his Warrior Skill:
"See what you make of this one..."
  • After winning a battle:
"We've gone and won again."
"So I told them."
"The other Warlords, the ones at that gathering... I told them that my lad Yukimura is the very best there is... And that they would all soon see what you're capable of!"
"Now, make sure you don't let me down, Yukimura. Or else I'm going to look very stupid."
"Yes, yes... That's the spirit. Okay then, whenever you're ready..."
  • At the end of The Way of the Warrior:
"You did it, Yukimura. I knew you would."
"Haha! That's the Yukimura I know! But for once, I would like it if you could celebrate your success."


Lively and mischievous, his self-confidence knows no bounds. Kenshin's lifelong rival.

Historical origin

Shingen is based on the real-life Takeda Shingen of Japanese history. He and Kenshin were honorable rivals of one another. Nobushige (Takeda Nobushige) was his younger brother and Katsuyori (Takeda Katsuyori) was his son. Nobutsuna (Sanada Nobutsuna), Masatoyo (Naitō Masatoyo), and Masakage (Yamagata Masakage) were some of his twenty-four generals. Masanobu (Kōsaka Masanobu), Masatoshi (Hoshina Masatoshi), and Yukitaka (Sanada Yukitaka) were three revered warriors also serving him, known as his three Danjōchū (Japanese: 弾正忠). Chiyome (Mochizuki Chiyome) was said to be left in his care on occasion; she is apparently who Kunoichi is based on.




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