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These are Shielbert's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Slumbering Weald
"Well, well, well... I thought I heard someone making some noise over this way!"
"Why yes, of course! I even wrote an internet review for it!"
"That awful book was filled with lies... So we gave it one star!"
"I am Shielbert!"
"More than that, we're celebrities!"
"Well, well, well! They certainly are dirty! They must be fake! I fear to touch them with my bare hands."
"If you've got a problem with it, how about you prove to whom they belong, hmm?"
"We're celebrities who buy battles for twice what they're worth!"
  • In Pokémon Shield
  • Before battle
"I, the magnificent Shielbert, am your opponent!"
  • In battle
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "Tch. No more warm ups. It's time to beat you hollow!"
Upon being defeated: "Oh... How can this be? Pokémon..."
  • After being defeated
"Tch! To somehow have defeated the adorable Pokémon I go strolling with... You're certainly strong..."
"However, it appears that my older brother was victorious."
"Oho! Now that I look closely, I believe it is! What a rude child, snatching up our chance at glory like that."
"What a garish brute! Destroying the mural our family has held in such high esteem for so long?!"
"Yes, let's do that!"
"And with that, farewell!"
  • In Pokémon Sword, after Sordward is defeated
"Wahahahah! Something on your mind, boy? You weren't concentrating at all during our battle!"
"Older Brother! Isn't that the one who stopped Eternatus?"
"According to our sources... I believe he/she was also present during the destruction of the magnificent mural our ancestor so artfully created many years ago."
"Let us withdraw for now... Next time we shall bring Pokémon that will utterly defeat you!"
"And with that, farewell!"
Turffield Stadium
"Well, well, well. The Champion, as expected."
"Even if it were yours, we wouldn't give it back."
"Yes! That's what it means to be celebrities!"
"His entire style is complete black and white nonsense. Isn't it, Older Brother?"
"Quite, quite. Next time let us try to Dynamax an even stronger Pokémon."
"You, despicable Champion! We're going to keep letting Dynamax Pokémon run wild!"
"More like...celebrity bottoms!"
"And with that, farewell!"
Route 2
"You noncelebrities are not suited to having such valuable things. Hand them over to us."
"It would certainly seem we have been inconvenienced, Older Brother."
"Must I have you once again taste the flavor of a humiliating defeat?"
"Oh, how they wound me, Older Brother! To be called so terrible a thing as "weirdos" by these ruffians!"
"This time I've brought much stronger Pokémon to thoroughly trounce you with!"
  • In battle
Upon being defeated: "Tch... Quite the vexing predicament indeed, Older Brother!"
  • After being defeated
"Harumph! You only won because you two teamed up. Still, we offer you ruffians our praise."
"Have you gathered the Wishing Stars?"
"Our battle with you was just a little trick! We'd won before you'd grabbed a single Poké Ball!"
"And with that, farewell!"
Energy PlantSh
"Well, well, well?"
"It seems that you have broken the lock and rescued the stadiums from their perils. As expected of the Champion."
"You, followers—give them your praise."
"All the lies and fake stories you all believe... We did it in order to expose the true nature of Zacian and Zamazenta!"
"Pah! What a fool!"
"We have always been revered as the resplendent descendants of the real hero... It's all because you ruffians had to go and save Galar from Eternatus, and that woman went and wrote a whole book about it all!"
"You said that the real heroes were Pokémon! You just carelessly changed history!"
"What does that mean we are? You dare say that our esteemed ancestors were liars?"
"That's right! Compare the way things were to the way they are now."
"It's obvious that the old history was better! It was right! To suddenly start creating heroes left and right... It's complete rubbish!"
"Well then! If we are at an impasse, perhaps we should test which truth is the most truthy. If things are really as you say, then even if we bombard them with Galar particles, they should remain calm and stalwart!"
"Hm! It seems you are indeed capable of understanding something!"
"My magnificent older brother is wrapping up the preparations above."
"Oho! So you want to take the lift up? Then you'll have to defeat us!"
  • Before battle
"This time I shall show you the opulent Pokémon I have raised explicitly for this battle!"
  • In battle
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "I know you're in a hurry to lose, but we should enjoy this for a while longer!"
Upon being defeated: "Oho... My noble Pokémon..."
  • After being defeated
"And so I am defeated."
"Ah, well, it appears that my older brother was given enough time."
Tower summit
  • In Pokémon Shield
  • Before the player defeats Zacian
"Ah! Older Brother!"
  • After the player defeats Zacian
"P-please! Don't hurt my older brother!"
  • If talked to again
"My older brother is unharmed. For that, you have my gratitude..."
  • In Pokémon Sword
"Fwahaheho! I did it! I did it, Older Brother! Looks like it came, following after the Rusted Shield! I've bombarded it with Galar particles!"
"Yes! Expose your true barbaric, brutish nature... and reveal to us exactly who the false kings are!"
"D-don't attack me! Go into town, and sow as much destruction as you can!"
  • After the player defeats Zamazenta
  • If talked to again
"S-such a fearsome creature... And we thought we could control it as we pleased? Truly, we have been foolish fools!"
  • After the player catches Zacian
"... ... ..."
"What a sublime battle."
"We were so preoccupied with fussing over who the new king was... How terribly uncouth-like."
"Hey, you. Spiky head."
"My older brother and I will atone for our crimes. Please escort us to the appropriate place."
Wyndon Stadium (Galarian Star Tournament)
  • In the lobby after the player wins the tournament 15 times
"Well, well, well!"
"I would expect no less from one whom we ourselves call a celebrity!"
"And I, Shielbert!"
"Just so it's clear, being a sponsor means paying a jaw-dropping sum of money."
"This is how we seek to atone for the terrible troubles we've caused for the people of Galar!"
"Though it's hardly surprising that you did not notice us, Master <player>. We always lose in the first match for whatever reason!"
"If all we do is lose, what was the point of using our considerable clout as sponsors to join in?"
"So, seeing as that is the situation..."
"Forgive me, Brother, but I must disagree. It is I who shall share the victors' stand with Master <player>!"
"Hmm...hmm...hmm... Indeed, dear Brother."
"We do enjoy elevated positions so much!"
"And with that, farewell!"
Partnered with Shielbert
  • If talked to in the locker room
  • Before the first round
"Well, well, well, well, WELL! Young Master <player>! It is an honor to have been chosen by you. I am terribly indebted to you for this boon. Just you wait and see—I will prove to you that I am just as capable a battler even when not paired with my older brother! Because that is what a true celebrity does!"
  • Before the second round
"I am all aflutter with delight at being able to share such a victory with you, young Master <player>! It seems it was worth all the training we put in as we toured the region apologizing for our celebrity-scale misdeeds!"
  • Before the final round
"The final round is all that awaits us now! Our victory is practically assured! Fate has made us a sweet promise, and she surely will not betray us now! It will pain my heart slightly to seize a victory such as none my older brother shall ever grasp...yet a true celebrity never lets such feelings show!"
  • On the field
  • Before the first round
"<player>, my liege! Allow me to prove my worth!"
  • Before the second round, randomly selected
"I hope that my hair shield will be enough to protect you..."
"This next opponent should be a piece of cake! I wish we could have a cup of tea to go with it."
  • Before the final round, randomly selected
"Oh, my dear brother will be so jealous if we win this one!"
"With our celebrity powers combined, final triumph should be but a trifle!"
  • Upon winning the tournament
  • First time
"How magnificent—seizing victory even while towing my humble self along for the ride! You, young Master <player>, deserve to be crowned Global Celebrity of the Year!"
  • Subsequent victories
"The way that you've chosen me to share in your victories time and again... Young Master <player>, are you perhaps the champion of being too fond of me? Forgive me, Older Brother, but only one of us can monopolize <player>'s favor—and it's me!"
Facing against Shielbert
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon
With Bede: "Now then, my bed-headed partner! Let us comport ourselves as celebrities would!"
With Sordward: "It goes without saying, Older Brother! Such is our noble duty!"
  • After being defeated
  • In the first round
"Well, well, well! You're certainly off to a good start! Please make sure to battle with dignity, like my dear brother would!"
Field conversations (with or against the player)
"Ah, I sense in you celebrity-ness much like that within me!"
  • Against Sordward
"It is nothing short of a miracle, Brother! This is cause for celebration!"