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シェイミ Shaymin
Poké Ball
Shaymin's Land Forme
Debuts in Giratina and the Sky Warrior
Caught at Never caught
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location Gracidea
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Shaymin Vanilla Yamazaki Amy Palant

Shaymin is a major character from Giratina and the Sky Warrior. It is voiced by 山崎バニラ Vanilla Yamazaki in Japanese and by Amy Palant in English. Template:Spoiler

File:Shaymin Sky.jpg
Shaymin in its Sky Forme

In the movie, Shaymin is known as the Gratitude Pokémon. It is able to communicate with other people through telepathy. After Shaymin was accidentally pulled into the Reverse World by Giratina and got caught in the middle of the battle between Dialga and Giratina, it used Seed Flare to create a portal out of the dimension. This strange experience caused Shaymin to become terrified of almost everything. It also constantly referred to Gracidea.

Contrary to its cute appearance, Shaymin actually had an incredibly large ego and would boss people around. While Dawn liked Shaymin despite this, Ash commented that it was mean and it would explode randomly.

Shaymin enjoyed being held by Dawn and also riding on Ash's head. It wouldn't move from there as it wanted Ash also to suffer if it was in trouble. Due to all this it appeared that Shaymin and Ash disliked each other.

Zero wanted Shaymin as it was the only one who could make a portal back into the Reverse World so as to capture Giratina. But after being exposed to the Gracidea and transforming into its Sky Forme, it was able to stop Zero from fulfilling his goal.

Shaymin's personality changes depending on which forme it takes. In its Land Forme, its very fearful of everything. In its Sky Forme, it is much more brave and outgoing. It also uses different speaking dialects in each forme in the Japanese version. In the English dub, Land Forme has a feminine voice and Sky Forme has a slightly masculine voice. To change to the Sky Forme, it would have to touch the Gracidea. While in Sky Forme, when it uses an attack it says its name, and then uses the move. At night or when it's exposed to ice, it would automatically change back into the Land Forme.

After Shaymin made it to Gracidea, it admitted it never truly disliked Ash. It was grateful to all Ash and his friends for all that they had done for it and after bidding a tearful farewell, it joined the other Shaymin at its home and turned into their Sky Formes and flew off.

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