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Chermaine (Japanese: シャム Siam), along with Karen, Will, Green, Silver, and Keane, is one of the children kidnapped by the Masked Man and raised to be his servants. Chermaine was one of the sub-leaders of the new Team Rocket formed in Johto.


Chermaine first appeared in The Mightiest Ho-Oh with Keane torturing the Team Rocket Elite Trio. While doing this, her leader, the Masked Man, came and took the two executives away, stating that he needed them to reform Team Rocket.

She appeared again in Stop Snoring, Slowking. She fought against Gold and Crystal alongside Keane in order to bide time for the Masked Man to capture Ho-Oh and for the rest of Team Rocket to arrive at the Indigo Plateau. However, they were soon defeated by the two children and haven't been seen since, except for several flashbacks to Green and Silver's childhood.


She has the following Pokémon:

Chermaine's Slowking
Chermaine's Slowking first appeared when its trainer and her partner Keane were torturing the Team Rocket Elite Trio for failing to catch Suicune. Later on, it was used by Chermaine to bide time against Gold and Crystal while the rest of Team Rocket came towards the Indigo Plateau. It was defeated after being struck by a Giga Drain while asleep. Its only known move is Snore.
Debut The Mightiest Ho-Oh
Chermaine's Persian
Chermaine has three Persian that she used in order to bide time for the rest of Team Rocket to arrive at the Indigo Plateau. However, they were easily put to sleep by Poltaro's Hypnosis. She has had one of them since childhood. The one she had since it was a Meowth knows Scratch and they all know Roar.
Debut Stop Snoring, Slowking


  • Due to the lack of Rocket executive designs, she's is based on the female executive. However, this means she looks like Arianna due to Arianna also being based on the female executive.
  • Her proper English name from Chuang Yi's Singaporean English Pokémon manga translations is Chermaine. However, Coronis, who is known of coining fan names for manga characters who lack American names coined the name Shum based on her Japanese name. Some fans still refer to her this way.


Language Name Origin
Japanese シャム Siam
English Chermaine Similar to Charm
Korean Syam Same as Japanese name.
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