Shadowquake (TCG)

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Shadowquake box featuring Gengar
The Shadowquake Theme Deck from the EX Legend Maker Expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game predominantly focuses on Water and Psychic type Pokémon and contains the following cards:
Quantity Card Name Type Rarity
Gastly Psychic Common
Haunter Psychic Uncommon
Gengar Psychic Rare HolographicH
Tentacool Water Common
Tentacruel Water Uncommon
Clamperl Water Common
Huntail Water Rare
Gorebyss Water Rare
Spheal Water Common
Sealeo Water Uncommon
Skitty Colorless Common
Fieldworker T Uncommon
Energy Search (EX Unseen Forces) T Common
Potion (EX Delta Species) T Common
Power Tree T Uncommon
React Energy E Rare
14× Water Energy (EX Ruby & Sapphire) E
Psychic Energy (EX Ruby & Sapphire) E

Like other Theme Decks, Shadowquake also includes a rulebook, damage counters, status counters, a custom coin, single-player mat and card list. Template:ThemeDeck4

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