Shadow Triad

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Shadow Triad
ダークトリニティ Dark Trinity
Shadow Triad B2W2 Trailer.png
The Shadow Triad in the Black 2 and White 2 trailer
Gender Male
Eye color Grey
Hair color White
Hometown Unknown
Region Unova
Trainer class Team PlasmaB2W2
Generation V
Games Black and White
Black 2 and White 2
Member of Team Plasma
Rank Bodyguards
Game animation debut Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 Animated Trailer
English voice actor Jason Griffith
Japanese voice actor Akira Ishida

The Shadow Triad (Japanese: ダークトリニティ Dark Trinity), each referred to individually as Shadow (Japanese: ダーク Dark), are three faithful servants of Ghetsis and N and are high ranking members of Team Plasma.

The Shadow Triad are completely loyal to Ghetsis because he once saved their lives.

In the games

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A Shadow (second from the left) in the opening of Black 2 and White 2

They appear many times in Pokémon Black and White, mostly to escort the player to either N or Ghetsis. They make very sudden ninja-like appearances, appearing seemingly out of thin air.

The Shadow Triad are the ones who enabled Ghetsis to evade arrest, creating an opening in which Ghetsis was able to escape Cheren's confinement. After defeating Team Plasma, they appear at Marvelous Bridge and on the orders of Ghetsis, give the player the Adamant Orb, Lustrous Orb, and Griseous Orb—the three orbs of the creation trio. However, on Ghetsis's orders, they make no attempt to find him.

At some point after Black and White's event, they appear in front of Striaton Gym leaders at Striation Restaurant, challenge and easily defeat the trio, before disappear.

In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, the Shadow Triad are first seen with Zinzolin on the Plasma Frigate. After the player, Cheren, and Hugh finish off the remainder of the Team Plasma Grunts, Zinzolin has the Shadow Triad to escort the player off the ship.

The Shadow Triad are later seen in Opelucid City after it has been frozen by the Plasma Frigate. They steal the DNA Splicers so that Ghetsis can use it on Kyurem, but are chased by the player and Drayden. After finally being caught, a Shadow challenges the player to a battle, and even though he loses, they still get away.

The Shadow Triad are seen again on the Plasma Frigate after talking to Ghetsis about Kyurem. Each Shadow battles the player after they give Hugh back his sister's Liepard. After defeating them, they allow the player to leave but warn them about Ghetsis and Kyurem, and end up staying behind with Hugh and Liepard.

After entering the Hall of Fame, they remain in Icirrus City and challenge the player monthly. Still loyal to Ghetsis, they attempt to regain his lost heart by defeating the player.


Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Opelucid City

Plasma Frigate

Icirrus City

They are all fought individually, in a Single Battle, Triple Battle, and Rotation Battle, respectively. If the player has fewer than three Pokémon remaining, or declines battle, the remaining opponents will vanish until the season changes.

Single Battle

Triple Battle

Rotation Battle


The Purrloin stolen from Hugh's sister is revealed to have evolved into a Liepard, and is returned to Hugh by the Shadow Triad when they are encountered in Ghetsis's room.

Purrloin → Liepard


Pokémon Black and White

The Shadow Triad at Marvelous Bridge

Chargestone Cave

"... ...Come. ... My lord N, we brought the one you wanted."
"... ...Come. ... There are stairs going down ahead. Team Plasma is waiting for you there."

Icirrus City

"... Impressive, Gym Leader of Icirrus City. We, the Shadow Triad, are beings of shadows...and not easily noticed. Our mission was to speak only with <player>, but so be it. Ghetsis has a message for you: come to Dragonspiral Tower. It is there that our lord N waits for you. ...Now, our mission is complete."

Tubeline Bridge

"... ...Come."
"...Ghetsis. We brought the one you wanted."

N's Castle

  • First encounter
"... ...Come."
"In this castle, you may rest your Pokémon and access your PC. Fear not."
"First, have your Pokémon rest in that room. When they are healed, it is our lord N's wish that you be moved to the innermost part of this castle."
  • Second encounter
"A battle between you and our lord N will reveal whether our lord N is an ideal heroB/a true heroW. It will also reveal how you feel about protecting the current world, where people live with Pokémon."
  • Third encounter
"That room was the world that was provided to our lord N..."
"I don't feel anything, even when I go into the room... But you may feel something."

Marvelous Bridge

"... ...You, huh."
"Ghetsis is gone. He went off somewhere alone after we rescued him from the castle."
"From the day Ghetsis saved our lives, we have sworn to be loyal to him. Even now, after he ordered us not to search for him."
"Also, Ghetsis said to give you this..."
"As well as this..."
"And this, also."
"Ghetsis... Where did he find these? What was he planning to do with them? Why did he give them to you? There's no way to know now. Is he testing you? Or...using you?"
"We, the Shadow Triad, have always been and will always be the loyal servants of Ghetsis. And Ghetsis's ambitions will never cease!"
"Never shall we meet again. Farewell!"

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Plasma FrigatePWT

"By the way, we are not your..."

Opelucid City

"As we suspected... The hiding place was in the Gym. Well thought out. If Drayden isn't there, we can't get in. If he is there, he's the strongest guard we could possibly face. It also explains why the Pokémon Gym was remodeled. Whatever. The DNA Splicers are in our hands now."
"Now you know, then. We will accomplish our goals, no matter what the cost. We don't have the ability to captivate the hearts of others like Lord N does. Instead, we will bend people to our will with brute force. Two years was a surprisingly long wait."

In front of the Route 11 gate

  • Before battle
"Heh heh... You don't really think you can take the DNA Splicers back, do you?."
  • When defeated
"I hate to admit it, but... You're a good Trainer."
  • After being defeated
"Aww. How unlucky. I don't happen to be the one holding the DNA Splicers. I was just buying time for the others to escape. Cheerio, bye-bye, whatever."

Plasma Frigate – Giant Chasm

"Lord Ghetsis. Kyurem has been transferred!"
"Very well... This might be it."
"I stole this Pokémon five years ago in Aspertia. So it seems likely that it is the Pokémon you're talking about. But now, it only listens to my commands. Such is the fate of Pokémon that are trapped in Poké Balls!"
"Ah... I feel sorry for Pokémon. They're ruled by Poké Balls and the whims of their Trainers... Lord Ghetsis spoke of Pokémon liberation two years ago simply for his own ambitions, but... If his plans had succeeded, many Pokémon would have been saved. This Liepard--well, you knew it as a Purrloin--if it had been released, it might have returned to you. Well then..."
  • First Shadow, before battle
"You there! I won't let you interfere with Lord Ghetsis's plans!"
  • When defeated
"It doesn't bother us a bit if the stolen Pokémon cry or beg."
  • Second Shadow, before battle
"We swore to be loyal to Lord Ghetsis since he saved us!"
  • When defeated
"It doesn't bother us a bit if we have to use another Pokémon after one is defeated."
  • After being defeated
"Listen well! The only thing we want is the world Lord Ghetsis desires!"
  • Third Shadow, upon entering with the second Shadow
"You're not done yet..."
  • Before battle
"I have no problem with you, but this is for Lord Ghetsis!"
  • When defeated
"It doesn't bother us a bit if Pokémon win or lose."
  • After being defeated
"Even if I lose, Lord Ghetsis simply has to win..."
  • After all the Shadows have been defeated
"No matter... The only thing you can do is watch Lord Ghetsis use Kyurem to freeze Unova solid. That's all..."
(turns to Hugh) "You... I'll return this Pokémon to you. Considering what Lord Ghetsis is about to do, I have no further need of it."

Giant Chasm – Cave's Deepest Part

"Lord Ghetsis has... lost control... We'll take it from here..."

Icirrus City

  • First Shadow, before battle
"You... Congratulations. Ghetsis won't do anything anymore... No, to be more precise, he can't do anything anymore... That's why we won't forgive you. Battle us!"
No: (all vanish until player advances one step again)
Yes: "I'll win! That is the only way to regain his lost heart!"
  • When defeated
"...So what."
  • Second Shadow, before battle
"What do you want? Do you want to keep battling?"
Insufficient number of Pokémon in party: "So, you don't have enough for a Triple Battle..."
No: "I see... When the season changes, I'll battle you." (both vanish)
Yes: "Battle for Ghetsis! This is the only proof that I'm living now."
  • When defeated
"I'm just a shadow, after all..."
  • Third Shadow, before battle
"What do you want? Do you want to keep battling?"
Insufficient number of Pokémon in party: "So, you don't have enough for a Rotation Battle..."
No: "I see... When the season changes, I'll battle you." (vanishes)
Yes: "We, the Shadow Triad, were, are, and will be the royal servants of Ghetsis!"
  • When defeated
"How disappointing..."

Memory Link - A Triple Team

"Then... We'll battle you."
"We came on a whim... To vent... To pass time... It doesn't matter."
"Too easy..."
"These three aren't worth worrying about. We must focus on the other Gym Leaders so that next time they won't get in our way..."
"Well... Lord Ghetsis is waiting. We must catch that Pokémon."


Black 2 White 2 Shadow Triad.png
Concept art from
Black 2 and White 2


Spr B2W2 Shadow Triad.png Shadow Triad OD.png
Sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
Overworld sprite from
Generation V

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

The Shadow Triad in Pokémon Adventures

The Shadow Triad are first seen reporting to Ghetsis after observing N's battle with Black in Accumula Town. They are later stationed in a humvee, spying on the Dark Stone via Roggenrola, Woobat, and Tympole camera-bots, since the stone is under Clay's protection as a favor to Lenora.

Later, while the other Gym Leaders are in Mistralton City discussing what to do with Team Plasma, the Shadow Triad attack Lenora and Hawes while they were about to leave in an attempt to get the Dark Stone. They have the advantage at first, but Lenora is later joined by her fellow Gym Leaders after arriving on a plane.

File:Pokémon Adventures Keldeo chapter advert.png
The Shadow Triad (right) in color

The Triad split up to fight the Gym Leaders in pairs, allowing an easier battle. The battle goes on with no clear victor until the Triad reveals their trump card, the legendary Pokémon Thundurus, Tornadus, and Landorus. With the power of the three Pokémon, the Triad trap the Gym Leaders in a swirling vortex of wind and electricity.

Later, the trio attempt to capture the legendary Pokémon Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion. The Pokémon prove to be too powerful for them to capture, so they are forced to retreat. Later, they test out the power of Team Plasma's newest creation. Soon after, they are ambushed by the Striaton Gym Leaders, Cilan, Cress, and Chili, who had followed them after incident at Nacrene City.

The Triad easily overpower the triplets and mock them by stating that the three need to manage one Gym together. Backed into a corner, the Striaton triplets use stones to evolve their Pokémon and gain the upper hand. The legendary Pokémon that despise humans, Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion, and their student, Keldeo watch the pairs of three battle each other.

Keldeo, fearing something about the Triad, attempts to interrupt the battle and attacks the Shadow Triad. The Triad use this opportunity to trap Keldeo and attempt to capture it. Before they can continue, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion immediately step in and blast the Triad and Striaton triplets away with their swords, severely injuring them. Defeated, the Triad swears revenge once they figure out the secret of the Therian Formes for Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus.

In their first appearance, they all were wearing identical black masks. In all later appearances, they are seen wearing different masks which resemble the elemental monkeys' facial patterns, but are much darker in color.


Shadow Triad's Lilligant
The Pansage-masked Shadow used a Lilligant to attack Lenora at Nacrene City. Later, she fought against Clay's Excadrill and Elesa's Emolga. Later, she faced the Striaton triplets and had an advantage due to the type match ups.

Lilligant's known moves are Quiver Dance, Mega Drain, Hyper Beam, and Grass Knot.

Debut The Battle Within
Shadow Triad's Larvesta
Egg → Larvesta
The Pansear-masked Shadow used a Larvesta to attack Lenora at Nacrene City. Later, it fought against Burgh's Whirlipede and won, only to be defeated by Brycen's Cryogonal. Later, it faced the Striaton triplets and had an advantage due to the type match ups. It was later revealed that Larvesta was hatched from an Egg that was created by Ghetsis's Volcarona.

None of Larvesta's moves are known.

Debut The Battle Within
Shadow Triad's Basculin
The Panpour-masked Shadow used a Basculin to attack Lenora at Nacrene City. Later, it was used against Skyla in a addition to fighting Lenora. Later, it faced the Striaton triplets and had an advantage due to the type match ups.

Basculin's only known move is Aqua Tail.

Debut The Battle Within


Shadow Triad's Tornadus
Tornadus was caught by Giallo near the Battle Subway train. Later, the Shadow Triad used Tornadus to battle the Gym Leaders at Nacrene City. Afterward, he was given to Hood Man in order to figure out how to change between his Incarnate and Therian Formes.

None of Tornadus's moves are known.

Debut A Stormy Time in the Battle Subway
Shadow Triad's Thundurus
Thundurus was caught by Giallo near the Battle Subway train. Later, the Shadow Triad used Thundurus to battle the Gym Leaders at Nacrene City. Afterward, he was given to Hood Man in order to figure out how to change between his Incarnate and Therian Formes.

None of Thundurus's moves are known.

Debut Battle on a Roller Coaster
Shadow Triad's Landorus
Landorus was caught by Giallo near the Battle Subway train. Later, the Shadow Triad used Landorus to battle the Gym Leaders at Nacrene City. Afterward, he was given to Hood Man in order to figure out how to change between his Incarnate and Therian Formes.

None of Landorus's moves are known.

Debut A Stormy Time in the Battle Subway
Shadow Triad's Genesect
Genesect is a weapon created by Team Plasma. It first appeared in the P2 Laboratory where the Shadow Triad were shown testing its strength.

None of Genesect's moves are known.

Debut Black and White chapter

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Shadow Triad in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Related cards
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Shadow Triad Su Plasma Freeze Uncommon 102/116 Thunder Knuckle Uncommon 049/051


  • The Shadow Triad are the only notable members of Team Plasma who have not appeared in the anime.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png European French Trio des Ombres
Germany Flag.png German Finstrio
Italy Flag.png Italian Trio Oscuro
South Korea Flag.png Korean 다크 트리니티 Dark Trinity
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Trío Sombrío

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