Shadow Triad

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The Shadow Triad (Japanese: ダークトリニティ Dark Trinity) are the faithful servants of Ghetsis and N, the high ranking members of Team Plasma. They appear many times in the games, mostly to take the player to either N or Ghetsis. They make very sudden ninja-like appearances, appearing seemingly out of thin air.

Template:Spoiler The Shadow Triad are completely loyal to Ghetsis because he once saved their lives. They are the ones who enabled Ghetsis to evade arrest, creating an opening in which Ghetsis was able to escape Cheren's confinement. They are the only members of Team Plasma to remain loyal to him after its disbandment, though make no attempt to find him, on his orders.

After defeating the Elite Four, they appear at Marvelous Bridge and on the orders of Ghetsis, give the player the Adamant, Lustrous, and Griseous Orbs; the three orbs of the creation trio.

King: N
Seven Sages: GhetsisGormBroniusRoodZinzolinGialloRyoku
Notable Members: Shadow TriadAnthea and ConcordiaColress
Lower Members: Plasma GruntsTogariAldithSchwarz and WeissBarretWhitley
Buildings: N's CastleP2 LaboratoryPlasma Frigate

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