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File:Shus father.jpg
Shū's father and his Mewtwo

Shū's father is a character from the Pokémon Get da ze! manga series.

Shū's father left home for five years to try to capture Mew, but was never successful. He did, however, capture Mewtwo.

Shū's father is also an accomplished inventor and is the creator of the In-Com device.

He wanted to name Shū Mew but gave up because his wife disagreed.

Shū once claimed his father used him as bait for catching his Pokémon, made him pass an intelligence test at the same time as a Slowpoke and made him eat Pokémon food.


Shū's father's Mewtwo
Even though it was Shū's father's goal to capture a Mew, he caught Mewtwo instead.
Debut My Father and Mew!

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