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This article is about the character from Pokémon Get da ze!. For the character from the Pokémon anime with the same Japanese name, see Drew.

シュウ Shū
Shū and his Pikachu
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Kanto
Relatives father, mother

Shū (Japanese: シュウ Shū), is a Pokémon Trainer that specializes in capturing wild Pokémon. He is the main character of the Pokémon Get da ze! manga.


Shū uses a device called the In-Com, a headset which was created by his father that lets him talk to his Pokémon. He also uses a Pokédex.

He has a terrible aim and frequently misses his targets when throwing Poké Balls.

Shū is enthusiastic and often comes up with bizarre but effective schemes for capturing wild Pokémon, such as dressing up in giant Pokémon suits. He is especially loyal towards his Pokémon, although his Pikachu is willful and will refuse orders. His rival is Tomio.


Shū met his Pikachu in Enter Shū & Pikachu! when he found Pikachu's Poké Ball abandoned in a forest. Apparently, the Poké Ball had become defective and was releasing Pikachu's electricity everywhere. Shū was able to fight against the current and release Pikachu, after which they became partners. Even though they are close friends, they argue constantly.


Unlike in most other Pokémon canon, Shū does not seem to have a limit on the number of Pokémon he may carry with him.

Shū's Pikachu
Main article: Shū's Pikachu

Pikachu is Shū's main partner on his team and has been used more times than his other Pokémon. Despite their hard times with each other, both Shū and Pikachu remain to be friends.

Debut Enter Shū & Pikachu!
Shū's Caterpie
Shū caught Caterpie by disguising himself as one. This plan worked unlike his previous ones.

Caterpie's known moves are Tackle and String Shot.

Debut Enter Shū & Pikachu!
Shū's Nidoran
While Shū was in a Pokémon Get Match with his rival, Tomio, a Nidoran♂ shows up. However, before Shū can catch Nidoran, his leg appears to be in bad shape, so Nidoran was set free. After the contest, Nidoran shows up as soon as Shū was about to lose and joins Shū on the journey.

Nidoran♂'s known moves include Horn Attack.

Debut Pokémon Get Match!!
Shū's Bellsprout (x2)
Bellsprout (x2)
Shū captured a Bellsprout in a Pokémon Get Match against Tomio in Pokémon Get Match!!. He captures another Bellsprout in Plague on the Bellsprout!.

Shū's second Bellsprout knows the moves Stun Spore and Sleep Powder.

Debut Pokémon Get Match!!
Shū's Wartortle
Wartortle was causing trouble on an island. After Shū was able to catch it, Blastoise (disguised as an island) sends Shū and Pikachu back to shore.

Wartortle's only known move is Water Gun.

Debut Mischievous Wartortle
Shū's Hitmonlee
Hitmonlee was known as the Streetkicker as he would going around kicking people and Pokémon. After Shū caught him, Hitmonlee calmed down.
Debut Confronting the "Streetkicker"!
Shū's Poliwag
Shū caught sight of Poliwag while he was taking his break. This made him want to catch it. However, it was very fast as Shū kept on having trouble trying to catch it on his own. As Pikachu was able to use Thunderbolt, Shū was finally able to catch Poliwag.

Poliwag's only known move is Bubble.

Debut Get Poliwag!! The Grand Plan
Shū's Diglett
Shū wanted to catch this Diglett to play whack-a-mole.
Debut Excitement! Whack-a-Diglett!!
Shū's Ditto
Ditto was disguised as a Moltres when Shū entered town. As Moltres was a legendary Pokémon, Shū wanted to capture it. However, after its capture, it turned out to be a Ditto.

Ditto's only move is Transform.

Debut Get Moltres?
Shū's Zubat
Shū captures a Zubat in Battle in the Fog. Later in the same chapter, he uses it in a battle against a Trainer named Ken.
Debut Battle in the Fog
Shū's Ponyta
Shū is first seen using a Ponyta in his battle with a Trainer named Ken in Battle in the Fog. Shū uses Pontya to jump high above the battlefield so that Pikachu can attack from above. Ponyta appears again in Plague on the Bellsprout, when Shū uses it in battle against a wild Bellsprout he intends to capture.
Debut Battle in the Fog
Shū's Weedle
After Shū rescued Weedle, it decided to join him in his adventures.
Debut Proud of the Typhoon: The Adventurous Weedle
Shū's Oddish
Oddish first appeared in The Oddish Who Loved Honey where it was seem devouring some honey.
Debut The Oddish Who Loved Honey
Shū's Geodude
Shū caught a Geodude.
Debut Volume 2
Shū's Slowpoke
Slowpoke was used in a Pokémon photography competition.
Debut Photography Contest
Shū's Jynx
Jynx first appears during Shū's travels in Kanto. Later, she assisted Shū in capturing Lugia by using an icy attack to freeze the waters to make it easier for Shū to cross.
Debut Volume 2
Shū caugh this Gyarados somewhere during his travels in Kanto.
Debut Volume 2
Shū was able to catch his very own Dragonair.
Debut Volume 3
Shū's Hoothoot
Shū caught Hoothoot during his travels in Johto.
Debut Volume 3
Shū caught Spinarak during his travels in Johto.
Debut Volume 3
Shū caught Yanma during his travels in Johto.
Debut Volume 3
Shū caught Wooper during his travels in Johto. Later, it assisted Shū in capturing Lugia.
Debut Volume 3
Shū caught Sneasel during his travels in Johto.
Debut Volume 4
Shū caught Ursaring during his travels in Johto. Later, it assisted Shū in capturing Lugia.
Debut Volume 4
Shū caught Houndour during his travels in Johto.
Debut Volume 4
Tyrogue → Hitmontop
Hitmontop was caught as a Tyrogue during his travels in Johto. Later, he assisted Shū in capturing Lugia.
Debut Volume 4

Given away

Shū's Parasect
Shū caught a Parasect and gave it to Ran as Parasect had the ability to make medicine, and Ran wanted the Parasect so she can take care of her ailing father.
Debut Shū - Parasect: 1-0


Shū's Lugia
After a heated battle, Shū succeeded in capturing Lugia with the help of Pikachu, Hitmontop, Jynx, Ursaring and Wooper. It then left so it can continue to protect the ocean.
Debut Volume 5

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