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Shōko Nakagawa (Japanese: 中川翔子 Nakagawa Shōko) is a Japanese seiyū for the Pokémon anime. She is also one of the hosts of Pokémon Sunday.

All of her anime roles have only been in movies. She is also known under the nickname, Shokotan and is famous for her extensive use of 2ch-driven language (known by her fans as しょこたん語 Shokotan-go).

Roles on Pokémon

Musical appearances in Pokémon

Other non-Pokémon roles


  • As part of a campaign for Pokémon Sunday, Shokotan's Tropius was available for download from various Pokémon Centers in Japan for a short while (February 3-12, 2007).
  • The "Pikachu-Template:Shiny2" Pichu available to those who pre-order a movie ticket for Arceus and the Jewel of Life has Shokotan as its OT.
  • On May 31 2010, She spoke about her love of Electric-type Pokémon on her blog and mentioned that this meant she wanted to get a Zekrom. This statement was then quickly removed. Whether she was mistaken about Zekrom's typing or accidently gave out currently unreleased information is unknown
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