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Seymour the scientist

Seymour (Japanese: リカオ Rikao) is a character of the day from the Pokémon anime. He is a scientist who lives on Mt. Moon with the various Clefairy and Clefable.

In Clefairy and the Moon Stone, Ash and his friends saw Seymour being attacked by a group of Zubat. Pikachu saved Seymour by scaring the Zubat away, and he was thankful for the group for saving "his life". Seymour explained to Ash and his friends that he was on Mt. Moon to investigate why the Pokémon there were behaving strangely. After discovering it was a Team Rocket scheme, the trio were sent away, and Ash's group began to follow a Clefairy.

Seymour revealed his theory that the Clefairy came from space in a shuttle created from a Moon Stone. After witnessing several Clefairy evolve into Clefable with fragments from a giant Moon Stone, Seymour decided to live on Mt. Moon with the Clefairy.

In the Japanese version, Seymour is from Pewter City and works for the Pewter Museum of Science. Instead of reciting poetry, he is enchanted by the romantic aspects of the moon. His name is a play on 理科 rika, which means "science."

He reappeared in a flashback in Bye Bye Butterfree.

Seymour often enjoys talking in rhymes, such as "we've studied its fragments for many an hour, and discovered it increases a Pokémon's power."

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 岩永哲哉 Tetsuya Iwanaga
English Adam Blaustein
Norwegian Erik Skøld
Brazilian Portuguese Sílvio Giraldi
Spanish Latin America Alfredo Gabriel Basurto
Spain Rafa Romero

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