Serena's Pancham

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Serena's Pancham
セレナのヤンチャム Serena's Yancham
Poké Ball
Serena Pancham.png
Serena's Pancham
Debuts in Dreaming a Performer's Dream!
Caught at Route 12
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Serena
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Pancham Noriko Shitaya Erica Schroeder

Serena's Pancham (Japanese: セレナのヤンチャム Serena's Yancham) is the first Pokémon caught by Serena and her second overall.


Serena and Pancham, without its signature sunglasses

Pancham first appeared in Dreaming a Performer's Dream!. It interrupted a performance by a Pokémon Performer called Kayleigh, at a Rookie Class Pokémon Showcase in Lagoon Town. Serena, who was in the crowd, watched Pancham with interest. Pancham proceeded to jump to the ceiling, grabbing a stage lamp. However, the lamp broke and Pancham fell on the stage. Pancham proceeded to cause trouble, disabling the security personnel by pushing a freight trolly in to them. It then ran off, exiting the building. Outside, it threw a stick on Clemont's Chespin's head, afterwards taunting it. This made Chespin angry, and it ran after Pancham, who ran towards a forest. Ash and his friends also followed it. When Ash started calling for Pancham, it jumped out of a tree, stealing Ash's hat. Afterwards it also managed to steal Clemont's glasses and ran off again.

Serena then spotted it at a river and watched how it danced and performed. As such she figured Pancham loved performing. Serena then showed herself to Pancham, but this caused it to run off again. Serena discovered its hideout, and found out it had collected many items it used for performing. Serena offered it a pair of her own sunglasses, but it acted indifferent to this. It ran off once more and later fell asleep in an open field. There, it was found by Ash, Clemont and Bonnie, who woke it up and forced it to return their belongings. However, Serena came running in, announcing she wanted to catch it. She told the group about Pancham's passion for performing, and thought it had just wanted to show its performance to the crowd at the Pokémon Showcase earlier. Pancham accepted Serena's request to battle it, so she could try to catch it.

Pancham battled against Serena's Fennekin. But just as the battle started, Fennekin was stolen by Team Rocket. Pancham stood up and battled Team Rocket for interrupting its battle with Serena. It later saved Serena when Jessie's Pumpkaboo attacked her. After Team Rocket was blasted off, its battle against Serena's Fennekin continued. Fennekin managed to temporally stun it, and Serena then threw a Poké Ball at Pancham, but the capture was not successful. After weakening it some more, she tried again, and this time Pancham was successfully caught. Afterwards, Serena gave Pancham the sunglasses she had offered it earlier.

In Pathways to Performance Partnering!, Pancham constantly quarreled with Clemont's Chespin, after Chespin ate all the Poképuffs. While fighting against each other they accidentally disturbed Nini training with her Smoochum and Farfetch'd for her upcoming Pokémon Showcase. When Nini learned Serena was a Pokémon Performer as well she wanted Serena to show her performance. Seeing Serena's Pancham dance and her Smoochum having a crush on Pancham, Nini wanted to trade a Pokémon for Pancham, but Serena declined. A disguised Team Rocket then appeared and managed to steal Pancham, Chespin, Fennekin, Smoochum and Farfetch'd. While trapped inside of a ball, Pancham and Chespin again quarreled causing them to escape from the ball. Team Rocket however quickly found them again and managed to injure Fennekin, Smoochum and Farfetch'd forcing Pancham and Chespin to work together. Eventually they got reunited with their Trainers and together Pancham and Chespin defeated Team Rocket. Although it seemed the two finally understood each other Pancham and Chespin quickly began to quarrel again after the battle.

Pancham's rivalry with Chespin

In Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile!, Serena began training Pancham and Fennekin for a new technique for their next Pokémon Showcase, it initially went well, however it failed when Pancham missed Fennekin's Fire Ring and burned itself, causing Pancham to become angry towards Fennekin who also became angry and they became ambivalent towards each other, another attempt at the Fire Ring failed, causing Pancham to crash into Fennekin, their fighting caused Fennekin to hit Serena with a Flamethrower. Serena became angry at them causing them to stop and in her frustration, she ran away, upsetting Fennekin and Pancham for most of the day. Pancham was happy when she returned. Serena and Aria, who Serena met when she was away, had a Performance Double Battle, using Fennekin and Pancham against Aria's Delphox and Aromatisse. Fennekin struggled with Aromatisse and its Reflect and Pancham was hit with Mystical Fire, after its Stone Edge was blocked by Reflect, after some advice from Aria, Serena decided to combine their moves with Fennekin using Pancham's Stone Edge to climb up and launch a Flamethrower from the air, but this was countered and overpowered by Delphox's Flamethrower, injuring her, Pancham tried to protect Fennekin, putting itself in danger and blocking Aromatisse's Charge Beam with Dark Pulse, but it was being overpowered, after Fennekin evolved into Braixen, Pancham was able to destroy Charge Beam. Pancham launched Dark Pulse whilst Braixen launched Flamethrower, dealing major damage to Delphox and Aromatisse, but Aria was called away, cancelling their battle.

Personality and characteristics

Pancham was first introduced as a very mischievous Pokémon when it caused chaos at a Pokémon Showcase and later taunted Chespin. It also stole Ash's hat and Clemont's glasses, but when Serena discovered its home, she realized that it had stolen these items to use as props in a mock performance and that all Pancham really wants is to perform and be on stage, causing her to catch it. Also, Pancham was revealed to be both courageous and determined when Team Rocket interrupted its battle with Fennekin. Pancham did not take kindly to this, because it wanted to finish the battle and see if Serena would succeed in catching it.

After Serena caught Pancham, although it retained its playful and mischievous attitude, Pancham remained loyal and friendly to Serena and worked its hardest to perform well in their Showcase practices. Compared to Braixen, Pancham tends to be more curt when showing or receiving affection from others. In the latter case, however, Pancham has a certain degree of modesty and is visibly embarrassed by the praise.

Pancham is easily annoyed and does not respond well to being interrupted or teased or in any other way provoked, such as in One for the Goomy!, when it was visibly vexed to have Goomy nibbling on its ear. Also, Pancham is quick to strike back if necessary, even if the initial provocation was unintentional. This was seen in Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile!, when Fennekin accidentally burned Pancham and Pancham lost control and began attacking and taunting her.

Serena's Pancham has a very prevalent rivalry with Clemont's Chespin. The two first began fighting in Pathways to Performance Partnering!, although they managed to work together in the end. In A Race For Home!, Chespin stole Pancham's food and the latter furiously started chasing it around. This appears to be a recurring theme, and the fights are often Chespin's fault. Both Pokémon are known pranksters and have a reasonably large ego, contributing to their rivalry with each other.

Moves used

Serena Pancham Stone Edge.png
Using Stone Edge
Move First Used In
Stone Edge Dreaming a Performer's Dream!
Dark Pulse Dreaming a Performer's Dream!
Arm Thrust Dreaming a Performer's Dream!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

In Tretta

Main article: Pancham (U1-01)

In Pokémon Tretta, Serena and her Pancham appear as a Master-class Tretta in the Dragon Ascent! Black Mega Rayquaza Flight expansion. When Pancham is in play, it appears wearing its trademark sunglasses.


  • Pancham's capture marks the longest duration between one of Ash's friends' first and second captures, taking 43 episodes.
  • Pancham is the first pure Fighting type to be caught by a main character since Ash's Primeape. Coincidentally, both of them stole Ash's hat.
  • The sunglasses that Pancham wears are based off a red version of the sunglasses that Serena wears in the games. Their color scheme is also similar to Ash's Krookodile's.

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