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* Braixen's evolution was first teased in [[Media:M18 Pikachu the Movie poster.png|the poster]] for [[PK27]].
* Braixen's evolution was first teased in [[Media:M18 Pikachu the Movie poster.png|the poster]] for [[PK27]].
* Braixen is the only Pokémon to evolve in the {{series|XY}} who did not have ''[[V (Volt)]]'' used as an insert song; ''[[DreamDream]]'' was used instead.
* Braixen is the only Pokémon to evolve in the {{series|XY}} who did not have a variation of ''[[V (Volt)]]'' used as an insert song; ''[[DreamDream]]'' was used instead.
** She also did not use a new move upon evolution.
** She also did not use a new move upon evolution.

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Serena's Braixen
セレナのテールナー Serena's Tairenar
Poké Ball
Serena Braixen.png
Serena's Braixen
Debuts in A Battle of Aerial Mobility!
Caught in A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship!
Caught at Lumiose City
Evolves in Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile!
Gender Female
Ability Unknown
Current location With Serena
Fennekin Braixen
This Pokémon spent 61 episodes as Fennekin.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Fennekin Megumi Hayashibara Eileen Stevens
As Braixen Megumi Hayashibara Unknown

Serena's Braixen (Japanese: セレナのテールナー Serena's Tairenar) is Serena's first Pokémon.


Braixen first appeared as a Fennekin in A Battle of Aerial Mobility! as one of the three starter Pokémon new Pokémon Trainers could choose from Professor Sycamore. In A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship!, Serena chose Fennekin as her starter Pokémon. Later in the same episode, Fennekin chased a wild Vespiquen that was about to attack Serena away with Ember, demonstrating courage and care for her Trainer.

As a Fennekin

In A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle!, Fennekin woke up with Serena at a Pokémon Center and enjoyed a large breakfast with her. Fennekin mimicked Serena's actions during their breakfast by stretching as the same time she did. Later in the same episode, she was introduced to Ash, Pikachu, Clemont, and Bonnie and greeted them happily.

In Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!, it was first seen when Serena baked cookies, it mimicked her trainers actions again. Later Fennekin had her first battle, fighting against Team Rocket and using Ember to blast them off. Later Serena introduced her to Grace, her mother, revealing to her that Fennekin was her choice of starter Pokémon.

In Grooming Furfrou!, Serena left her with what she thought were Pokémon Stylists so she could be groomed. Unfortunately, the "Pokémon Stylists" turned out to be Team Rocket, who were running a scam to steal Pokémon. When Serena saw the "Pokémon Stylists" on a wanted poster, she rushed to rescue Fennekin with the help of Ash, Pikachu, Jessica and her Furfrou. Fennekin was rescued and reunited with her Trainer after Team Rocket was sent blasting off.

In The Bamboozling Forest!, whilst enjoying lunch, she along with Pikachu, Froakie and Chespin, were kidnapped by Team Rocket, those the net broke free and were separated due to Team Rocket's squabbling. When she landed her tail became dirty upsetting her, whilst trying to clean it, she was found by the others as well as Meowth, and tried to hide her dirty tail from the others, though Froakie used its Frubbles to tidy it. Later after she and the others were reunited with their trainers, she went with them to find a bamboo shoot for Pangoro since Chespin destroyed its first. Later after being attacked by Jessie's new Pokémon Pumpkaboo and was caught and drained by Leech Seed, she helped protect Ash from Team Rocket's attacks by using her Ember. She was freed when Pangoro was rescued and defeated Team Rocket.

In A PokéVision of Things to Come!, she became jealous of Aria and her Fennekin after she observed their winning PokéVision. Serena was inspired by the video, and she and Fennekin decided to make their own. While filming the video, Pikachu accidentally spilled flour on Fennekin. This angered her and she attempted to attack Pikachu with Ember, but he dodged and Ash got hit instead. Fennekin was later captured by Team Rocket alongside Pikachu and Dedenne but managed to escape with their combined attacks, including her Hidden Power. Later, Fennekin hesitated to run through a large muddy puddle that was between herself and Serena, showing her dislike of water. However, after seeing her trainer running to save her and getting attacked by Team Rocket, Fennekin ran to protect her by unleashing a Flamethrower attack at the villains.

In A Battle by Any Other Name!, Serena competed with Fennekin in a Poké Puff Contest against her new rival Miette. They made a Fire-type style Poké Puff with a twig on the top due to Fennekin's affinity for twigs. Later, they went looking in a forest for ingredients but were attacked by a group of angry Swirlix. Fennekin tried to ward off the Swirlix with Scratch, but she was entangled in the Swirlix's white sticky thread and became stuck until she was rescued by Pikachu's Thunderbolt. She then drove them off with Flamethrower. Later, she combined her attack with Slurpuff's Energy Ball and Pikachu's Thunderbolt to destroy Team Rocket's mecha. Afterwards, she helped in the final round of the Poké Puff Contest but lost to the Berrybaker kids along with Miette.

In Summer of Discovery!, Fennekin had a battle against Shauna's Bulbasaur. Fennekin started off with a Flamethrower and Bulbasaur countered with an Energy Ball. Despite having the type advantage, the Energy Ball hit and Fennekin lost the battle because of the First-Touch-Rule.

In Battling Into the Hall of Fame!, Fennekin was used in a Tag Battle alongside Ash's Pikachu and Clemont's Chespin against Shauna's Bulbasaur, Tierno's Squirtle and Trevor's Charmander. Fennekin started by using her Flamethrower to counter Charmander's Flamethrower so Pikachu could attack Squirtle. Squirtle managed to knock Pikachu away and hit Fennekin with a super-effective Water Gun. Fennekin later tried to block Squirtle's Aqua Tail with Hidden Power, but Aqua Tail overpowered her attack and Fennekin was defeated. She was initially disappointed after losing but later cheered up.

In Dreaming a Performer's Dream!, Fennekin watched a Rookie Class Pokémon Showcase with her Trainer as well as Shauna and her Bulbasaur, watching Aria and her Braixen as well as Kayleigh's performance, until it was interrupted by a Pancham, later she looked for Chespin after it chased after the same Pancham. She found Pancham and led Serena to it. After a while, Serena decided to capture Pancham since it liked performing and Serena wanted to be a Pokémon Performer, so Fennekin battled Pancham, it went for a Scratch but was captured Team Rocket, as Jessie wanted a Braixen like Aria. However she was rescued thanks to the efforts of Fletchinder, Pancham and Chespin. After Team Rocket was sent away by Pikachu, Fennekin and Pancham battled again, although Pancham was strong and evaded capture once, she defeated it with Flamethrower and Hidden Power which allowed Serena to capture Pancham. She was later seen when Serena was announcing her dream to Fennekin and Pancham.

In Pathways to Performance Partnering!, Fennekin performed with Pancham when Serena was demonstrating to her friends and Nini. She used Flamethrower to create Fire Rings whilst Pancham jumped through them. To end their performance, Fennekin used Flamethrower whilst Pancham used Dark Pulse to create a magnificent firestorm. Nini mentioned Pancham's movements weren't compatible with Fennekin's dance. After performing in Jessie's dancing training, she was captured along with Pancham and Chespin as well as Nini's Smoochum and Farfetch'd, in a balloon by Team Rocket, but it broke after Chespin and Pancham fought again. Whilst escaping she was not impressed with Pancham and Chespin's squabbling, after being found by Team Rocket, she was defeated by Pumpkaboo's Shadow Ball but was saved when Chespin and Pancham, who had been squabbling for a while, temporarily teamed up to defeat Team Rocket. She was later reunited with her Trainer.

In A Showcase Debut!, she first appeared with Serena and Pancham showing off potential outfits for their first Pokémon Showcase, she watched Monsieur Pierre's introduction as well as Shauna beating Jessie and Alouette with her Bulbasaur. Eventually she participated in the first round, Pokémon Styling, where she participated against Blanche and her female Meowstic and Clarissa and her Fletchling. Serena dressed Fennekin up in a white and pink hat as well as a large pink bow, unfortunately Fennekin tripped over the bow and she and Serena were knocked out with the least amount of votes from the audience. Fennekin was upset at losing. She then watched Shauna win the Princess key. Later at the pier, Serena broke down crying and Fennekin and Pancham comforted her. Later Serena signified her resolve by changing he outfit by shortening her hair and changing clothing, which she along with Fennekin and Pancham showed off to Ash and the others.

In Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile!, Serena began training Fennekin and Pancham for a new technique for their next Pokémon Showcase. It initially went well, however it failed when Pancham missed the ring of fire created by Fennekin and burned itself. The two became angry with each other and, when another attempt failed, they started fighting. Their fighting caused Fennekin to hit Serena with Flamethrower and this angered Serena. She yelled at her Pokémon, and in her frustration, she ran away, upsetting both Fennekin and Pancham for most of the day. When she returned, she apologized to her Pokémon. After that, Serena and Aria had a two-on-two Performance Battle, using Fennekin and Pancham against Aria's Delphox and Aromatisse. Fennekin struggled against Aromatisse with her Scratch being blocked with Reflect and Pancham being hit with Mystical Fire, after Stone Edge was blocked by Reflect. After some advice from Aria, Serena decided to combine their moves with Fennekin using Pancham's Stone Edge to climb up and launch a Flamethrower from the air. However this was countered and overpowered by Delphox's Flamethrower, injuring Fennekin. Afterwards Pancham tried to blocked Aromatisse's Charge Beam attack on Fennekin with Dark Pulse, but it was being overwhelmed. After some words of encouragement from Serena, Fennekin evolved into Braixen. Braixen launched Flamethrower while Pancham launched Dark Pulse, dealing major damage to Delphox and Aromatisse, but Aria was called away, cancelling their battle.

Personality and characteristics

As a Fennekin with Serena

As a Fennekin, she has been shown to take after her Trainer. In A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle!, she mimicked Serena when she stretched out. She takes pride in her appearance, and becomes upset when her fur or tail become mussed or dirty. In The Bamboozling Forest!, she thanked Froakie for cleaning her tail with the Frubbles on the Water-type's back, and in A PokéVision of Things to Come!, she hesitated to escape from Team Rocket because of a large muddy puddle that blocked her path, only changing her mind after seeing her Trainer start to run across the puddle to her side. Her unwillingness to become dirty was seen again in Going for the Gold!, when she fled from a Corsola's Water Gun.

With Serena after evolving

Fennekin is shown to have a bit of a temper and she gets angry quickly without thinking twice, as shown in A PokéVision of Things to Come!, when she continuously tried to hit Pikachu with her Ember attack but got Ash instead. The same episode also showed that she is easily envious, becoming jealous of Aria's Fennekin's performance on PokéVision, and when Ash and Chespin complimented the performance. The same behavior happened again in Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile!, when Fennekin got into an argument with Pancham after they was practicing for the next Pokémon Showcase. When Pancham was insulting Fennekin, she uses Flamethrower in anger but accidentally hit Serena instead. She felt bad and calmed down afterwards. However she is friendly towards her trainer and is affectionate towards her. After evolving in Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile! she maintained this affection.

Fennekin is shown to have similar interests as Serena, as seen in A PokéVision of Things to Come! and A Battle by Any Other Name!, where Fennekin is seen to enjoy cooking and dressing up, particularly with Serena, and has a liking for Poké Puffs and other sweets such as Macarons. First shown in The Bamboozling Forest!, she also likes to snack on twigs, which is characteristic of her species.

Moves used

Serena Fennekin Ember.png
Using Ember as a Fennekin
Move First Used In
Ember A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship!
Hidden Power A PokéVision of Things to Come!
Flamethrower A PokéVision of Things to Come!
Scratch Forging Forest Friendships!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

In the manga

In the movie adaptations

Braixen appeared in the manga adaptation of the 17th movie prior to her evolution as a Fennekin.

In the games

A Fennekin based on Serena's Fennekin was distributed to players who inserted a common serial code that was available in the interactive features of XY062. The serial code could be used to obtain Fennekin from February 26 to March 31, 2015. The common serial code was SERENA01.

#653 Fennekin
Cherish Ball summary IV.png Level 15 653Fennekin.png
Fire Unknown
Ability: Blaze
Held item: Destiny Knot Destiny Knot
ID: 02265
OT: セレナ
Met: Lumiose City (fateful encounter)
Nature: Hardy
Ribbon: Classic Ribbon Classic Ribbon
Normal Physical
Fire Special
Hidden Power
Normal Special
None None
Games Method Region Location Duration
XYORAS serial code Japanese online February 26 to March 31, 2015
Moves in bold can be taught again at the Move Reminder as a special move if forgotten.
Date received is the receiving system's date when the Wonder Card is received.
This Pokémon is set to the same language as the game that received it.


  • Braixen's evolution was first teased in the poster for PK27.
  • Braixen is the only Pokémon to evolve in the XY series who did not have a variation of V (Volt) used as an insert song; DreamDream was used instead.
    • She also did not use a new move upon evolution.

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