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Joe Merrick, also known as Serebii or Serebii Joe, is the webmaster of


Early history

Joe was born on July 28, 1986 in Bournemouth, England. In the summer of 1999, his friend Dave introduced him to Pokémon. He was immediately hooked on the game and imported it himself from America. He would spend hours a day playing the game until he had caught them all, except for a Tauros.

In October 1999, Joe and a friend decided to launch a few websites in a lunchtime computer session at school which led to the creation of SPP, the precursor of

Contemporary history

Joe has two Computing degrees from Bournemouth University and continues to do freelance work in that field in addition to his work on his website. In addition to that, Joe is a published writer and has had work published in numerous magazines and publications based in the United Kingdom and United States, including the now defunct Nintendo Official Magazine. An example of his work featured in this magazine is a nine-page preview of Pokémon Emerald.

While the site does take up a good portion of his free time, especially in times of new game releases, Joe tends to spend as much of his time as possible out with his friends. He enjoys gaming and science fiction and one of his life's ambitions is to go into space.


  • Joe shares most of his name with Joseph Carey Merrick, more widely known as the Elephant Man. The two are, in fact, indirectly related; Joe has appeared on a documentary for the British Broadcasting Company about his ancestor. This documentary screens around the clock at the Royal London Hospital Museum in Whitechapel, London.
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