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Sega Pico
キッズコンピューター・ピコ Kids' Computer Pico
Pikachu Sega Pico.jpg
A special Pikachu Sega Pico
Release dates
Japan: 1993
North America: 1994
Europe: 1994
Australia:  ???
South Korea: N/A
China: N/A
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
Technical specs
  • CPU: 16/32-bit Motorola 68000
  • RAM: 64 KB of Main RAM
  • Video RAM: 64 KB
  • ROM: "Storyware" cartridges of various sizes
  • Video: 315-5313 VDP, same as in Mega Drive
  • Sound: Texas Instruments SN76489 PSG and custom PCM chip
  • Input: pen and buttons
Related information
Console generation: Fourth generation
Pokémon generations: II, III
Console type: Handheld


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The Sega Pico (Japanese: キッズコンピューター・ピコ Kids' Computer Pico) is an edutainment console developed by Sega.

Cartridges for the Sega Pico are called Storyware and are book-shaped. Each time a player turns the page of the cartridge, the screen changes to replicate the image in the book. The games are controlled by a stylus and buttons. The back page of each book features a drawing mode, where the player can insert stamps of characters from within the book. All released software for it was rated by the ESRB.

Pokémon games

Title Genre Release
Pokémon: Catch the Numbers! Edutainment July 23, 2002
Pokémon Advanced Generation:
I've Begun Hiragana and Katakana!
Edutainment November 17, 2003
Pokémon Advanced Generation:
Pico for Everyone Pokémon Loud Battle!
Edutainment July 13, 2004

Pokémon specials

A Pikachu special edition Sega Pico comes bundled with Pokémon Advanced Generation: I've Begun Hiragana and Katakana!


  • This is the first Sega console to have a Nintendo-licensed game.

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