Seaking Catching Day

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The Lake Ball

Seaking Catching Day is a small annual competition held at a lake in Johto. It appeared in the episode Hook, Line, and Stinker. It is a fishing competition to see who can capture the largest Seaking. Contestants may use any rod, reel, or lure they like and may capture as many Seaking as they like—but only one may be entered in the competition and it must be captured using a Lake Ball. Competitors can also have one of their own Pokémon registered to assist them in their captures. The first prize winner gets a trophy, as well as a year's supply of chocolate candy.

Notable participants

Trainer Pokémon Place
Misty 061 Poliwhirl Winner
Andreas 062 Poliwrath Runner-up
Ash 025 Pikachu N/A
Jessie 052 Meowth N/A

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