Seabreak Path

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Seabreak Path うみわれのみち
Seabreak Path
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Map description: A straight path bounded by the sea on both sides. It leads to the Flower Paradise.
Location: North of Route 224
Region: Sinnoh
Generations: IV
Sinnoh Seabreak Path Map.png
Location of Seabreak Path in Sinnoh.
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The Seabreak Path (Japanese: うみわれのみち Seabreak Path) is an extension of Route 224 that leads to the Flower Paradise. It is only accessible if the player has the event-only item Oak's Letter, and, as such, can only be legitimately accessed in Pokémon Platinum. Although Oak's Letter was not distributed for copies of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, glitches such as the surf glitch and tweaking can be exploited to access this area.


Seabreak Path has no distinctive geographical features of note. It is, however, the longest route in any main series game. With a length of about 256 units and 8 blocks on the Town Map, it would be impossible for a game from Generation III or before to support this path without dividing it into several segments. It is popular among players for Egg hatching.

The path is covered in flowers of many colors, and it is surrounded by ocean on both sides. This ocean cannot be Surfed upon, as the path is raised above sea level. It stretches the entire length of the Battle Zone, from the Resort Area to Stark Mountain.

Shaymin Event

Dawn, Lucas, Professor Oak, and Shaymin at the entrance to the Seabreak Path

The key item Oak's Letter will trigger an encounter with Professor Oak at the northernmost point of Route 224. The professor will explain the myth of the white rock: that any Trainer who visits the rock may inscribe upon what they are most thankful for. (There are few limits to what may be written here; the input system is identical to the system used for nicknames.)

By giving thanks, the player unlocks the Seabreak Path and has the opportunity to go to the Flower Paradise and catch Shaymin.

Name origin

Seabreak Path is so named because it breaks the sea between the Sinnoh region and the open ocean that lies to the east.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png European French Passage Marin
Germany Flag.png German Buhnenpfad
Italy Flag.png Italian Via Frangimare
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Passagem Quebra-mar
Spain Flag.png Spanish Vía Costera

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