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|fr_eu=Grotte Zénith
|it=Grottino Solare
|it=Grottino Solare

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Scorched Slab ひでりのいわと
Drought Slab
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: East of Fortree City
Region: Hoenn
Generations: III
Hoenn Scorched Slab Map.png
Location of Scorched Slab in Hoenn.
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Scorched Slab (Japanese: ひでりのいわと Drought Slab) is a small cave found in Hoenn. It can be accessed by surfing in the north of Route 120, next to Fortree City, in an indented lake. There is nothing there other than a single item, TM11 (Sunny Day).


Scorched Slab is a tiny cave in the middle of an indented lake in Route 120. There is a small opening in the rock which lets the lake's water in the cave. About two-thirds of the cave is filled with water; the other third is a dry slab of rock, giving the cave its name. The entrance is accessed by surfing across the lake and through the small opening. Surfing northward to a lone, small piece of land, the main attraction—TM11 (Sunny Day)—can be obtained here.


Item Location Games
TM Fire TM11 (Sunny Day) Far end of the slab.  R  S  E 


Version Interior
Ruby 130px


  • Scorched Slab is modeled after one of the real-life locations that is claimed to be Amano-Iwato, the cave where Amaterasu, the sun goddess, shut herself up for a long time in Japanese mythology. This explains why there is nothing to find in Scorched Slab but TM11 (Sunny Day).
  • Scorched Slab is the smallest cave in Hoenn.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png European French Grotte Zénith
Germany Flag.png German Sonnengrotte
Italy Flag.png Italian Grottino Solare
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Gruta Solar

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