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|ja='''Schwarz''': 相馬幸人 ''Yukito Sōma''<br> '''Weiss''': 越田直樹 ''Naoki Koshida''
|ja='''Schwarz''': 相馬幸人 ''Yukito Sōma''<br> '''Weiss''': 越田直樹 ''Naoki Koshida''
|en='''Schwarz''': Ryan Stadler<br>'''Weiss''': Benjamin Becker
|en='''Schwarz''': Ryan Stadler<br>'''Weiss''': Benjamin Becker
|es_eu='''Schwarz''': Antonio Domínguez<br>'''Weiss''': Fernando Cordero}}

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Weiss (left) and Schwarz (right), two Team Plasma grunts

Schwarz (Japanese: ネーロ Nero) and Weiss (Japanese: ビアンコ Bianco) are characters of the day in the Pokémon anime who appeared in Saving Braviary!. They are two Team Plasma Grunts who serve as the main antagonists in the episode.

The duo was assigned a mission to capture a Braviary but N showed up to rescue him. However, a tracking chip in the Pokémon triggered their alarm and Schwarz and Weiss gave chase to N. N narrowly made it to a nearby Pokémon Center before the duo retrieved the injured Pokémon. When the Pokémon Center's power went out, Schwarz and Weiss broke in to get Braviary, but he already left with the help of N, Ash and his friends.

Schwarz and Weiss then hid in some bushes, waiting for the right moment to strike. As soon as N came by with Braviary, the duo sent out their Seviper and Zangoose. They attacked N, leaving him injured. Ash, Iris and Cilan came to his aid and battled the duo. Schwarz and Weiss were tough but were beaten by Excadrill, Pikachu and Braviary.

Weiss was later part of the large group of Team Plasma Grunts that assaulted the White Ruins in order to acquire the Light Stone. In Team Plasma and the Awakening Ceremony!, he managed to catch Iris, Cilan and Cedric Juniper together with two other Grunts and imprisoned them in steel rings to keep them under their control. He then witnessed how Team Plasma's leader Ghetsis summoned Reshiram. He was presumably arrested after Reshiram was freed from Team Plasma's control and Team Plasma was defeated.


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This listing is of Schwarz and Weiss' known Pokémon:


Schwarz's Seviper
Seviper is Schwarz's only known Pokémon. Schwarz sent it out after he and Weiss caught N getting away with Braviary. It was then used to battle Ash and his friends and was eventually defeated in a battle by Iris's Excadrill.

Seviper's known moves are Bite and Screech.

Debut Saving Braviary!
Voice actors
English Bill Rogers


Weiss's Zangoose
Zangoose is Weiss' only known Pokémon. Weiss' sent it out after he and Schwarz caught N getting away with an injured Braviary. It was then used to battle Ash and his friends and was eventually defeated in a battle by Ash's Pikachu with help from the Braviary.

Zangoose's known moves are Scratch, Slash, Iron Tail, and Mega Punch.

Debut Saving Braviary!
Voice actors
Japanese Kenta Miyake
English Kenta Miyake

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Schwarz: 相馬幸人 Yukito Sōma
Weiss: 越田直樹 Naoki Koshida
English Schwarz: Ryan Stadler
Weiss: Benjamin Becker
European Spanish Schwarz: Antonio Domínguez
Weiss: Fernando Cordero


  • Schwarz and Weiss own two Pokémon, who are usually enemies of each other, but appear as team partners.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ネーロ Nero Italian for black.
ビアンコ Bianco Italian for white.
English Schwarz From schwarz, German for black.
Weiss From weiß, German for white.

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