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Hotachi Island
ホーたち Hotachi Island
Hotachi Island
Region Decolora Archipelago
Debut BW126

(Japanese: ホーたち Hotachi Island) is the second island Ash, Iris and Cilan visited during their travels through the Decolora Islands. This island is inhabited by Oshawott and Dewott.

On the island, Ash's Oshawott falled in love with a female Oshawott, nicknamed Mijuka, which seemed to be a queen. This island hosts a traditional competition, related to Oshawott and it's evolved form. For getting her attention, Ash's Oshawott entered took part in it, gaining a rivality with a Dewott. After wining the battle, Ash and his friends got the boat again to continue their travel.

Pokémon seen in Hotachi Island

Oshawott (multiple)
Dewott (multiple)

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