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* In {{game|Emerald}}, {{3v2|Gold|Silver|Crystal}}, there are cloning glitches which use saving.
* In Generation I, Generation II, and {{game|Emerald}}, there are cloning glitches which exploit the use of saving.

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Saving (Japanese: レポート Report) is a function used in Pokémon games which allows the player to start from where they saved the next time they turn on their game. Saving is required when using certain features of the game such as going to the Global Trade Station and entering a Battle Tower. After defeating the Elite Four, the game automatically saves. If there is already saved game file, the player must first overwrite the existing save file with the new data. A new game can be started if there is a saved game file, however the new file cannot be saved unless it overwrites the existing file. Saving also plays a role in many glitches and in obtaining glitch Pokémon.

In the event that the saving process is interrupted, the save data risks corruption, effectively removing the player's chance of resuming from where they left off, thus forcing the player to start the game from the beginning again. The game will prompt the player when this happens the next time they access the game menu. On the GBA and DS games, there is a back-up save, meaning if the saving process is interupted, and the save file is corrupted, then the previous save file will be loaded.

List of activities

This is a list of activities which require saving before they can be used.

Generation I

Generation II

Generation III

Generation IV


  • In Generation I, Generation II, and Pokémon Emerald, there are cloning glitches which exploit the use of saving.